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I've recently been a victim of one of PlayerAuctions SCAMS!

I purchased 7 Pokemon Go Accounts on PlayerAuctions.com. The accounts I received were BANNED accounts. The seller knew this and said they would provide me with replacements and told me to wait. 4+ weeks went by and I still haven't received anything. I asked for a refund several times and the seller ignored me every time. I have proof of EVERY message that was sent back and forth between me and seller.

I then disputed all the orders in question with PlayerAuctions dispute process. WASTE OF TIME! Over 1.5 months of sending them emails back and forth, PlayerAuctions did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They ignored my emails, ignored my refund requests, ignored all the evidence I provided, and released the funds to the seller without resolving my case. Every time I asked for an update, they would respond 2-3 weeks later either asking something stupid like "What are the order numbers in question?" or just telling me they will "Contact seller and respond in a few days". Again weeks would go by and nothing until I send another emails requesting a status. They are however, VERY insistent on demanding a response from you within 48 hours of their email or they case will be closed.

So after seeing no resolutions with the seller and PlayerAuctions, I disputed all transactions in question with PayPal and escalated them to claims, and PlayerAuctions suspended my account (as per their ridiculous T&C). I provided PayPal with all the evidence they needed. I provided screenshots, videos, emails, etc... I filed as items not received AND items not as described as instructed by PayPal. ALL 7 CASES were awarded in the seller's favour. I appealed their decision TWO more times and they were still awarded in their favour! PayPal had said that PlayerAuctions provided them "compelling evidence" that they did in fact send me what I paid for. It seems they have found a way to defraud their customers and PayPal seems to allow it all to happen, even though it clearly states on https://www.paypal.com/ca/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security that BUYERS are protected for intangible and digital products/services and that SELLERS are NOT covered. Meanwhile, PlayerAuctions was awarded every time. For crying out loud, YES they delivered me the account information, but the ACCOUNTS WERE BANNED!!!!!!!

I spent about $350 USD on all of these accounts and I got NOTHING for them!!! I didn't get any functional, working, playable accounts, and I didn't get my money back that I paid for them. I did not get what I paid for and the seller KNEW THAT! They kept telling me to wait for my replacement accounts and never delivered them. WHAT A HUGE SCAM!!!!!! All I got was a bunch of HEADACHES and a THINNER WALLET. This was by far my worst experience ever buying anything online. I feel ripped off and taken advantage of! I will never buy anything digital like this from anyone ever again! Especially from PLAYERAUCTIONS.com - the biggest scam place for digital accounts. How a person can purchase an account, and receive a non-functional accounts, and then not get their money back, is absolutely beyond me! PlayerAuctions just wants you to buy their ridiculous PlayerGuardian protection bullshit just to steal even more money from you. I've read up on so many nightmare cases online of customers complaining about PlayerAuctions stealing from them even after buying their extra protection program.

PlayerAuctions.com STOLE my money and didn't give it back. PlayerAuctions.com ROBBED ME BLIND. PlayerAuctions.com is a SCAM that everyone should avoid like the PLAGUE. PlayerAuctions.com is a FRAUD company that values its sellers more than its customers. I have posted complaints in several online complaint forums and governing body websites, and will continue to do so. The more people I can help avoid doing any sort of business with PlayerAuctions the better. They may have taken $350 from me, but I will make sure that my reviews and complaints will hurt their sales by WAAAAAY more than the $350 they stole from me. They forget that it's the internet and that an accumulation of negative reviews can severely impact your ecommerce business.




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