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PAwebster9 is a scammer


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PAwebster9: He
PAwebster9: Hey*
PAwebster9: Still trading your acct
SomeGuy145: hey
SomeGuy145: yea
PAwebster9: What was it you have again
SomeGuy145: priest,rogue,hunter
PAwebster9: Oh yea
PAwebster9: you interested in a warrior
SomeGuy145: yes
PAwebster9: Nice
PAwebster9: Those all on the same acct?
PAwebster9: ?
SomeGuy145: yea
PAwebster9: cool
PAwebster9: Is a full T1,2/8T2 warrior sound fair to you?
SomeGuy145: sounds pretty sweet
PAwebster9: Awesome
SomeGuy145: what race?
PAwebster9: Human
SomeGuy145: can i see ingame?

(at this point its obvious hes BS' ing you)

PAwebster9: He ran out of time last night apparently
SomeGuy145: =/
PAwebster9: yea :-\
SomeGuy145: cant trade unless i see ingame
PAwebster9: Ill put 15$ for a month on him if we trade
PAwebster9: I could get a pic of him
SomeGuy145: whats you post?
PAwebster9: my post?
SomeGuy145: on markee
PAwebster9: i dont have post..
SomeGuy145: oh
SomeGuy145: do you have an account name?
PAwebster9: Yes
PAwebster9: Tradewithyou
SomeGuy145: ok
SomeGuy145: whats the pic?
SomeGuy145: do you have a pic?
Previous message was not received by PAwebster9 because of error: User PAwebster9 is not available.

morale of the stroy is to, Always see ingame and search their IM... that fool just got REJECTED!