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Potential Scammer: AIM: brainwater2


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This guy messaged me wanting to buy my warrior account. Since I stopped playing a while ago, the acount is inactive so he asked to log onto the website as proof the account existed. I eventually let him do it, but as soon as he did, he changed the password. Luckily I have the sq/a so I changed it back, but he continued to lie saying he couldn't log on, there's a mistake, etc.

I believe his sn on this forum is TheBrave.


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Brainwater2: hello
kenny67456: hello
Brainwater2: still selling your warrior account?
kenny67456: yah, speaking to someone atm that wants to buy both atm though
kenny67456: but they just msged me too
kenny67456: so its not for sure
Brainwater2: hmm.. well im interested in him, message me after you talk to the other guy
kenny67456: k
kenny67456: Ok
kenny67456: whats up
Brainwater2: one sec talking to another guy
kenny67456: k
kenny67456: another warrior?
Brainwater2 is idle at 11:36:36 AM.
Brainwater2 is no longer idle at 11:38:52 AM.
Brainwater2: ok what realm is you warrior on?
kenny67456: destromath
Brainwater2: can I see him in-game?
kenny67456: acount inactive atm
kenny67456: what was that other warrior you were looking at?
Brainwater2: oh some warrior on a PvE realm
kenny67456: ah
kenny67456: he have better eq then mine?
Brainwater2: can you link me to your post? or a profile so I can go over the gear?
kenny67456: yah, let me find the post
kenny67456: i have alot more gear then what is just on there
kenny67456: thats just the epics
kenny67456: lol
kenny67456: having trouble finding my own [censored] post
kenny67456: nvm
Brainwater2: do a search
kenny67456: found it
kenny67456: Epics:
Helm of Wrath
Helm of Might
Eskhander's Collar
Paldrons of Might
Bracers of Might
Gauntlets of Might
Belt of Might
Legplates of Wrath
Blastershot Launcher
Buru's Skull Fragment
Bloodlord's Defender
Drillboar Disk
Obsidian Edge Blade
Breastplate of Annilation (from AQ40)
Flameguard Gauntlets
Dark Iron Helm
Darkmoon Card:Heroism
Angelistas Touch (from AQ40)

