SOLD Queen's Blade unlimited limit break, Claudette + spicy mode $20

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Hello there,

I'm again trying to sell a browser idle-game account of Queen's Blade Unlimited Limit Break. Here's the details;

- Lv.53 total power 222270, unlinked account (please prepare either FB, twitter, Google, Apple, or Line account to bind it)

- Lots of SSRs including Claudette's Spicy mode

- Adventure map progress at 5-12, Tower at 100th floor

- 19.000 gems, 21 special scrolls, 6 Prophecy Orbs, 31 Arrival Summon tickets, 22 Spicy mode tickets, and more

- Price 20$ via Paypal f&f. If using MM, fees will be buyer's responsibility.

- Will still continue playing until sold.

If interested, you can reach me via DM here for more detail. I'll try to reply ASAP as long as I'm not away.
Thank you for your time~

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