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paurohsu/terminator -IS A SCAMMER-!


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Here is the chat transcript from AIM.

His account here is Paurohsu and terminator (Same IP)

paurohsu: hey suo

paurohsu: sup

paurohsu: u there?

Pickyen: Greetings.

Pickyen: Who is this?

paurohsu: saw ur thread

Pickyen: Ah, I see.

paurohsu: looking for a 60 shaman horde on Anetheron

paurohsu: ?

Pickyen: Yes I am!

Pickyen: =)

paurohsu: one m,oment

Pickyen: Alright. But I am also wanting one that is stripped as I stated in the post...

Pickyen: I don't want to pay for epics as I would like to earn them myself.

paurohsu: nah its okay i won't count the items

paurohsu: hes not that uber items

paurohsu: k?

Pickyen: Sure.

Pickyen: I also do have items I can trade aswell if you are interested.

Pickyen: Lineage 2 account, Auto Assault account, EQ2 account, etc... =)

paurohsu: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?1450182

paurohsu: well i only wanne sell this

paurohsu: but ya my shaman has mostlyu blues

paurohsu: which are easy to get

paurohsu: so

Pickyen: Hmph.

Pickyen: What does he/she look like?

Pickyen: And what is the race.

paurohsu: a shaman?

paurohsu: trauran

paurohsu: woops bad spelling there

Pickyen: Male or Female?

paurohsu: male

paurohsu: with gears on

Pickyen: What price are you looking for?

paurohsu: he looks like a robotg

paurohsu: i am just kidding lol

Pickyen: hehe

paurohsu: brb in 1 min

Pickyen: Alright. Please do tell me if you want to trade, I have a ton of Accounts and keys that I no longer use =)

paurohsu: k bak

paurohsu: only sell.

Pickyen: Alright.

paurohsu: so gimme a range

Pickyen: hmm...

paurohsu: i got all the totems too

Pickyen: $100.00

paurohsu: sounds a good price

Pickyen: I know a good price =)

paurohsu: nice

Pickyen: But first I would like to make sure I don't get scammed.

paurohsu: true.

Pickyen: What do you have to show for your credentials perse.

Pickyen: Since I am the one sending the money to you =)

paurohsu: hm well i dun have any time on him, i havn;t played him.

paurohsu: but paypsl safe and secure so i am not getting scammed nor will u.

Pickyen: I just want to make sure the account after purchased isn't reclaimed.

paurohsu: lol i am igving SQ/SA cd key

paurohsu: so don't worry.

paurohsu: u can even test it out

Pickyen: Oh, I see.

Pickyen: Well then.

paurohsu: rite when i give it to u

Pickyen: One more question.

paurohsu: sure

Pickyen: Does the account have any time on it?

paurohsu: no thats what i just said if u scroll up

paurohsu: =p

Pickyen: Oh, my apologies then.

paurohsu: or i wud go on him

paurohsu: and show it to u

Pickyen: I thought there was time on him.

paurohsu: [07:53] paurohsu: hm well i dun have any time on him, i havn;t played him.

paurohsu: silly =p

Pickyen: No, I ment I just assumed there was =)

paurohsu: oh k

paurohsu: is that a problem?

Pickyen: Would you be interested in putting one months on the account?

paurohsu: hm

Pickyen: I just purchased a Gametime card for $30.00 and another will get expensive.

Pickyen: I just used it =(

paurohsu: i will give u a game 60 day game card i have when u buy it, one sec

paurohsu: let me make sure

paurohsu: i sitll have it.

Pickyen: Alright, wonderful deal.

paurohsu: one sec checking my note book heh

Pickyen: Alright.

paurohsu: k ya i still have it

paurohsu: can u raise the price like 10-15 to cover the GC?

Pickyen: Yes.

paurohsu: k so 10

Pickyen: $110.00

paurohsu: 110

paurohsu: ya

Pickyen: =)

paurohsu: heh

paurohsu: i just said it lol

Pickyen: hehe

paurohsu: 110 usd rite?

Pickyen: So, are you Trustwho secured?

Pickyen: Yes.

paurohsu: no =o whats that, but my paypal has my bame and my address on it

paurohsu: u see it when u send me $

Pickyen: Do you live in America?

paurohsu: name*

paurohsu: no austrilia why

Pickyen: Ah, I see.

paurohsu: is there a problem with that =o

paurohsu: its just where i live, can't help it

Pickyen: No, not at all.

Pickyen: =)

paurohsu: kk

paurohsu: lol

Pickyen: I keep forgetting I'm getting the keys.

paurohsu: heh

Pickyen: So I get paranoid about getting ripped off *laughs*

paurohsu: i understand how u feel, been like that before.

paurohsu: i have US currency opened so u dun need to convert.

Pickyen: Alright, so let's get this done =)

Pickyen: Alright.

paurohsu: since most ppl in markee are from america.

