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pwnage711 / WaCk0z SCAMMER


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WaCk0z (3:28:08 PM): got a wow acccount for trade
Hattrick543 (4:13:31 PM): really
Hattrick543 (4:13:40 PM): what is it
WaCk0z (4:14:55 PM): i mean do u have a wow account for trade
Hattrick543 (4:15:02 PM): yes i do
WaCk0z (4:15:10 PM): what ya got
WaCk0z (4:15:33 PM): i got a 60 gmone mage with 4neitherwind
Hattrick543 (4:15:49 PM): do u have a rogue
WaCk0z (4:16:04 PM): yea but not sure if i wanna trade him.
Hattrick543 (4:17:00 PM): http://ctprofiles.net/3460212
Hattrick543 (4:17:04 PM): is my profile
Hattrick543 (4:17:13 PM): id only be interested in your rogue though
Hattrick543 (4:17:53 PM): i have an epic horse mount 300 tribal lw with hide of the wild patter, 60 warrior with 1500g, 60 priest with full blues, 52 warlock with robe of the void pattern
WaCk0z (4:18:30 PM): ct profile isnt workin
Hattrick543 (4:19:26 PM): copy and paste it
Hattrick543 (4:19:34 PM): http://ctprofiles.net/3460212
Hattrick543 (4:23:34 PM): ??????
WaCk0z (4:24:02 PM): doesnt work
Hattrick543 (4:24:21 PM): works for me
Hattrick543 (4:25:11 PM): well its 6/8 t2
WaCk0z (4:25:23 PM): what guy u have ?
Hattrick543 (4:25:44 PM): hes a druid if thats what u mean
WaCk0z (4:25:50 PM): yea
WaCk0z (4:25:59 PM): tier 2 shoulders correct.
Hattrick543 (4:26:04 PM): yea
WaCk0z (4:27:38 PM): hmmm
WaCk0z (4:27:49 PM): pvp server and xferable?
Hattrick543 (4:27:56 PM): pvp server not xferable
WaCk0z (4:28:05 PM): what server is it again?
Hattrick543 (4:28:09 PM): scilla
WaCk0z (4:28:53 PM): sounds pretty cool;Hattrick543 (4:29:03 PM): indeed
WaCk0z (4:29:31 PM): Just got Deathdealers shoulders yeserdayHattrick543 (4:29:43 PM): very nice
WaCk0z (4:30:02 PM): yup =) what is ur rep with brood
Hattrick543 (4:30:22 PM): like 3/4 out of hated :/
WaCk0z (4:30:32 PM): its cool
Hattrick543 (4:30:39 PM): i got a bunch of idols and artifacts saved in the bank
WaCk0z (4:30:45 PM): kool
Hattrick543 (4:30:52 PM): waiting to use them when trash doesnt give rep
WaCk0z (4:31:02 PM): yea
WaCk0z (4:31:26 PM): i have the best bug mount the red one matchs with bloodfang
WaCk0z (4:32:13 PM): have alot of dkp with my guild
Hattrick543 (4:32:25 PM): nooice
Hattrick543 (4:32:34 PM): i never wanted to ninja that mount
WaCk0z (4:32:41 PM): just been saving it for CtsHattrick543 (4:33:06 PM): cts?
Hattrick543 (4:33:09 PM): oooh
Hattrick543 (4:33:10 PM): sword
WaCk0z (4:33:32 PM): yea
Hattrick543 (4:33:56 PM): so what about my druid for your rogue?
WaCk0z (4:34:07 PM): sounds pretty good
WaCk0z (4:34:16 PM): druid in a guild
Hattrick543 (4:34:19 PM): yea
WaCk0z (4:34:25 PM): kewl
Hattrick543 (4:35:05 PM): i want to go through a middle man like that trademe105 MD to trade
WaCk0z (4:35:33 PM): oo dont like middle man too risky
Hattrick543 (4:35:41 PM): really?
Hattrick543 (4:35:45 PM): the admin with the sticky
WaCk0z (4:35:45 PM): yeah
Hattrick543 (4:35:55 PM): seems very trustable
Hattrick543 (4:36:01 PM): like 18 positive remarks no negatives
WaCk0z (4:36:04 PM): he can just take both of our accounts
WaCk0z (4:36:14 PM): i saw a few fourms that he scams
Hattrick543 (4:36:25 PM): i think that was an imposter
Hattrick543 (4:36:42 PM): his AIM is trademe105 MD and some person goin around as trademe105 is IMn ppl
Hattrick543 (4:36:49 PM): trademe105 imd me
Hattrick543 (4:37:05 PM): TradeMe105
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WaCk0z (4:37:25 PM): no he tried to scam me before i gave him my info and he took my account and i just took it back on my mage..
