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Prince08 saved me from being scammed,also thank god for markee search :-)


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dustinlove24: u trading ur account?
XxWowtrader: Yes
dustinlove24: ook i got a warrior and preist warrior has wrath armour
XxWowtrader: How many wrath?
dustinlove24: 5
XxWowtrader: What gear does the priest have
dustinlove24: and preist has just some blues and a few epics has a nice staff i forget name of it
XxWowtrader: What weapon does the wawrrior have?
XxWowtrader: Uh oh wait a minute
XxWowtrader: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post173430
XxWowtrader: Nice try buddy
XxWowtrader: No thank you
dustinlove24: dude thats a lie
XxWowtrader: Lmao
XxWowtrader: Good bye/blocked
dustinlove24 signed off at 4:59:10 PM.