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Paypal Scammed


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Leone Clark
[email protected]

This guy disputed over 91 bux of legitly traded gamecards and wow key. Do not accept trade/money from this guy. I fell for it, my fault, Didnt check for address and such.

He obviously saw my add on this site.
Oh well, live and learn I guess
I'm replying to paypal, hopefully I get my rightful money back, I doubt it tho.


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
New Events. I emailed this buyer...and it may just be Paypal's fault.
G’day again Nick,

We think you transaction will be ok

But somehow the charge has come against our account in error.

And no, we did not make the purchase.

We have had a similar occurrence a month or so ago and Pay Pal reversed the charge.

We guess they diverted the charges to the correct account.

Meanwhile our account is at zero balance and the charge has come against our credit card !

And not just for yours but also another for some $1154.05 !!

We believe there is a serious problem with PayPal and we are indeed concerned.

Best wishes.

Paul Jones.

[/ QUOTE ]

I will post if the money gets returned to my account.