Hattrick543 (4:37:48 PM): id really like to go through someone tho...
WaCk0z (4:38:06 PM): just seems too risky > <
Hattrick543 (4:38:31 PM): well i guess if your willing to go first
Hattrick543 (4:38:33 PM): then id do it
WaCk0z (4:38:36 PM): i have high feedback on ebay.
Hattrick543 (4:38:49 PM): but with a middle man he can check both of our accounts and then give them out at the same time
Hattrick543 (4:38:55 PM): you know?
WaCk0z (4:39:04 PM): Yeah but he can just scam us
WaCk0z (4:39:22 PM): or scam one of us maybe hes a friend of one of us u dont know u know what i mean
Hattrick543 (4:39:26 PM): hell you or i could scam each other but someone with lotsa positive feedback will most likely not
Hattrick543 (4:39:45 PM): 2) Say this person doesn't have a markee dragon account and wants to trade and account with you. To protect yourself use a middle man with decent feedback, like myself, Sparkles, Nuka, Cimdizzle or anyone who you may know and trust!
Hattrick543 (4:39:51 PM): just pick one of those guys i dont care
WaCk0z (4:39:53 PM): nah i dont scam cause its no pont.. to do
Hattrick543 (4:40:12 PM): well would you go first?
WaCk0z (4:40:28 PM): i dont have the S/Q for my rogue.. only cd key > <
Hattrick543 (4:40:40 PM): i got everything for this character
Hattrick543 (4:40:50 PM): my only account ever
WaCk0z (4:41:36 PM): you got the S/Q correct?
Hattrick543 (4:41:39 PM): NukaModerator

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Hattrick543 (4:41:42 PM): look at that guy
Hattrick543 (4:41:48 PM): seems legit... moderator
Hattrick543 (4:42:00 PM): yea i got the S Q/A
WaCk0z (4:42:09 PM): good
WaCk0z (4:42:37 PM): i just want the safest trade
Hattrick543 (4:42:56 PM): yea me too
Hattrick543 (4:43:14 PM): just seems like some neutral guy who runs the site wouldnt [censored] us over, i think we could both trust him
WaCk0z (4:43:29 PM): i dont trust them at all =(
Hattrick543 (4:43:37 PM): i mean ive put a lot of work into my duid i dont want to see them go to hell
Hattrick543 (4:43:45 PM): why?
WaCk0z (4:43:53 PM): CAause anythign can happen
Hattrick543 (4:44:28 PM): ok, if you dont want to go through a middle man, the only way id do it would be if you would give me your account information first and i check it then give you mine
WaCk0z (4:44:45 PM): i would if i had the S/Q
WaCk0z (4:45:32 PM): you have the secret answer so u can always take it back if i do anything. io have 68 feedback on ebay
WaCk0z (4:46:15 PM): on markee got 23 possive.
Hattrick543 (4:46:28 PM): ok well i guess i wouldnt give you the SQ then
WaCk0z (4:46:38 PM): i dont care about that
WaCk0z (4:48:14 PM): its just the S/Q dont mind having it didnt care last time when i got the rogue. i gave him mine tho
Hattrick543 (4:49:41 PM): ok
Hattrick543 (4:50:14 PM): THIS GUY IS A SCAMMER.... DONT TRADE WITH HIM.... HIS AIM IS WaCk0z
WaCk0z (4:50:24 PM): ?
WaCk0z (4:50:41 PM): what?
Hattrick543 (4:50:47 PM): its on one of your posts
WaCk0z (4:50:56 PM): i havnt traded in 3weeks.
WaCk0z (4:51:15 PM): i just came back from vaction..
Hattrick543 (4:51:18 PM): isee...
Hattrick543 (4:51:34 PM): a middle man or u give me the info first
Hattrick543 (4:51:37 PM): the only way i will do it
WaCk0z (4:51:55 PM): I think thats the guy that tried to scam me and i deleted his reg mount
WaCk0z (4:52:24 PM): ok to make u trust me lets get a middle man
Hattrick543 (4:52:29 PM): ok
Hattrick543 (4:52:33 PM): one of those admins
WaCk0z (4:52:53 PM): looking
WaCk0z (4:53:21 PM): last time i traded we had a middle man he was cool about it
Hattrick543 (4:53:26 PM): ok
WaCk0z (4:53:45 PM): let me see if hes on
WaCk0z (4:54:34 PM): alrighe hes on
Hattrick543 (4:54:46 PM): who?