Pickyen: You send me the invoice.

paurohsu: kk

paurohsu: email?

Pickyen: *************@charter.net

paurohsu: one moment

Pickyen: Yes sir.

paurohsu: done i included every detail

Pickyen: Great.

paurohsu: u see it?

Pickyen: Paid.

paurohsu: k let me check

Pickyen: What are the Keys?

paurohsu: one sec

paurohsu: getting acc/pass fist

paurohsu: sry about that

paurohsu: k bak

paurohsu: password u want to be on the acc?

Pickyen: test3

paurohsu: longer

paurohsu: lol

Pickyen: test123456

paurohsu: k good lol

Pickyen: =)

Pickyen: Account name?

Pickyen: Account name?


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Re: I got scammed =(

He came back online. Didn't reply, but I said:

[10:22] MPSBoudreaux: Umm...
[10:22] MPSBoudreaux: Why did you log off?
[10:22] MPSBoudreaux: And not give me my info?
[10:22] MPSBoudreaux: That I paid for. Since you tried to scam me I froze the money.
[10:23] MPSBoudreaux: The money is frozen in paypal and will be cancelled soon/
[10:23] MPSBoudreaux: I have reported your fradulant activites to markeedragon and paypal.

I really hope someone has some good ideas, I immediately filed a claim with Paypal to freeze the transaction.

It's been a few hours and nothing...


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Re: I got scammed =(

He just came back online... What a idiot...

[10:36] paurohsu: no i am not it was probably some one else.
[10:36] paurohsu: thats not me
[10:36] paurohsu: my acc was hacked
[10:36] Pickyen: Don't lie.
[10:36] paurohsu: about wat
[10:37] Pickyen: I have reported you for fradulent activities to Paypal and the IC3
[10:37] Pickyen: Paypal will remove the funds plus billing to move it from your bank account.
[10:37] Pickyen: Back to there own. The money was never transferred from my account as I froze it.
[10:37] Pickyen: Ahura baorii ([email protected]) would like to be paid through PayPal.
[10:38] paurohsu: thast not my paypal
[10:38] Pickyen: You type exactley like him.
[10:38] paurohsu: my names not ahura boarii [censored]
[10:38] paurohsu: thats not even a real name
[10:38] Pickyen: What's your real name than?
[10:39] paurohsu: john garret
[10:39] Pickyen: Where do you live john?
[10:39] paurohsu: why?
[10:39] paurohsu: USA
[10:39] paurohsu: ..
[10:39] Pickyen: How old are you?
[10:39] paurohsu: 29
[10:39] paurohsu: ..
[10:39] Pickyen: Where do you live in USA?
[10:39] Pickyen: **the USA.
[10:39] paurohsu: california
[10:39] Pickyen: What's your phone number?
[10:39] paurohsu: umm
[10:40] Pickyen: I need to straighten this out right now.
[10:40] paurohsu: i dun think i can give u that.
[10:40] paurohsu: my privacy.
[10:40] Pickyen: If it wasn't you, you will give me your number.
[10:40] paurohsu: i dun evenj know u
[10:40] Pickyen: You are 29 years old.
[10:40] paurohsu: ah its not, and i am not giving u my #??
[10:40] Pickyen: Yes you do. You scammed me at 8:05AM EST this morning.
[10:40] paurohsu: w/e dude
[10:40] Pickyen: Your IP was also recorded.
[10:40] paurohsu: u can do what ever u want i didn't scam u
[10:40] paurohsu: so i dun care?
[10:41] paurohsu: this morning i was at work now i am in college
[10:41] Pickyen: This is my last warning. Give me contact information asap or I will have to forward this for investigation.
[10:41] paurohsu: and i just got on..
[10:41] Pickyen: It is.
[10:41] Pickyen: Same Screen name.
[10:41] Pickyen: Everything.
[10:41] paurohsu: u can forward this to who ever u want lol
[10:42] paurohsu: i dun give a ****.
[10:42] Pickyen: You type exactley the same as you did earlier.
[10:42] paurohsu: forward it to presidnt bush i didn't do anything so it really dun matter to me.
[10:42] paurohsu: anyways my class is coming up i ***
[10:42] Pickyen: Why don't you just cut the **** and tell the truth?
[10:42] Pickyen: It dosen't matter now...
[10:42] paurohsu: i dun even play the game ur talking about
[10:43] Pickyen: I don't care.
[10:43] paurohsu: i know it doesn't lol
[10:43] paurohsu: so
[10:43] paurohsu: u can do what ever u want
[10:43] Pickyen: You still scammed me for it.
[10:43] paurohsu: ***
[10:43] Pickyen: Oh well, I filed a claim regardless.
[10:43] Pickyen: It dosen't matter. The money is frozen and if you want to see it, you need to send me the account =)
[10:43] Pickyen: I'm MPSBoudreaux by the way.