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Please read and see what happend to me


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Just today i was scammed i trusted this guy and he turns around and scams me. We traded for about 10days and then the warrior he traded got scammed from me so i asked him to recall the acc he said okay. heres the convo we had.

HiGhOnPiE12 (2:39:13 PM): hey
PhawknRightDoggy (2:39:28 PM): Hey, you recalled =/
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:39:36 PM): yeah here's the pass
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:39:40 PM): 8N6HV6PCPM2CYGRX
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:39:42 PM): srry
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:39:54 PM): did you get warrior pw yet?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:40:42 PM): Yes, but I would either like the email account information that the charcter is on and I will give you the email adress the warrior is on
PhawknRightDoggy (2:40:46 PM): So we don't have to call blizz
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:41:26 PM): oo you me email passwords?
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:41:32 PM): meen*
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:41:49 PM): hmm
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:41:54 PM): i geuss we can do that
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:42:19 PM): you up to that ?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:42:24 PM): Alright give me a minute
PhawknRightDoggy (2:42:26 PM): yea
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:42:26 PM): ok
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:43:22 PM): did you check the warrior out to see if it was okay?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:44:28 PM): Yep he is there
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:44:33 PM): ok
PhawknRightDoggy (2:44:40 PM): Alright and your positive the SQA is SUE?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:44:42 PM): Sue
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:44:47 PM): Positive
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:44:51 PM): Sue
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:44:57 PM): 9736978502
PhawknRightDoggy (2:44:59 PM): Alright one minute
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:45:04 PM): [email protected]
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:45:07 PM): ok
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:46:24 PM): can i have warrior pw so i can check him out?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:46:27 PM): im calling hiim now
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:46:32 PM): oo
PhawknRightDoggy (2:46:33 PM): yea ill get it for you
PhawknRightDoggy (2:46:35 PM): 1 sec
PhawknRightDoggy (2:48:47 PM): Alright, he said I should get your email information from you first then give you PW and email account
PhawknRightDoggy (2:48:53 PM): incase anything goes wrong again
PhawknRightDoggy (2:50:22 PM): since you got the warrior taken and recalled
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:50:32 PM): h/o
PhawknRightDoggy (2:50:39 PM): kk
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:50:59 PM): so you want my email? then you'll give me pw?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:51:08 PM): Yes
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:51:33 PM): okay i geuss i can do that please no funny stuff
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:51:38 PM): i trust you enough
PhawknRightDoggy (2:51:46 PM): I wont
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:52:05 PM): pw to my email is qwerty
PhawknRightDoggy (2:52:08 PM): and ill check if it works
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:52:13 PM): bobcurly9
PhawknRightDoggy (2:52:14 PM): yahoo name?
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:52:19 PM): bobcurly9
PhawknRightDoggy (2:53:15 PM): kk checking
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:53:20 PM): ok
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:53:30 PM): just tell me if anything happens in my email
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:53:35 PM): like something important
PhawknRightDoggy (2:55:19 PM): Will do
PhawknRightDoggy (2:55:23 PM): ok PW is
PhawknRightDoggy (2:55:35 PM): X5GTDGAGD9
HiGhOnPiE12 (2:55:58 PM): email?
PhawknRightDoggy (2:56:27 PM): [email protected]
PhawknRightDoggy (2:56:34 PM): pw is thanks for account
PhawknRightDoggy signed off at 2:56:42 PM.
PhawknRightDoggy (3:02:11 PM): Hey
PhawknRightDoggy signed on at 3:02:12 PM.
PhawknRightDoggy (3:02:13 PM): Sorry
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:02:17 PM): plz dont do this to me
PhawknRightDoggy (3:02:24 PM): My friend is was messing around when I was in the bathroom
PhawknRightDoggy (3:02:44 PM): Im sorry if he scared you.
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:02:58 PM): Please just give me real acc info i put alot of time into my acc
PhawknRightDoggy (3:03:06 PM): I know, what was the PW for the hunter again
PhawknRightDoggy (3:03:18 PM): And, we will settle this
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:03:51 PM): 8N6HV6PCPM2CYGR

HiGhOnPiE12 (3:03:53 PM): 8N6HV6PCPM2CYGRX

PhawknRightDoggy (3:04:36 PM): Heh, I changed the SQA the email and phone number =) I just called blizz so it's mine now GG scammer
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:04:44 PM): wtf
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:04:47 PM): dude dont
PhawknRightDoggy (3:04:49 PM): I did
PhawknRightDoggy (3:04:50 PM): =)
PhawknRightDoggy (3:04:52 PM): Goodluck
HiGhOnPiE12 (3:04:54 PM): wow


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Can you please name someone i scammed? I have scammed no one maybe my friend has but i have not i have kept a clean rep you guys think i scam people because you've seen posts about me. im not asking you to care about me but rather show you how a scammer can act to be nice and friendly to you just to scam something you put alot of god damn time into. i put about a year and a half into that account spent over 140$ on this account but yet no one will ever give you respect ill probably be leaving the game now since this happened GL to all.