WaCk0z (4:54:51 PM): Msg him hes grateplayaz
WaCk0z (4:54:53 PM): 69
Hattrick543 (4:55:05 PM): whats his name on markeedragon?WaCk0z (4:55:44 PM): i dont know but the guy i traded LAst time he said he was good and the trade went out fine
Hattrick543 (4:55:49 PM): Say this person doesn't have a markee dragon account and wants to trade and account with you. To protect yourself use a middle man with decent feedback, like myself, Sparkles, Nuka, Cimdizzle or anyone who you may know and trust!
Hattrick543 (4:55:54 PM): it has to be one of those guys
WaCk0z (4:56:51 PM): none of them are on but the guy is good last time i traded he gave the info at the same time
Hattrick543 (4:57:05 PM): trademe105 MD is on
WaCk0z (4:58:21 PM): heard that guy was a scammer Man (> .<}
Hattrick543 (4:58:45 PM): ? from who?
Hattrick543 (4:58:58 PM): well lets wait for one of the other guys then
WaCk0z (4:59:04 PM): he just logged on when u said hes on...
Hattrick543 (4:59:15 PM): ?? yea right ive been talking to him for like 20 minutes
WaCk0z (5:00:03 PM): no thx man Just dont feel safe when u said hes on he just loggs on... [censored] is that
Hattrick543 (5:00:35 PM): ur a [censored] scammer bro dont tell me to go to some person someone told u about, u dont trust the moderators of the site? u dont trust me? u just want to scam a moron get a [censored] life kid
WaCk0z (5:01:08 PM): ?
WaCk0z (5:01:13 PM): [censored] u talking about bro
WaCk0z (5:01:35 PM): its kinda wierd whne u said hes on and he just loggs on [censored] is that...............
WaCk0z (5:01:42 PM): Nice try bro
Hattrick543 (5:01:42 PM): who is grateplayaz69? the point of going through a middle man istn some person you know and i have no idea who he is..
WaCk0z (5:01:54 PM): i dont know how him bro
Hattrick543 (5:02:10 PM): we dont have to go through trademe105 MD just one of the moderators....
WaCk0z (5:02:11 PM): He has possive rep with markeee
Hattrick543 (5:02:14 PM): it makes it safe
Hattrick543 (5:02:31 PM): because they have multiple postive reps
Hattrick543 (5:02:35 PM): and we dont know them
Hattrick543 (5:03:47 PM): myself, Sparkles, Nuka, Cimdizzle we go through one of these guys or not at all
Hattrick543 (5:03:56 PM): myself is trademe105 MD
WaCk0z (5:04:13 PM): ..........
WaCk0z (5:04:27 PM): ur trademe105 MD nICe try scammmmmmmmmer
Hattrick543 (5:04:38 PM): what on earth are you talking about?
Hattrick543 (5:04:47 PM): ok dont worry about him choose one of the others
WaCk0z (5:04:53 PM): Nice try bro trying scam me giving my info first lmao
Hattrick543 (5:05:12 PM): ...
Hattrick543 (5:06:34 PM): ur trying to scam me if u still want to do this we would have to go through one of the admins/moderators, i dont know why you would use their site if you dont trust them. this is ridiculous i feel like im talking to a 10 year old
WaCk0z (5:07:46 PM): ....
WaCk0z (5:08:00 PM): [censored] you bro your tryign to scam me.....
Hattrick543 (5:08:14 PM): HAHA gg get a brain!
Hattrick543 (5:08:24 PM): this convo is going on markeedragon
Hattrick543 (5:09:29 PM): scrub liar, tellin me ur in AQ20 i checked when u told me that, so ur guild cant down twin emps so u kill ossirian instead? u expect me to believe that? i check the /who ruins of ahn'quiraj and its a pug man [censored] off ur a moron
WaCk0z (5:09:50 PM): ok
WaCk0z (5:09:52 PM): ok...
WaCk0z signed off at 5:10:05 PM.

this kid flip flops through out the whole discussion, first he doesnt trust middle men then the next second he has someone who he did it with last time and his trade went fine... he tried to weasle his way into me giving him my account info first and not going through "untrustworthy" people who ahve 52 postive feedbacks to their name with not one negative... gimme a break dude u lied to me last time we talked and went afk wouldnt let me see ur character, ur a liar or totally moronic... dont trade with wAck0z / pwnage711