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Powerscrolls, Stats, Tokuno Arts..... Will take trades... Best Prices ever


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Tokuno Arts-
Tome of Lost knowledge-800k
Kasa Rajin- 1.1mill
Storm Grips-1.2mill
Rune beetle Caprice-1.3mill
Darkened Sky-700k

15stat- 350k
115 music- 500k
115 peace- 400k
115 swords-600k
115 ninja-200k
115 eval- 600k
Also selling 30ssi 36fireball sc -1 4% hld cutlass-offer
Legacy of dread Lord- 900k
arcane sheild-offer

will work out trades for leggings of banes or medable legs sleeves gorgets with high resist lmc mr mi or si combo of 2 or more icq me 199506966