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Fl4ND3RS: hi
SparklesPvP: iam interested in the account
Fl4ND3RS: alright
SparklesPvP: willing to pay the full asking price
Fl4ND3RS: alright, do you need me to log onto the server to give you some verification of some sort?
SparklesPvP: no thats not needed
SparklesPvP: you accept paypal
Fl4ND3RS: yes
Fl4ND3RS: [email protected] is my paypal name
SparklesPvP: k
SparklesPvP: hld on
Fl4ND3RS: sure
SparklesPvP: my wife is getting pissed at me for buying stuff
SparklesPvP: lol
Fl4ND3RS: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
SparklesPvP: do you mind if I get on the account and try it myself thats what she wants me to do before I buy anything
SparklesPvP: lol
SparklesPvP: pretty sad
Fl4ND3RS: nah i cant compromise the account like that, i am more than willing to log onto the server and show you all his gear, and i will give you the information to the account and the sq/a info as soon as i receive payment in paypal
Fl4ND3RS: i can also get on the phone with you, whatever you require
SparklesPvP: alright I will buy it now
SparklesPvP: alright transaction complete
SparklesPvP: 400$
Fl4ND3RS: i dont see it in my paypal
SparklesPvP: ??
Fl4ND3RS: one sec think its lagged trying to load the site
SparklesPvP: k cool
SparklesPvP: well its sent to there so no worris
SparklesPvP: cant wait to play!
SparklesPvP: lol
Fl4ND3RS: alright one sec, my conn sucks
Fl4ND3RS: U.S. Dollar: $0.00 USD
SparklesPvP: huh?
Fl4ND3RS: i have not received anything
SparklesPvP: hld on
SparklesPvP: let me see
Fl4ND3RS: [email protected]
SparklesPvP: yeah I sent it, I had 3000$ in there now I have 2600
SparklesPvP: it went to there
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Fl4ND3RS: hasnt registered at the moment
SparklesPvP: hummmm
SparklesPvP: that is so strange I sent it to that email too
SparklesPvP: crazy
Fl4ND3RS: well can you cancel the payment then retry?
SparklesPvP: umm let me see
SparklesPvP: hld on
Fl4ND3RS: ok
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Fl4ND3RS: ?
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on