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Persistant scammers


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I knew he was scamming the second he said what he had to trade, but I went along with it to see how much he'd put up with... evidently he was willing to wait as long as it took, without a doubt the worst scammer ever... best part is when he accuses me of scamming without giving me any info, priceless. After all that waiting, I recalled and logged on, booting him off and making me smile inside.

[22:49] KraZofoYayo: hey
[22:50] I Found Mayo: hi
[22:50] I Found Mayo: can i help ya?
[22:50] KraZofoYayo: i will trade you a 8/8 nightslayer NE rogue on frostwolf alliance with perditions blad e (ragnaros drop) i really want to trade because i hate rogues warriors waste me in 2 hits and i want one very badly
[22:51] KraZofoYayo: i also have Secret question and origanal cd key
[22:51] I Found Mayo: and you want to trade for what?
[22:52] KraZofoYayo:
60 NE warrior on dragon blight

[22:52] I Found Mayo: i can't say I object
[22:52] KraZofoYayo: do you have secret question asnwer?
[22:52] I Found Mayo: ya
[22:53] KraZofoYayo: one thing though
[22:53] I Found Mayo: go ahead
[22:53] KraZofoYayo: ive been scammed several times so i never give info first
[22:54] I Found Mayo: thats fine
[22:54] I Found Mayo: we'll use a MM
[22:54] I Found Mayo: i do all my trades in such a fashion
[22:54] I Found Mayo: as I've been scammed before as well
[22:54] KraZofoYayo:
im not that nieve last person who scamed me was a so-called "middle man"

[22:54] I Found Mayo: and I only use noobian or Magicmaster as they are trustworthy
[22:55] I Found Mayo: would you use noobian as a MM?
[22:55] I Found Mayo: he's a mod, 14 positive comments, no negs
[22:55] KraZofoYayo: i dont trust anyone this is one of the most amazing characters and i dont know of this noobian and magic master you speak of
[22:55] I Found Mayo: his markee name is noobian12
[22:55] I Found Mayo: he is a mod on the forums
[22:55] I Found Mayo: very trustworthy
[22:56] I Found Mayo: i've used him a number of times, and never been scammed once in those trades
[22:56] KraZofoYayo: how would you like it if you never met this guy and you have one of the best characters on the server would you let him log on yhour own account?
[22:56] I Found Mayo: i didn't the first time i tried it
[22:57] I Found Mayo: its nerve racking
[22:57] KraZofoYayo: exactly why im scared
[22:57] I Found Mayo: look, i normally have no problem letting people log on my accounts
[22:57] I Found Mayo: but i kinda feel alkward
[22:57] I Found Mayo: since ur rogue is so well equipped
[22:58] I Found Mayo: it sounds... fishy is all
[22:58] I Found Mayo: would you mind letting me see him in-game?
[22:58] KraZofoYayo: im new to this and your not so you should be going first i feel very noob camparing myself to people with experiance
[22:58] KraZofoYayo: hes not paid to play
[22:59] I Found Mayo: its fine, I'm probably one of the more trustworthy people on Markee nowadays
[22:59] I Found Mayo: hmm
[22:59] I Found Mayo: then why are you so iffy about letting me on him?
[22:59] I Found Mayo: if i can't play
[22:59] I Found Mayo: i can't harm your characters
[23:00] I Found Mayo: i'll simply log on the forums, assure a 60 rogue does exist, and give you my info
[23:00] KraZofoYayo:
ok hes paid to play i just hoped that by saying he isnt you would stop asking to log on my account... i dont think you would apriciate someone so eeger to log on your account that you dont even know them

