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Welcome to Zaros TFT Boosting!
After the huge success we have had with our ELO Boosting services, we decided to take it one step further and provide an exceptional Teamfight Tactics boosting service too.

Why would you choose us?

  • We didn't start this service up until now until we made sure that we hired the best of the best TFT boosters out there, our roster of boosters currently consists of only top 200 players.
  • We provide a 24/7 Customer Support through our website and I personally help with customers inquires via discord, you can add me there. Karm#2390
  • We have one of the cheapest if not the cheapest pricing in the market, however, this is a discount that we might consider removing soon.
  • We have been in the ELO Boosting scene for 2 years now and yet to encounter a single unsatisfied customer thanks to our satisfaction guarantee policy.
  • Your account is 100% secure because we only hire reliable boosters, and use a premium VPN, so you don't have to be concerned about security at all.

All these features are included for free with your order.

-Offline Mode Usage.
-Premium VPN Usage.
-24/7 Customer Support.
-Match History to track your order.
-Members area to chat with your booster.
-Boosting speed up to a division per 4 Hours in TFT.
-Your store is fully protected, our boosters will not have access to it.

Okay, enough of all this, where can we see the pricing?
You can either head to our
TFT Boosting page on our website to check the pricing (which is recommended because we usually apply new discounts there), or check the prices list spoiler down below.

What is this satisfaction guarantee policy?
Well, basically we believe that our name and reputation is the strongest aspect of our website, so we want to stand behind that, that's why we had this policy. It's a policy that guarantees to the customer that he will be satisfied no matter what the situation is. Your account got banned while we're boosting on it? even though there's virtually no chance that this happens, but we will be compensate you. You didn't like a booster? Easy, you can change him through the members area. You purchased an order and decided you don't want it before we start? No problem we will fully refund the payment without any fees. These are not the only things we stand behind the customer in, we will always support the customer with whatever matter he wants help with, these are just examples.

Iron Prices

Iron 4 - Iron 3 = $6
Iron 3 - Iron 2 = $6
Iron 2 - Iron 1 = $6
Iron 1 - Bronze 4 = $7

Bronze Prices
Bronze 4 - Bronze 3 = $8
Bronze 3 - Bronze 2 = $8
Bronze 2 - Bronze 1 = $8
Bronze 1 - Silver 4 = $9

Silver Prices
Silver 4 - Silver 3 = $9
Silver 3 - Silver 2 = $10
Silver 2 - Silver 1 = $10
Silver 1 - Gold 4 = $13

Gold Prices
Gold 4 - Gold 3 = $16
Gold 3 - Gold 2 = $17
Gold 2 - Gold 1 = $17
Gold 1 - Platinum 4 = $19

Platinum Prices
Platinum 4 - Platinum 3 = $21
Platinum 3 - Platinum 2 = $23
Platinum 2 - Platinum 1 = $25
Platinum 1 - Diamond 4 = $30

Diamond Prices
Diamond 4 - Diamond 3 = $50
Diamond 3 - Diamond 2 = $65
Diamond 2 - Diamond 1 = $80
Diamond 1 - Master = $140

- The person that is leveling your account is located in multiple different countries around the world.
- They are using a VPN/Proxy to Boost? Yes, all the boosters use VPN & Offline Mode while playing on your account.
- The customer can log into the account inbetween boosting sessions? Yes, but the customer has to pause the order 1 hour before logging in.
---- If yes, how much time should the customer wait after the booster logs out before they can log in? At least 1 hour.
- If the account gets banned or rewards are removed during Boosting or right after (within 2 days), we will compensate you? Yes, we will compensate you with an account with a similar value to yours if proven that we are the reason of the ban!
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