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Possible Scammer, Richtbaseball24


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This guy sounds VERY suspicious, he was interested in my rogue. I asked what gear he had, he said "h/o, eating" then came back out of the blue and linked me a allahkazam profile. Almost all tier 2, for my rogue who had just a few Nightslayer and some bwl/Zg epics. He immidietly asked to see the rogue, and i asked if i could see his mage too. At that time he said he got a better offer (right as i asked if i could see the mage). Then, out of nowhere he called me a scammer, and linked me my post (which shows someone saying "yes a scammer by cheavyz). He clearly directed it to someone else in the post, not me, but this guy is either really dumb or can't read. Btw i don't have any say in weather b0x is a scammer or not, he acted nice to me so i can't say he is.

richtbaseball24: hey im interested
BrownNwalrus: heya, you read the forum on markee?
richtbaseball24: yea
BrownNwalrus: nice
BrownNwalrus: what do you have?
richtbaseball24: h/o
richtbaseball24: eating
BrownNwalrus: ok
richtbaseball24: back
richtbaseball24: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?20274
richtbaseball24: i had mcdonalds lol
BrownNwalrus: lol
BrownNwalrus: thats your mage eh?
richtbaseball24: yeah good eh?
BrownNwalrus: yeh
richtbaseball24: can i see your guy??
BrownNwalrus: can you show him in game?
richtbaseball24: h/o got another IM
BrownNwalrus: ok
richtbaseball24: O SHZIT
richtbaseball24: srry bro
richtbaseball24: got a better offer
BrownNwalrus: lol k
richtbaseball24: full tier 2 UD rogue c ya
BrownNwalrus: really, what's the guys aim?
richtbaseball24: highonpie12
BrownNwalrus: l mao thats what im doing right now
richtbaseball24: ???
BrownNwalrus: oh wait
BrownNwalrus: high on pie
BrownNwalrus: i thought it said pipe
richtbaseball24: are u scammin people?
BrownNwalrus: wtf?
BrownNwalrus: what gives you that idea?
richtbaseball24: cHevyZ
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yes scammer we know.

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Post Extras:

BrownNwalrus: not me
BrownNwalrus: -_-
BrownNwalrus: b0x
BrownNwalrus: read the post more carefull
richtbaseball24: lol i kno u are
BrownNwalrus: wow you have problems >_>, i have positive feedback
BrownNwalrus: and you don't have the mage
BrownNwalrus: btw
BrownNwalrus: nice trying to scam me, but im not that dumb
richtbaseball24: why u say that?
BrownNwalrus: and calling me a scammer out of the blue?
BrownNwalrus: it's quite obvious
richtbaseball24: how?
BrownNwalrus: you show a really good tier 2 mage, then when i ask to see him you say you got a better offer
richtbaseball24: i did
richtbaseball24 signed off at 12:18:50 AM.

Edit: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/99442/an/0/page/2#99442

The link to my post about the mage.

Screenshot of convo: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v724/BrownWalrus/?action=view&current=possiblescammerconvo.jpg

Now i could be overreacting, and i am high, but when someone calls me a scammer out of the blue, and acts as shady as this guy, it bugs me.