[23:00] I Found Mayo: lol
[23:00] I Found Mayo: well then, can we meet in-game?
[23:01] I Found Mayo: i'll then let you meet my warrior, or you can view my warrior first
[23:01] I Found Mayo: either way I'm perfectly fine with it
[23:01] KraZofoYayo: i feel more comfortable just not meeting in game
[23:01] I Found Mayo: well then, i have no way of knowing that said rogue exists
[23:03] KraZofoYayo: ill make a forum post...
[23:03] KraZofoYayo: i likme that idea
[23:03] I Found Mayo: can you send me screenshots?
[23:03] I Found Mayo: or post screenshots
[23:03] KraZofoYayo: whats a screen shot?
[23:04] I Found Mayo: in game you press "Prt Scrn" and it captures the image on the screen and saves it
[23:04] KraZofoYayo: oh.
[23:05] I Found Mayo: it is then saved in a folder called C:/Program Files/World Of Warcraft/Screenshots
[23:06] I Found Mayo: you must sense my apprehensiveness about this since I've no way to confirm that this rogue is real
[23:06] KraZofoYayo: this is getting way to confusing man.... i know i sound retarded to you but can we keep this simple and comfortable ill post a forum youf can see my name level and guild... my guild does bwl by the way
[23:07] I Found Mayo: how about this
[23:07] I Found Mayo: i'll just give you my info
[23:07] I Found Mayo: and you give me yours afterward
[23:07] I Found Mayo: simple enough?
[23:07] KraZofoYayo: sound fair
[23:07] I Found Mayo: i'll give you my account name, then you give me yours
[23:07] I Found Mayo: then i'll give you the pass
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: ill have to check to makesure yours is real.. before i give you mine
[23:08] I Found Mayo: and you give me yours
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: ok
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: fair
[23:08] I Found Mayo: account name: big diz
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: thanks for making this easy for me its very hard for me to do this
[23:08] I Found Mayo: np
[23:08] I Found Mayo: your account name?
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: bonzo
[23:08] KraZofoYayo: wait
[23:09] KraZofoYayo: dont tell me your pass yet
[23:09] I Found Mayo: k
[23:09] KraZofoYayo: brb like 5 minutes tops
[23:09] I Found Mayo: k
[23:10] KraZofoYayo: im going to change my pass because its my street adress.. lol
[23:10] I Found Mayo: lol np
[23:11] KraZofoYayo: but it will soon be ifoundmayo1
[23:11] KraZofoYayo: the sites a little slow
[23:12] I Found Mayo: its really slow
[23:12] KraZofoYayo: yeah
[23:14] KraZofoYayo: any minute now
[23:14] KraZofoYayo: lol
[23:14] I Found Mayo: for real
[23:14] I Found Mayo: lol
[23:14] KraZofoYayo: lol
[23:14] KraZofoYayo: thanks for being cooperative most people wouldnt understand that its my first time
[23:15] I Found Mayo: hey man, its no big deal
[23:15] KraZofoYayo: oh no.... the world of warcraft website says "this service is currently unavailable due to maintnance problems"
[23:16] I Found Mayo: *sigh*
[23:16] KraZofoYayo: do you think you can wait until site is up and running?
[23:16] I Found Mayo: blizzard, i swear
[23:16] I Found Mayo: yeah, no problem
