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Possible scammer


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I'm probably just paranoid but this really was too good to be true

boogeychild01: sup
boogeychild01: i have an alliance charac lvl 60 warrior on blackrock
boogeychild01: intrested in ur ud warrior.
immakulate haze: did you post in the thread?
boogeychild01: let me show u a profile of him
boogeychild01: no, i am new.
immakulate haze: ok
boogeychild01: i can show rep
boogeychild01: my ebay rep proves i am legit
boogeychild01: ifu wanne see?
immakulate haze: yes please
boogeychild01: Immakulatehaze
boogeychild01: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=aumkar22&item=-1&frm=1883
boogeychild01: sry heh lol
boogeychild01: theres my rep
boogeychild01: and let me show u my alliance war
boogeychild01: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?1646596
boogeychild01: do u have a profile of ur war?
immakulate haze: no i do not, you want to come onto server so i can show you?
boogeychild01: its okay
boogeychild01: i believe u
boogeychild01: saw my rep?
boogeychild01: alll 27 succesful trasnactions i have had
immakulate haze: this is a bit too good to be true
boogeychild01: how?
boogeychild01: o.o
immakulate haze: the gear is pure epics
boogeychild01: ya i know
boogeychild01: i have a friend
boogeychild01: on horde side i wanne play with
immakulate haze: this char isnt transferrable for another 4 months i forgot to mention that
immakulate haze: sorry
boogeychild01: thats cool
boogeychild01: what server is he on?
immakulate haze: Khadgar
boogeychild01: nice!
boogeychild01: omg
boogeychild01: [email protected][email protected]~!#[email protected]#[email protected]
boogeychild01: [email protected][email protected]
[email protected]
boogeychild01: [email protected]
boogeychild01: alrdy the realm i want yay!
immakulate haze: mind if you go first then?
boogeychild01: are u original owner?
boogeychild01: um
boogeychild01: i showed u my ebayt rep..
boogeychild01: i have nothing from u
boogeychild01: that shows u have rep.
immakulate haze: i can never be to careful
immakulate haze: youre not on MD and have no rep
boogeychild01: dude..
boogeychild01: ebay rep
boogeychild01: proves more
boogeychild01: i can make an account
boogeychild01: just like u , with 0 rep
immakulate haze: how do i know thats your ebay acc?
boogeychild01: wanr me to?
boogeychild01: message me
boogeychild01: on ebay
boogeychild01: i will respond
immakulate haze: i honestly have no wish to rip you off, i got ripped off a rank 12 shammy last night man this is just to make me comfortable
boogeychild01: niehter do i
boogeychild01: i proved i am legit
boogeychild01: usaw my rep
boogeychild01: i dun see why ur asking me to go first, in ur thread
boogeychild01: u said if u dun have any rep to show
boogeychild01: your going first.
boogeychild01: but i have positive refrences.
boogeychild01: shows i haev had 27 succesful trasnctions with no problem.
immakulate haze: whos your friend on khadgar?
boogeychild01: i dun know his charac name, casue i am in diff server
boogeychild01: let me ask him
immakulate haze: are you original owner of your acc?
boogeychild01: ya i own it, SQ/Sa, cd key
boogeychild01: how about u?
immakulate haze: then whats the problem? even if i did rip you off you could still recal it
immakulate haze: and no i am not
boogeychild01: it doesn;t matter, u can add credit card
boogeychild01: cal wow
boogeychild01: use last 4 digit of CC#
boogeychild01: instead SQ/Sa, and change info
boogeychild01: or go in and del my charac
boogeychild01: i showed and proved enuf.
boogeychild01: i dun see why ur so paranoid
boogeychild01: when u see i have positive , excellent rep
immakulate haze: because i just lost an account not 24 hours ago
boogeychild01: you dun even have any rep or refrence.. so i can't tell ur legit or not
immakulate haze: please can you just go first i honestly have no wish to rip you off i know how it feels
boogeychild01: no dude, i dun know your legit, you have 0 rep
boogeychild01: i showed i am legit
boogeychild01: showed my ebay rep
immakulate haze: but i really hope you can see from my point of veiw this seems way to good to be true
boogeychild01: your not making this fair at all.
boogeychild01: i am seeing it
boogeychild01: i showed i am legit, showed my rep, i have no reputation from you.
boogeychild01: how am i suppsoe to trust u !?
immakulate haze: you want to trade a amazing char for a blue'd out warr on a pvp serverr
immakulate haze: want to find a middle man?
boogeychild01: dude look.
boogeychild01: i showed u my rep
boogeychild01: 27 rep
boogeychild01: is a lot on ebay
boogeychild01: you have 0 rep
boogeychild01: i am not going first.
immakulate haze: sorry but i cant risk itt
boogeychild01: okay
boogeychild01: ur not gonne get a trade with anyone
boogeychild01: your out of ur mind
boogeychild01: whos gonne go first, when you have no rep
immakulate haze: look at your char
boogeychild01: and nothing to prove your legit.
immakulate haze: why would you trade for something like this?
boogeychild01: good luck trading.
boogeychild01: omg i just explained
boogeychild01: my friend plays on horde side
immakulate haze: and miraculously im on the server you want?
boogeychild01: yes khadgar
boogeychild01: dude, ur not even making this fair
boogeychild01: you have 0 rep, nothing to prove your legit, and wanting me to go first, while i have rep and proved i am legit.
boogeychild01: its up to u
immakulate haze: i just got ripped off man
immakulate haze: im paranoid for a reason
boogeychild01: and the guy proved he was legit?
boogeychild01: did he show rep?
immakulate haze: he showed me a dummy ebay account that wasnt even his
boogeychild01: Okay
boogeychild01: i wi;;l
boogeychild01: take a picture
boogeychild01: of my eba account management
boogeychild01: with our aim convo
boogeychild01: hows that?
boogeychild01: ebay*
boogeychild01: proves its mine, i own it
immakulate haze: ok
boogeychild01: when your legit u got nothing to hide
boogeychild01: k let me imageshack it
immakulate haze: well also did ask to post in MD with a positive rep
boogeychild01: i wud make a new account, which wud me like urs
boogeychild01: no point.
boogeychild01: in doing
boogeychild01: does imageshack.us work for u ?
immakulate haze: theres no deal, sorry this is way too good to be true
boogeychild01: i am getting u pic [censored]
boogeychild01: http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/7438/newbitmapimagehy3.jpg
boogeychild01: look
boogeychild01: what else u want for proof
boogeychild01: if that doesn't satisfy you, you shudn't even be trading.. your asking ppl to go first, while you 0 rep, nothing to prove your legit.
boogeychild01: see its my account
boogeychild01: no a dumbo one
boogeychild01: has our convo in i too
boogeychild01: if that doesn't satisfy you, i'll have to say i pass.
boogeychild01: your not willing to come to any kind of agreement
boogeychild01: while you want me to go first
boogeychild01: u got 0 rep.
immakulate haze: well again this is way to good to be true
immakulate haze: sorry
boogeychild01: k bye.
boogeychild01: no ones gonne trade with u
boogeychild01: u want ppl to go first when they u got 0 rep, rofl
boogeychild01: good luck man


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not a possible scammer, he IS a scammer and hes been doing it to people on these boards for a while, whenever you see aumkar22 ebay feedback it means its the guy whos been scamming everyone. im still looking for a way to crack this guy