kenny67456: then he has all top gear besides what epics would replace pretty much
Brainwater2: nice
kenny67456: hes almost neutral with aq 40
kenny67456: which gives really nice eq
kenny67456: i think hes like...5000ish rep away
kenny67456: but every mob in aq 40 gives 100 rep
Brainwater2: how much are you looking for?
Brainwater2: hello?
kenny67456: sorry
kenny67456: one second man
kenny67456: ill be right with you
kenny67456: erally sorry
kenny67456: RL, gf talking
kenny67456: ok
kenny67456: im back
kenny67456: sorry
kenny67456: im looking for 250
kenny67456: i have the secret question and answer because he is my original character
kenny67456: hes tauren if it doesnt say in the post
Brainwater2: sounds good
kenny67456: any other questions?
Brainwater2: umm... how his rep on the server?
kenny67456: hes unguilded atm because my guild disbanded apparently while i was gone
kenny67456: other then that its good
Brainwater2: what his PvP rank at?
kenny67456: oh i have no idea man, it was like 7
kenny67456: but that was last time i played him
Brainwater2: k
kenny67456: and i havent played in awhile
kenny67456: our server is a [censored] for getting rank 14 though
kenny67456: or was when i played
Brainwater2: so 250 sound good then?
kenny67456: yup
Brainwater2: do you use paypal?
kenny67456: yah
Brainwater2: ok whats your paypal email?
kenny67456: let me double check
kenny67456: everything i use is kenny67456, just making sure if its hotmail or gmail
kenny67456: its hotmail
kenny67456: [email protected]
Brainwater2: ok, ill send the money
Brainwater2: one sec
Brainwater2: ok while were waiting for you to recieve the payment can I go on your account?
kenny67456: have to wait for the payment to go through, then ill give you everything
kenny67456: should only take a minute
Brainwater2: but what if you just take the money and log off?
kenny67456: lol i wotn
kenny67456: wont*
kenny67456: i mean i could say the same
kenny67456: youc ould say you sent the money
kenny67456: take my acount and take off
kenny67456: and honestly, i need the money atm or i wouldnt be selling at all, i lost 500 bucks to the casino last night and so cant really afford to have this acount stolen
Brainwater2: yea but if you gave me the account info, that would be have of the info before, then youd still have the sq/a and you could recall
Brainwater2: half*
kenny67456: well if you really sent the money shouldnt it be here already?
Brainwater2: im not gonna send the money unless I can make sure the account even exsists
kenny67456: k, but the acount is inactive you know that right?
Brainwater2: yea I can go on the forums though and log in with him
kenny67456: hrm
kenny67456: what if
kenny67456: i log onto the acount
kenny67456: and screenshot it for you
Brainwater2: I mean it sound sketchy when your account is inactive, and you trying to trade
Brainwater2: I thought you said you account was inactive? you cant take a ss if its not active
kenny67456: the webpage man :p
kenny67456: i can screenshot webpage
kenny67456: theres a print screen button on the keyboard, you hit that then you paste into paintshop
kenny67456: and send it
kenny67456: try it yourself :p
Brainwater2: why not just let me do it? It will take 30 seccondds
kenny67456: let me make sure i have the secret question and answer right
Brainwater2: k
kenny67456: k
kenny67456: we can do that
kenny67456: just changing pasword
kenny67456: password*
kenny67456: k you there?
Brainwater2: yea
kenny67456: ok this is how it will work
kenny67456: im going to give you the password and [censored]
kenny67456: but from the time i send it
kenny67456: im going to give you like 20 seconds
kenny67456: to look at it
kenny67456: just incase i dunno, just incase period lol
kenny67456: So, that sound fine?
Brainwater2: yea I guess
kenny67456: k, so go to the acount screen so you can do it quickly
kenny67456: tell me when your there
kenny67456: and ill give you the info
Brainwater2: already there
kenny67456: k
kenny67456: (EDITED) is acount name
kenny67456: (EDITED) is password, count down starting now
Brainwater2: doesnt work
kenny67456: uh
kenny67456: ...
kenny67456: let me check again
kenny67456: works fine on my end
kenny67456: (EDITED) **was giving him acount name again**
Brainwater2: ? really
kenny67456: (EDITED) **Was giving him acount PW again**
kenny67456: try again
kenny67456: i was logged in
kenny67456: maybe thats why
kenny67456: work?
Brainwater2: I think my internet is [censored] up hold on
Brainwater2: brb
kenny67456: it seems alot like staling.........
Brainwater2: dude scroll up you typed the account name in wrong
Brainwater2: brb
Brainwater2 signed off at 12:12:12 PM.
Brainwater2 signed on at 12:12:58 PM.
Brainwater2: ok what was it again sorry
kenny67456: uh bs, cause i tried to just log into my [censored] acount and (EDITED) **Acount PW again** was different
kenny67456: so you did get into and changed
Brainwater2: what?!?
Brainwater2: I cant even get in it yet
kenny67456: ok
kenny67456: im willing to try
Brainwater2: give me the info one more time
kenny67456: 1 more [censored] time
Brainwater2: so...?
kenny67456: changing the PW to something easy so there is no way you can say you [censored] up
Brainwater2: dude give me the info one more time or else its not gonna happen
Brainwater2: I cant get on because every time I do you logged in
kenny67456: logging out then
kenny67456: ok rdy?
Brainwater2: yea
kenny67456: (EDITED) **Giving acount name AGAIN**
kenny67456: (EDITED) **Giving acount pw AGAIN**
kenny67456: well?
Brainwater2: still trying to [censored] get in
kenny67456: and [censored] is the problem now
Brainwater2: I dont know it says password is invalid every time I try to put the info in
kenny67456: alright man, i thik your trying to scam me and [censored] so im going to put it on the forums and [censored]. Im tired of playing this game. Ill sell to someone else
Brainwater2: IM trynig to scamm you! hahah
Brainwater2: your the one that has an inactive account
Brainwater2: you have no profile
Brainwater2: you have no rep
kenny67456: yup and have given the [censored] PW and [censored]
kenny67456: and your all over the [censored] forums with characters
Brainwater2: You are not willing to let me [censored] log on to check out if the account even exists
kenny67456: odd that you have so many [censored] chars
kenny67456: and you wouldnt atke screenshots
kenny67456: and when i gave you the brainwater2 password
kenny67456: i go to try to log back into the acount after 20 seconds
kenny67456: and the [censored] acount PW is changed
Brainwater2: Me? I dont have many caracters, second SS dont prove [censored]
Brainwater2: You not in a posistion to call someone a scammer. Your are the defintion of a scammer
kenny67456: lol k
kenny67456: dude move along
kenny67456: its as simple as that
kenny67456: if im a scammer you just saved your [censored] money
kenny67456: simple fact is we dont trust eachother obviously
Brainwater2: You think people you try to trade with are gonna belive that you account is inactive, and on top of that you are so [censored] hesitant to help the person that is going to spend 250 dollars, to feel secure about the trade.
kenny67456: i can find someone else, and im sure you can try someone else
kenny67456: dude i give you the PW
kenny67456: 3 [censored] times
kenny67456: and you cant log in?
kenny67456: even when im not on the website
kenny67456: [censored] is that
Brainwater2: and every time I coulnt log in
Brainwater2: I didnt have correct info once
kenny67456: yet i go back and can log in everytime
Brainwater2: haha
kenny67456: and, you seemed way to easy to spend your money
kenny67456: everyone else i have talked to asked way more questions
Brainwater2: what else can I [censored] to do make sure I know what im spending my money on, you account is inactive, you dont let me log on
Brainwater2: You give me false info
kenny67456: im trying to let you log in
Brainwater2: yea sure
kenny67456: let me check seomething alright, im going to check if im logged in
kenny67456: if my GF can log in from another computer
kenny67456: if she can
kenny67456: then this is straight up bullshit
kenny67456: because me being logged in wont affect a [censored] thing
Brainwater2: well maybe you shoudlnt be [censored] logged on when Im trying to get on then?!?
kenny67456: im checking if its possible right now
kenny67456: she logged in just fine
Brainwater2: yea well ill belive it when someone else can log in
kenny67456: lol thats fine, ill sell it to someone else
Brainwater2: yea good luck with that scammer, its not like it was hard to figure out your true motive
kenny67456: lol k man
kenny67456: see ya
Brainwater2: have a good one
kenny67456: ill be posting this whole convo on the forums