[23:16] KraZofoYayo: they dont even know what they are doing
[23:16] KraZofoYayo: did you say you have secret question answer or CD keyu
[23:17] I Found Mayo: SQA
[23:17] KraZofoYayo: you have the SQA
[23:17] KraZofoYayo: ?
[23:17] I Found Mayo: yeah
[23:17] KraZofoYayo: can i get that ? id feel secure knowing i can take accoutn back if pass is changed
[23:17] I Found Mayo: yeah, as long as you supply me with the SQA as well
[23:18] KraZofoYayo: i will give you SQA and origanal CD key
[23:18] I Found Mayo: oh, cool
[23:18] KraZofoYayo: im glad we are both legit
[23:19] I Found Mayo: i've done a few trades so far, but it's uncomfortable each time
[23:19] I Found Mayo: you get this notion that the other person is a scammer
[23:19] KraZofoYayo: yeah... like even with you im starting to trust you now that you will give info first... but before that i was kinda scared
[23:19] I Found Mayo: its cool
[23:20] I Found Mayo: actually, i have a hunter account that i normally play (my main) and I let some guy from markee play that... we've spoken a bunch on Ventrilo so i know he's 100% legit
[23:21] KraZofoYayo: sweet
[23:21] I Found Mayo: i'm a real nice guy most of the time, but I don't like it when people mess with my accounts... that annoys me
[23:21] KraZofoYayo: hopefully site will be up within minutes..
[23:21] I Found Mayo: i should hope so
[23:22] KraZofoYayo: brb
[23:22] I Found Mayo: k
[23:22] KraZofoYayo: just a seconds
[23:28] KraZofoYayo: hey
[23:28] KraZofoYayo: sorry dude every time my dad comes out i have to pretend im not on aim.. he dosnt like it when i am
[23:29] I Found Mayo: lol
[23:29] I Found Mayo: np
[23:29] I Found Mayo: the site has taken a major crap
[23:30] KraZofoYayo: yeah
[23:30] KraZofoYayo: anytime now lol
[23:39] KraZofoYayo: you still there?
[23:39] I Found Mayo: ya
[23:40] KraZofoYayo: how much longer can you stay on/
[23:40] KraZofoYayo: i can be here all night if i have to
[23:40] I Found Mayo: lol
[23:40] I Found Mayo: well i have school at 9 AM
[23:40] I Found Mayo: so i can be here til like 1
[23:41] KraZofoYayo: soudns fair
[23:41] KraZofoYayo: blizzard has to get there act together
[23:42] I Found Mayo: ya
[23:42] I Found Mayo: i know
[23:42] I Found Mayo: can u log on ur account?
[23:42] KraZofoYayo: no world of warcraft is stuck at authenticating for like 2 hours
[23:43] I Found Mayo: i got on my hunter real fast
[23:43] KraZofoYayo: lucky
[23:51] I Found Mayo: hey, imma hop in the shower
[23:51] I Found Mayo: cool?
[23:51] KraZofoYayo: hurry i dont want you leaving lol
[23:51] I Found Mayo: lol
[00:07] I Found Mayo: back
[00:08] KraZofoYayo: yay
[00:10] I Found Mayo: know what i just found out?
[00:10] KraZofoYayo: what
[00:11] I Found Mayo: you're registered on markee for 3 months now
[00:11] I Found Mayo: and you've seem to have traded a few accounts
[00:11] KraZofoYayo: thats not me...
[00:11] KraZofoYayo: my friend and me share screennames
[00:12] KraZofoYayo: trust me i have gotten crap from his actions in the past
[00:12] *** "KraZofoYayo" signed on at Wed Jan 25 00:12:37 2006.
[00:13] KraZofoYayo:
he introduced me to markee yesterday when i told him about trading my account

