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probable scammer


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I dont know...sounded pretty legit goin first and all, but the lack of a markee account, and the last part makes me think this is a scammer

(im demonicdrafter)

Sazbawt04 (1:50:44 AM): yo, i think i got what u need man
DemonicDrafter (1:50:49 AM): ya?
Sazbawt04 (1:51:05 AM): non opened box of WoW
DemonicDrafter (1:51:58 AM): cool
DemonicDrafter (1:52:09 AM): how much?
Sazbawt04 (1:52:21 AM): $50 sound ok?
DemonicDrafter (1:52:23 AM): i just need the key
DemonicDrafter (1:52:32 AM): i cna buy it from my local store for 29.99
Sazbawt04 (1:52:49 AM): err ill do $30?
DemonicDrafter (1:53:42 AM): i can do 20, but for thirty i can just go to the store and get a fresh set of stuff+ 100% sure im getting it(not implying anything here just stating)
Sazbawt04 (1:54:37 AM): ok
DemonicDrafter (1:55:07 AM): ok cool, want to use trademe as a mm?
Sazbawt04 (1:55:33 AM): umm how would we use a MM for this? but yea
DemonicDrafter (1:56:50 AM): i have a trial account, he can make sure it is real by turning it into a real account, while i send him the money, then if its real, he sends the money to you, lemme talk to him first though to make sure he'd do it, beings u gotta mess around with transfering the money
Sazbawt04 (1:57:37 AM): oh i aint gonna make the account cause that means i have ur SQ/ A and that [censored], id rather just give u the key
DemonicDrafter (1:58:12 AM): if u want to we can do it that way, but u'd have to go first, if thats a problem i understand
DemonicDrafter (1:58:25 AM): whats ur markee name?
Sazbawt04 (1:59:59 AM): sorry, i dont have 1, im just a buyer / seller
DemonicDrafter (2:00:13 AM): k
Sazbawt04 (2:00:14 AM): im happy to give cd key first as long as i get the money after
DemonicDrafter (2:00:44 AM): ok, cool, i was gonna say, if u had like 20 rep i'd be fine with going first /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif, but since u have none, i'd rather go 2nd to be sure
DemonicDrafter (2:00:57 AM): whats ur paypal info?
Sazbawt04 (2:00:58 AM): sure
Sazbawt04 (2:02:04 AM): [email protected]
Sazbawt04 (2:02:20 AM): ok ill give u the cd key and u send the money after.... that ok?
Sazbawt04 (2:02:25 AM): i trust u
DemonicDrafter (2:02:30 AM): sounds great
Sazbawt04 (2:02:54 AM): k let my open da box then
DemonicDrafter (2:03:03 AM): /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
Sazbawt04 (2:05:07 AM): ok
Sazbawt04 (2:05:51 AM): ready for the money?
DemonicDrafter (2:05:58 AM): yup
DemonicDrafter (2:06:01 AM): its all typed in
Sazbawt04 (2:06:02 AM): ok
Sazbawt04 (2:06:08 AM): ill type it out now
Sazbawt04 (2:07:22 AM): LTDC9J - 3RTFG - QVMO76 - I0RP - KXZ761P
DemonicDrafter (2:07:36 AM): k, making sure its real
Sazbawt04 (2:07:40 AM): huh
Sazbawt04 (2:07:51 AM): thats stragiht of the box
DemonicDrafter (2:08:27 AM): hmm
DemonicDrafter (2:08:36 AM): the second thing only has room for 4
Sazbawt04 (2:08:52 AM): mines the G
Sazbawt04 (2:08:58 AM): sorry miss typed it
DemonicDrafter (2:09:05 AM): ahh k
Sazbawt04 signed off at 2:09:53 AM.