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fall161: hey
InSaNeX16: hello
fall161: you still need that powerleveler?
InSaNeX16: yea one sec
fall161: ok
fall161: you ther?
InSaNeX16: o yea
InSaNeX16: sorry
InSaNeX16: you reliable?
InSaNeX16: i will even tip if you arent [censored] and mess around
InSaNeX16: ?
InSaNeX16: umm ok.. Hello??
fall161: sry was getting dinner
InSaNeX16: ok
fall161: so ya i saw your post
InSaNeX16: you want to?
fall161: and i figured might as well help some one out
InSaNeX16: what is your name on markee?
fall161: fall161
fall161: just made it
fall161: i need some pos rep
InSaNeX16: ok
InSaNeX16: well my friends might talk to you
fall161: so wat levels do u need
InSaNeX16: well im level 45 almost 46 and you can get me as high as you want as long as your not just messing around and accually leveling
fall161: ok
fall161: and just to make sure
fall161: i like to make sure who i level has the SQA just incase something happens
fall161: you cant blame me
fall161: and you can get your acct back
InSaNeX16: well tehre is no need to change password..
fall161: yes i know
fall161: but some times ppl give their PW to their freinds
fall161: and their freinds change it as a joke
fall161: and then i get blamed
fall161: or who ever gets blamed
InSaNeX16: o well i havent givin it away
fall161: it makes things easier if you got SQA

InSaNeX16: yea i do
fall161: ok
fall161: so when do you want me to start?
fall161: i can start now if needed
InSaNeX16: sure
InSaNeX16: while your playing can you get herb/alchemy up?
fall161: ya sure
InSaNeX16: ok thanks
InSaNeX16: Gangsta1116 is account
InSaNeX16: Password is egghunter4321
InSaNeX16: Please dont delete characters or change pw
fall161: ok i wont
fall161: wat server
InSaNeX16: firetree
fall161: k gtg
fall161: you can play now
InSaNeX16: umm ok..
InSaNeX16: wow and there goes my character...
InSaNeX16: omg
fall161: lol sucks for you bye
fall161 signed off at 6:30:26 PM.

Well, I know no one here is willing to give me an account or power level from 1-45... But if there is someone out there that nice, please aim me at InSaNeX16 thank you.


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Thanks, I tried that and they're closed at the moment. Hours from 9-6 i believe. I e-mailed them and they havnt gotten back to me so I made a request in game and i might be able to get him back. Thanks though.


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HAHAHA watch out!! the same guy saw my post almost 2 weeks later for a power leveler and asked again to power level me!!

fall161 (1:20:39 PM): hey
fall161 (1:20:44 PM): u need a pleveler?
InSaNeX16 (1:21:00 PM): maybe
fall161 returned at 1:21:00 PM.
fall161 (1:21:19 PM): me and my freinds are thinking of starting a powerleveling service
fall161 (1:21:25 PM): and i could use the positive feedback
fall161 (1:21:29 PM): for when we start it up
fall161 (1:21:34 PM): so id be glad to do the job
InSaNeX16 (1:21:46 PM): yea markee name? no pos no levelin
fall161 (1:21:52 PM): fall161
fall161 (1:21:56 PM): no pos yet
fall161 (1:21:59 PM): just got conf email
fall161 (1:22:04 PM): but im 100% legit sir
fall161 (1:22:08 PM): honest to god
fall161 (1:22:15 PM): i wont scam you
InSaNeX16 (1:22:18 PM): o wait
InSaNeX16 (1:22:22 PM): i reamember you!!
InSaNeX16 (1:22:36 PM): you said you were ganna power level my rogue
InSaNeX16 (1:22:39 PM): and you deleted him
fall161 (1:22:47 PM): ?
fall161 (1:22:52 PM): when was this sir
InSaNeX16 (1:23:00 PM): umm like almost 2 weeks ago
fall161 (1:23:06 PM): youve got the wrong person
fall161 (1:23:08 PM): 2 weeks ago
fall161 (1:23:12 PM): i was in florida
fall161 (1:23:14 PM): on spring break
InSaNeX16 (1:23:14 PM): umm no i dont
fall161 (1:23:51 PM): if you want verification i was there call the bestwestern on international drive orlando florida and ask if a joe lenox was there 2 weeks ago
InSaNeX16 (1:24:00 PM): no
InSaNeX16 (1:24:09 PM): i remember you clearly
InSaNeX16 (1:24:12 PM): sorry
fall161 (1:24:17 PM): well you have the wrong person sir
InSaNeX16 (1:24:23 PM): lol
InSaNeX16 (1:24:28 PM): i know i dont
fall161 (1:24:28 PM): im sorry some one would do such a thing but you have the wrong person
fall161 (1:24:35 PM): thank you for your time happy gaming!
InSaNeX16 (1:24:37 PM): hmm
InSaNeX16 (1:24:39 PM): WAIT
fall161 (1:24:41 PM): ?
InSaNeX16 (1:24:43 PM): one second
InSaNeX16 (1:27:27 PM): HAHAHHAHAHHA'
InSaNeX16 (1:27:30 PM): IT IS YOU
InSaNeX16 (1:27:39 PM): i just looked up my scammer post due
fall161 signed off at (1:28:26 PM)