[00:13] I Found Mayo: i see
[00:15] KraZofoYayo: world of warcraft is up!!!
[00:15] I Found Mayo: the game?
[00:15] KraZofoYayo: the website!
[00:16] I Found Mayo: yay
[00:16] KraZofoYayo: pl
[00:16] KraZofoYayo: ok
[00:16] KraZofoYayo: lets do this
[00:16] I Found Mayo: of course nothing else works tho
[00:17] KraZofoYayo: what do you mean?
[00:17] I Found Mayo: i'm trying to get to the account management page
[00:17] KraZofoYayo: oh
[00:17] I Found Mayo: change the pass to my standard trading pass
[00:17] KraZofoYayo: thats what im going to do
[00:19] KraZofoYayo: tell me when your ready to dot his
[00:19] I Found Mayo: i can't get to the account management page
[00:19] I Found Mayo: which = bad
[00:20] KraZofoYayo: this is taking soooo long
[00:20] I Found Mayo: i know
[00:25] I Found Mayo: no dice
[00:25] I Found Mayo: i can't get into it
[00:29] I Found Mayo: were you able to get in?
[00:32] KraZofoYayo: yeah
[00:32] KraZofoYayo: im at accoutn managment
[00:33] KraZofoYayo: whats your name and pass and secret word?
[00:34] I Found Mayo: i will give sqa after you give me account name and pass
[00:34] KraZofoYayo: but im giving you SQ and origanal CD key
[00:34] I Found Mayo: i know
[00:34] I Found Mayo: i want to make sure the account is real
[00:35] I Found Mayo: then i'll give you sqa
[00:35] I Found Mayo: then you give me sqa
[00:36] I Found Mayo: ok,
[00:36] I Found Mayo: account = ********
[00:36] I Found Mayo: pass = ********
[00:36] I Found Mayo: yours?
[00:37] KraZofoYayo: bonzo is account name
[00:37] KraZofoYayo: sec
[00:37] KraZofoYayo: checking if you accoutn works
[00:37] KraZofoYayo: its a bit slow
[00:37] I Found Mayo: k
[00:38] I Found Mayo: ...
[00:39] I Found Mayo: pass plz
[00:39] KraZofoYayo: didnt work,..
[00:39] KraZofoYayo: are you scamming me?
[00:39] I Found Mayo: try it again
[00:40] I Found Mayo: ***********
[00:40] I Found Mayo: i just logged on, not 2 minutes ago
[00:40] KraZofoYayo: im kinda worried man
[00:40] KraZofoYayo: ill try again
[00:40] I Found Mayo: make sure you spell it right
[00:40] I Found Mayo: i'm not looking to get scammed
[00:41] I Found Mayo: cuz that is my real info
[00:41] I Found Mayo: want me to try and log on?
[00:41] KraZofoYayo: i just copy and pasted it... ill try again
[00:41] KraZofoYayo: its loading
[00:43] I Found Mayo: ...
[00:43] KraZofoYayo: site is laggin
[00:43] I Found Mayo: just log on WoW
[00:43] I Found Mayo: not the site
[00:43] I Found Mayo: no need to change the pass just yet
[00:45] KraZofoYayo: wow is laggin too
[00:45] KraZofoYayo: this is such [censored]!
[00:45] KraZofoYayo: wont let you log on to manage account
[00:45] I Found Mayo: can u just give me ur pass.. i promise I won't change anything, if I do, you can have my whole account
[00:45] I Found Mayo: i just wanna verify the rogue
[00:46] I Found Mayo: plus u know ur SQA, so you can recall anyway
[00:46] I Found Mayo: but I swear to my rep on Markee I won't change a thing
[00:46] KraZofoYayo: dude
[00:47] KraZofoYayo: listen... you say your accounts legit.... but manage account wont let me log onto it and wow wont even log onto it...
[00:47] KraZofoYayo: im scared
[00:47] I Found Mayo: clear your cache
[00:48] I Found Mayo: that always improved performance
[00:48] KraZofoYayo: what does that mean?
[00:48] I Found Mayo: you go to options and you can hit a button that says "clear cache"
[00:48] I Found Mayo: basically it gets rid up unneeded internet files
[00:51] I Found Mayo: any improvement?
[00:51] KraZofoYayo: wheres the options button?
[00:51] I Found Mayo: in tools up top
[00:51] I Found Mayo: i think
[00:52] KraZofoYayo: man you know what im so confused i dont even know if i trust you anymore
[00:52] KraZofoYayo: this is all so risky
[00:52] I Found Mayo: look, i gave you all the right info
[00:52] KraZofoYayo: but you wont give me SQ?
[00:53] I Found Mayo: sure i will
[00:53] KraZofoYayo: your withholding information
[00:53] I Found Mayo: after i know ur account is legit
[00:54] I Found Mayo: giving you the SQA without even knowing if the rogue exists would be like giving a dealership 25 grand for a car and hoping it's the one you want
[00:54] I Found Mayo: before I sign off the deal, i need to see the final product
[00:55] I Found Mayo: i've given you private info, and so far I've got none of your info
[00:55] KraZofoYayo:
listen man im really worried about you loggin in ingame i dont mind if you look at accoutn managment... if you get on my guy you can delete [censored] and mess aroudn and i really dont want that
[00:55] I Found Mayo: I'm not that kind of person
[00:55] I Found Mayo: happened with a rogue i had before
[00:56] I Found Mayo: I've been scammed 3 times, but I've never scammed anyone
[00:56] I Found Mayo: its not in my heart
[00:56] I Found Mayo: i'd feel too bad about it
[00:56] KraZofoYayo:
look... ill let you log in on account managment ill even make a forum post saying whatever you want... i just dont want you logging ingmae
[00:57] I Found Mayo: i wont
[00:58] I Found Mayo: you get on yet?
[00:58] KraZofoYayo:
no still wont work but im going ot trust you...
[00:59] KraZofoYayo:
ok listen.. you promise you wont log ingame? my friend has me on his friends list and he can see and tell me if youi do
[00:59] I Found Mayo: i promise
[00:59] KraZofoYayo:
ok my pass is still set to my street adreesss and stupid wow wont let me go to manage account
[01:03] KraZofoYayo:
once blizzard alows me on there website this will all be easier
[01:03] I Found Mayo: well that wasn't the pass i wanted to give you either
[01:03] KraZofoYayo:
well if i give you my street adress...... i would basically be asking for it
[01:07] KraZofoYayo:
dude i would feel much safer if you gave me secret question..
[01:11] KraZofoYayo:
what do you say?
[01:11] KraZofoYayo:

