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Owned8744 - why even bother.

genecydex -banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Owned8744 (11:27:11 AM): heya
GenecydeX (11:27:17 AM): hey
GenecydeX (11:27:56 AM): did u want something?
Owned8744 (11:28:04 AM): Trade
Owned8744 (11:28:08 AM): IU have a full t1 rogue
Owned8744 (11:28:11 AM): And 6/7 t2
Owned8744 (11:28:14 AM): me want a paly
GenecydeX (11:28:20 AM): ok
Owned8744 (11:28:27 AM): Ok
Owned8744 (11:28:30 AM): hes frozen
Owned8744 (11:28:32 AM): but he pwnz
Owned8744 (11:28:33 AM): xD

Owned8744 (11:28:39 AM): ANd Iam looking to trade sqa's also
GenecydeX (11:28:46 AM): do you expect me to believe you?
Owned8744 (11:28:52 AM): ?
GenecydeX (11:29:10 AM): do u have any proof this rogue exists?
Owned8744 (11:29:31 AM): CTProfile..
GenecydeX (11:30:06 AM): next time, make yourself a little more believable, and work on your grammar. Thank you for your time.
Owned8744 signed off at 11:30:20 AM.

I lol'd