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Selling PS4 network account with over 80 games

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trying to sell my ps4 account since i dont play ps4 anymore account has a lot of games close to 110 if you count the free ones you get with psn plus but some of the pay one are call of duty MW remastered, dragon ball xenoverse 1 and 2 tom clancy the division , wildlands , siege , battlefield 4 with premium the witcher 3 wild hunt j star vs gta 5 and many other games. asking for $250
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I compiled a list of all games in the account they are as follow:

1. Xeodrifter (as long as there is playstation plus)
2. Super meat boy (as long as there is playstion plus)
3. Super time force ultra (as long as there is playstation plus)
4. Grim fandango remastered ( as long as there is playstation plus)
5. Broken age ( with playstation plus)
6. Dragon fin soup (with playstation plus)
7. Journey ( with plus)
8. Helldivers democracy strikes back edition (with plus)
9. Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon wildlands
10. Fornite
11. Amenesia collection (with plus)
12. Metal gear solid 5 ( with plus)
13. Toukeden 2 Free alliance version
14. Crossout
15. Marvel heroes omega
16. America’s army proving grounds
17. Yu-gi-oh! Legacy of the duilist
18. Dragon ball xenoverse 2
19. Dragon ball xenoverse 1
20. Hatsune miku: Project diva
21. Stories The path of destinies (with plus)
22. Invisible inc. console edition (with plus)
23. Call of duty Infinity warfare
24. Call of duty 4 modern warfare remastered
25. The deadly tower of monsters (with plus)
26. Everybodys gone to the rapture (with plus)
27. Resident evil (with plus)
28. Transformer devastation (with plus)
29. Qurare magic library
30. Lords of the fallen (with plus)
31. No man’s sky
32. Rebel galaxy ( with plus)
33. Tricky towers (with plus)
34. Hawken
35. Neverwinter
36. Killstrain
37. Street fighter V
38. Plants vs zombies garden warfare
39. Furi (with plus)
40. Saints row Gat out of hell (with plus)
41. Blazblue: Chrono phantasma extend
42. Homefront the revolution
43. NBK 2k16 (with plus+
44. Gone home console edition (with plus)
45. Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm
46. World of tanks
47. Overwatch origins edition
48. The amazing spiderman 2
49. Injustice gods amond us
50. Tom clancy’s rainbow six siege
51. Battle ages
52. Lego star wars the force awakends
53. Tropico 5 (with plus)
54. Table top racing world tour (with plus)
55. Just cause 3
56. Dark souls 3
57. Paragon
58. Battleborn
59. Zonbi (with plus)
60. Dead start (with plus)
61. WWE 2k16
62. Smite
63. Tom Clancy’s the division
64. Sword art online RE: hollow fragment
65. Resident evil revelations 2
66. Galak-z (with plus)
67. Broforce(with plus)
68. Final fantasy 14 )( willing to give out the account information on it)
69. Zen pinball 2
70. Pinball arcade
71. Inokers tournament
72. Hustle kings
73. DC univarce (max lvl account)
74. Warframe
75. Dragon quest the world tree and the blight
76. Nom nom galaxy
77. Pro evolution soccer club 2016
78. Battlefield hardline
79. Hardware rivals (with plus)
80. King quest (with plus)
81. Gountlet Slayer edition (with plus)
82. Star wars battlefront
83. Spelunker world
84. Tom clancy’s Rainbow six siege
85. Dead or alive last round
86. Gem of war
87. Magicka 2 (with plus)
88. The walking dead season two (with plus)
89. Assassins creed chronicles trilogy
90. Game of thrones season 1 episode 1
91. Call of duty black ops 3
92. The witcher 3 wild hunt
93. Tales from the borderlands
94. Middle-earth shadow of Mordor game of the year edition
95. Grand theft auto V
96. Dinasty warriors 8
97. J-stars victory vs +
98. Kitten squad
99. Broken age (free with plus)
100. Infamous first light
101. Onigiri
102. Lodout
103. Driveclub
104. Warthunder
105. Battlefield 4 with premium
106. Airmech arena
107. Trans-galactic tournament
108. Super time force ultra (with plus)
109. Battle islands
110. Backlight retribution
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nah i could lower the price but not wont go that low and i dont need moded gta 5 accounts wont play them at dont have time for gaming anymore with work and kids.
ip hash: 00b204e9800998ecf8427e