SOLD Pro acc LVL20 - All cards, 1400+ fusion stones, 13000+ gold / 300 USD

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I'm selling my top class Stormbound Kingdom account. I have built it up to almost maxed out level personally - it took more than 3 years. Due to a second baby I need to focus on a different things right now :)

Cards: As you can see below I have collected all available cards. A lot of them are on lvl 5, majority is on level 4-3, few from the last update are on level 2. What is most important I'm selling account with a huge number of fusion stones & gold, so you can create any deck that you desire and upgrade it to lvl 5 easily.

I'm using this account on a daily basis, so all the bonus cards and money/gems are still being collected.

Method of payment - PayPal only

1. Main.PNG

4. Shadow.png
3. Winter.png
2. Swarm.png

5. Iron.PNG

6. Neutral.png

If you need any additional photos or any other information please don't hesitate to contact me.
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