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Paying MILS for these items!


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Buying Ring and Bracs with 10+hci dci and 20+ DI on same peice!!

Rings and Bracs with 10+hci and 20+di with stat bonuses LMC ect..

Regular BOWS! must have mana leech and ssi
Barbed Kits

Gorget with 20+ poison with 2 of either mana reg 2 with mana inc 6+ stam inc 6+ LMC med or non med

Legs with 17+phy 17+fire resists must have 2 of the following mods above! once again med or non

Merrit time reading glasses! i think those are the ones with the 150 luck sunglasses

High taming and 90+ luck rings and brac!

Gorget with 5lmc mana reg 2 5 5 15 5 15 med or non med

Paying MILS!!