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Selling (Original Owner) WoW:BFA account since 2010 + D3 + OW

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Hello there!
Blizzard titles are essentially what I grew up with so this account has a massive amount of materialistic as well as sentimental value invested - passion, time and of course actual money (way above the selling price).
This account is mainly for those who collect certain things that aren't obtainable anymore -- details on that below.

Note: there're no records of suspicious activity or suspensions - all clean and ready to roll.
To keep this extra secure, most numbers are in averages, so it's much harder to track the account. If you must know the exact number of something - simply ask.
* = no longer obtainable

# WoW

Account since Cataclysm(2010) wit ~30 *feats of strength.

Characters (mostly alliance):
120: pally
110: horde DH, DK, druid, shaman, hunter, monk
100: priest, warlock, 2x 100 rogues (ally/horde)
19 twinks: priest, druid, lock, hunter
(Gear is easily obtainable nowadays and doesn't even matter if you play PvP - it has next to no value in this scope, hence not even mentioning it)

+110 boost unused
~300k gold + millions of gold worth of items stored (more info below)

~210 mounts
Notable mounts
: *Warlord's Deathwheel, *Undercity Plaguebat, *Tyrael's Charger, *Violet Spellwing, *Heart of the Nightwing, *Core Hound (10th anniversary), Corrupted Fire Hawk, Water Strider, Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Trained Icehoof, rare Cloud Serpents (Astral, Heavenly Golden, Thundering Onyx), 1000+ attempts at Sha of Anger for Heavenly Onyx - maybe you'll be the lucky one to finally own it?
Shaman class mount - Farseer's Raging Tempest (rub it in other classes faces, profit).

Transmogs: *Replica Lion's Fang, *Replica Lion's Heart, *Replica Blood Guard's Cleaver, *Replica Staff of Gul'dan, *Crown of Destruction and more.

*Mage tower challenge appearances: DH(all), DK(frost/unholy), druid(GUARDIAN - special snowflake, feral, balance), paly(ret), shaman(enhance,elemental), monk(windwalker)

A massive amount of valuable items stored:
Personal guild and character banks full of crafting materials, various consumables, cosmetic/rep/quest items, etc.
~40 *Pocket Fel Spreaders and ~20 *Fel Bats, already worth millions of gold on the Auction and rising

Nearly all the heirlooms
~65 honor level
~40 titles
10k+ achievement points
(never cared about those)
~125 pets (not a fan of pet battles, but Frigid Frostling is "cool" company)
~150 toys (lots of ridiculous transformations and effects among my favorites: Gamon's Braid/Fire-Watcher's Oath/Kalytha's Haunted Locket + Vrykul Drinking Horn - just stand on that mailbox/NPC and watch everyone lose their minds)

# Diablo 3 + ROS + Rise of the Necromancer:

Classes at 70: 2x Demon Hunter (best gear, nearly BIS maxed out, ready for 100+ solo GR), 2x Wizard, Monk, Necromancer
Notable wings: *Wings of Valor (preorder), *Fiacla Gear Wings (s12), *Wings of Lempo (s16), Wings of the Crypt Guardian, *Galactic (s17)
Notable pets: The Mimic, Butcher, Overseer Lady Josephine, Royal Calf, Half-Formed Golem, *Dominions Revenge (20th starcraft anniversary), Charlotte, *Old Growth (s17)
Notable portraits: Classic Demon (old Tristram event), *seasonal.
Notable pennants: *Season 3 ("Third time is the charm.")
~1000 paragon level
~30 billion gold
~5k achievements

# Overwatch:

~400 level
~5k of currency
~70% of all skins acquired
Ranked not touched EVER - play fresh
, build your own rating

Price: 1777$

I consider Bitcoin the safest trade option, but if you prefer Middleman, let me know.

There's way too much to mention here so feel free to contact me about any of it!
I'd also prefer to know the one willing to buy this account first.
PM or discord: !)eiwulf#5859

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