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pixulpride ROFL (1:33:08 PM): hey
pixulpride ROFL (1:33:35 PM): i saw your post about powerleveling and was wondering if youd like some help with them
InSaNeX16 (2:47:13 PM): eh.. yea im kinda packed
pixulpride ROFL returned at 2:47:13 PM.
InSaNeX16 (2:47:24 PM): have like 3-4 people but i can do it
InSaNeX16 (2:47:25 PM): lol
InSaNeX16 (2:47:32 PM): O DANG BRB
InSaNeX16 (2:55:47 PM): lol back
InSaNeX16 (2:55:49 PM): my bad
InSaNeX16 (2:56:01 PM): had to go to the bathroom really bad
InSaNeX16 (2:56:08 PM): hehe
pixulpride ROFL (3:07:41 PM): im back
pixulpride ROFL (3:07:46 PM): sry for being afk so long
InSaNeX16 (3:08:02 PM): ok
InSaNeX16 (3:08:08 PM): markee name?
pixulpride ROFL (3:08:24 PM): perin
pixulpride ROFL (3:08:37 PM): brb getting food
InSaNeX16 (3:09:54 PM): you there?
pixulpride ROFL (3:10:44 PM): yea
pixulpride ROFL (3:10:45 PM): im back
pixulpride ROFL (3:10:52 PM): was getting dinner
InSaNeX16 (3:11:04 PM): ok
InSaNeX16 (3:11:07 PM): umm
InSaNeX16 (3:11:13 PM): nice try again fall161...
pixulpride ROFL (3:11:20 PM): wat are u talking about
InSaNeX16 (3:11:24 PM): lol
pixulpride ROFL (3:11:31 PM): ?
pixulpride ROFL (3:12:35 PM): who is fall161?
InSaNeX16 (3:13:29 PM): umm you??
pixulpride ROFL (3:13:35 PM): umm no
pixulpride ROFL (3:13:44 PM): you have no idea what your talking about apparently
InSaNeX16 (3:13:48 PM): yes i do
InSaNeX16 (3:13:54 PM): AKA:fall161
InSaNeX16 (3:14:00 PM): thats your nutral
InSaNeX16 (3:14:06 PM): lol
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:20 PM): learn to speak english please and thank you
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:22 PM): nutral
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:26 PM): wtf is that
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:32 PM): if you think im some one im not go ahead
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:38 PM): but i am not
pixulpride ROFL (3:14:44 PM): so thank you for your time sir
InSaNeX16 (3:14:49 PM): lol one sec
InSaNeX16 (3:15:08 PM): yes, i spelled neutral wrong...
InSaNeX16 (3:15:19 PM): but im talking to more people at the same time
pixulpride ROFL (3:15:30 PM): well good day sir
pixulpride ROFL (3:15:34 PM): thank you for your time
InSaNeX16 (3:15:42 PM): lol
pixulpride ROFL (3:15:46 PM): but next time dont jump to conclusions that you know absoulutly nothing about
InSaNeX16 (3:16:07 PM): its in your ratings dude