[01:12] I Found Mayo: ...
[01:12] KraZofoYayo: im sorry man im like shaking in real life..
[01:16] KraZofoYayo: why isnt wow or manage account working
[01:16] I Found Mayo: idk
[01:17] I Found Mayo: ask blizz
[01:17] I Found Mayo: it's their site
[01:17] KraZofoYayo: its making this 10 times harder
[01:20] I Found Mayo: idk... lets just postpone this til tomorrow
[01:20] I Found Mayo: i need to get to bed
[01:20] KraZofoYayo: ok man sounds fair
Session Close (KraZofoYayo): Wed Jan 25 01:28:05 2006

Session Start (I Found Mayo:KraZofoYayo): Wed Jan 25 01:51:31 2006
[01:51] KraZofoYayo: hey
[01:51] I Found Mayo: yo
[01:53] I Found Mayo: wut u need?
[01:53] KraZofoYayo: i just was checking ifyou were on
[01:53] I Found Mayo: well im about to go to bed
[01:53] I Found Mayo: you get it working?
[01:54] KraZofoYayo: no
[01:54] I Found Mayo: works fine for me
[01:54] KraZofoYayo: i got on your accoutn... but wouldnt let me see your character
[01:54] I Found Mayo: did u go to dragonblight realm?
[01:55] I Found Mayo: well now that u know my account works, can i see if urs does?
[01:55] I Found Mayo: no exchange of SQA yet tho
[01:55] KraZofoYayo: ok
[01:55] I Found Mayo: cool
[01:56] I Found Mayo: i got ur account name... what's the pass?
[01:56] KraZofoYayo: i forgot it
[01:56] KraZofoYayo: can i have you secret word thou gh?
[01:57] I Found Mayo: no
[01:57] KraZofoYayo: well thanks for the acount
[01:57] I Found Mayo: u can't have it til i get on ur account
[01:57] KraZofoYayo: peace NIGA
[01:57] *** "KraZofoYayo" signed off at Wed Jan 25 01:57:38 2006.
Session Close (KraZofoYayo): Wed Jan 25 01:58:52 2006

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omg dude the exact same person msged me and said the EXACT same stuff he said to you. i knew he was scamming so i told him i didnt have sa and i made him give me his phone number and i called him. i talked to him hes fuc*in 15 lol and i still have his number if u wanna f*ck with him. i traded to him. i give him info hes like ok im restarting comp. he restarts or just blocks me. i add him with another sn and hes offline so then im guessing he logged off. i recall my account and nothing was done to char. WORST SCAMMER EVER. yo msg me on aim if u need the number. aim: nonstoptrader