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Selling Pokemon Sw/Sh Genning Services

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Genning Any Custom Pokemon for Pokemon Sworld & Shield

I am currently offering my genning services to create custom pokemon(s) of your choice, you can give me every detail down to:
Level, Nickname, Shininess, Nature, Attacks, Hold Item, Ability, IVs and EVs,
As well as Trainer Name, ID, & SID - (This process requires you trading me a pokemon before I complete your order, in order for me to gather your SID number)

You must have an active Nintendo Switch Online account for us to be able to trade.
During purchase please include your trainer name, the 4 digit code you would like to use to trade and your time zone (for trade availability)

Once your order has been place, you will recieve a paypal receipt outlining the details on your order.

Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery, depending on timezone! But we will be in constant contact with eachother through the whole process as I verify the legality of your selections.

Prices are as follows and are in CAD:
Any In-Game Item: $0.99 (Also comes attached to a random level 1 shiny)
Egg Packages: 6 Eggs, Randomly selected, Guaranteed to be 6iv, Shiny, Proper Nature and have Egg Moves,
This package is $5.99
Any Customized (non-Legendary) Pokemon of your choice: $1.99 ea - Buy 5 Get the 6th one Free (Please be sure to use proper Showdown Format)
Any Fully Customized Legendary or Mythical: $2.99 (includes item of your choice) - Example, such as Shiny Event Mythicals.
Set of All 9 Starters: Gen 1, Gen 7 & Gen 8 Starters. All guaranteed level 1, shiny, with 6ivs and item of your choice: This package is $8.99
Full Box of 30 Masterballs: All come attached to a random level 1 shiny) - $14.99
Full Box of 30 Battle Ready Mons: All random, level 100, Properly built for competitive - $29.99

Will do the SID service for no additional cost, this service will guarantee your Trainer ID name on all of the pokemon you purchase. If you opt against this service, you will be recieving my very own original Trainer ID.
Please be aware if you choose to have your SID found, then you must trade me prior to me beginning your order. So any delay in trades will delay completion of your order.
I am currently an active genner, and admin in 3 different Pokemon groups on facebook, reaching a total of almost 4000 members combined, all of which I have actively done genning services like such in the past with!
I can be reached here but if you want me to respond as quick as possible, you can reach me on discord @Xantu#3235
Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to recieving your business
ip hash: 25f2f32a9560653cdc3317