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Possible Scammer in the make


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jackrancidz: hi
ChromedOut09: Hello.
jackrancidz: i just traded a kid like 5 mins ago but i hate these chars
jackrancidz: saw u got a steam account
jackrancidz: right?
ChromedOut09: Yes.
ChromedOut09: What are you offering?

jackrancidz: dwarf hunter
ChromedOut09: What the hell, kid.
ChromedOut09: I told you.
ChromedOut09: I don't want to trade.
ChromedOut09: Stop going on different AIM accounts.
ChromedOut09: And trying to scam me.
ChromedOut09: You don't have a Markee account.
jackrancidz: i got the account open
ChromedOut09: I don't trade with kids like this.
jackrancidz: it aint frozen no more
ChromedOut09: Oh, So you were lieing, and it is you, on a different AIM account.
ChromedOut09: What do you do? Fruad for a living?

ChromedOut09: Scam people for fun?
ChromedOut09: Why do you have two aim identies, talking to me at once.
ChromedOut09: And lie to me, and say "I just traded this guy".
jackrancidz: no 1 is my sisters 1 is mine
ChromedOut09: You've questioned your respect, and every aspect about you.
ChromedOut09: Well, As I said. Steam has the shiitiest account security. As soon as I give you my info, you can change veerythingadn run away.
ChromedOut09: change everything and run away*
ChromedOut09: And you don't have a Markee account, so why are you comming back to me?

This is the second time hes tried to pull this one me.

Might want to watch out.

He does not have a Markee account either.

If I can remember his sister aim was lindseyskyez or something.