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Possible scammer AIM InsaneAxer101


Well-known member
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
InsaneAxer101: why did you recall orikain
SkylineRacer989: who r u?
SkylineRacer989: hello?
InsaneAxer101: someon
SkylineRacer989: o great ur accusing me of recalling and account and i have no idea who you are
SkylineRacer989: and you wont tell me
InsaneAxer101: someone from markee
InsaneAxer101: who cares who i am
SkylineRacer989: youve got 10 seconds before i block you
InsaneAxer101: what am i supposed to say
SkylineRacer989: why the hell you are messaging me
SkylineRacer989: about so ******* character name
InsaneAxer101: idk im trying to find the person that traded me
InsaneAxer101: chill the [censored] out
SkylineRacer989: ********, to the markee forums with this convo
InsaneAxer101 signed off at 11:03:45 PM.

then i blocked him i have no idea who this guy is, he grabs me out of the blue, and according to him he doesnt even kno who hes talking to he just messages me with some random crap. yet hes trying to find the guy he traded with.