This was complete BS, i gave him the info over and over and he still kept trying to stal and [censored]


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OK so lets get past the part where your account is inactive, you had no information on your character, not even a profile and you wouldnt let me log onto the forums to let me see if the account existed, untill I said no payment without it. And the fact that your account could be sold for much higher than the said price (250). Then lets just say none of that was fact (which it is), but when I tried to log onto the forums about 10 times it said password invalid. Then you said I changed the password? Well there is no way for me to prove that I didnt, besides my word that I didn't. Either way you were still in the position to scam me, I didnt have the sq/a. So do you really think im trying to scam you when obviously it would stupid as [censored] cause you have the sq/a and you could just recall it 5 seconds later? comeon you kinda making yourself look like a scammer.

I also like how you edited out some important things lol nice try


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Dude whatever, your full of [censored], you changed the PW and im not going to let you rip off a character.

Not to mention you seem to have a [censored] load of characters on these forums your trying to trade already, many of them much better then mine. I have heard i could sell my character for more, but where the [censored] am i going to do that? Ive had plenty of people say they wont even pay 250, so screw that thats why the price is what it is at.

You know what you were trying to do, period.


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haha of course I knew what I was trying to do, I was trying to buy your EPIC account for a [censored] load cheaper than it sould go for. Ive only been in possesion of 4 accounts 3 of which are my own.


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The fact is that he gave you the correct password multiple times. I was able to log on using the same passwords you were given even while he was still logged into the webpage. We are completely willing to provide screenshots, even log on the hunter account to prove that we are authentic. But when we gave you the password the very first time, you changed it and we had to use the sq/a to retrieve it. The simple fact that we were forced to resort to that shows that you are not honest.


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See the thing is though, is that every time I tried to log on to check the character, it said password invalid. Comeon dude why would I possibly want to change the password if I knew you had the sq/a? I would have to be retarded to think that I could scam you that way. So now you think because you got your girlfriend to post you can make yourself look like less of a scammer? So you gave me false info because your account doesnt even exist, and of course you didnt want me to log in and see that there is no account.


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This clearly shows all the characters on the account on that server (destromath). Both the lvl 60 warrior and the lvl 57 shaman. Obviously the account does exist and both characters are somewhat well known on the server as we've played there for over a year.

(Please see attachment - I tried to link via photobucket, but the image was too small to be seen. I also blacked out the names for privacy.)

EDIT: I removed the attachment as the account has been sold and we no longer need to prove we are legit.


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I just bought the warrior account. I was given account info and sq/a and talked on the phone. This guy is legit as they come.