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OnlyFiction, Total scammer


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MitchAtLaw (10:24:31 AM): hey
MitchAtLaw (10:24:32 AM): Sup?
JapakiRebel (10:24:34 AM): heya
MitchAtLaw (10:24:44 AM): I got a offer for you
JapakiRebel (10:24:47 AM): lol]
MitchAtLaw (10:25:22 AM): I'll trade you the druid back for 1 (60day) gamecard and 500g on Eitrigg alliance
JapakiRebel (10:25:56 AM): Wait huh?
MitchAtLaw (10:26:16 AM): The druid you traded me
JapakiRebel (10:26:28 AM): You want to give me, that + a game card and 500g?
MitchAtLaw (10:26:41 AM): nooo
MitchAtLaw (10:26:57 AM): I'll give you the druid...and you get me a Gamecard and 500g?
JapakiRebel (10:27:17 AM): lol, hmmm...
JapakiRebel (10:27:31 AM): I'll think about it for sure, because I need to scrounge the funds
MitchAtLaw (10:27:36 AM): I got my old account back...But it has no time lol
JapakiRebel (10:27:51 AM): lol
JapakiRebel (10:27:59 AM): Sell it on ebay
MitchAtLaw (10:28:06 AM): I dont wanna waste time with that
MitchAtLaw (10:29:02 AM): Pls...lol
JapakiRebel (10:29:58 AM): lol xD
MitchAtLaw (10:46:29 AM): Sooo...PLS PLS...Ok...How bout just 1 Gamecard?
MitchAtLaw (10:46:33 AM): And 200g
JapakiRebel (10:46:54 AM): d000d I dont have the money yet xD
MitchAtLaw (10:47:14 AM): Wahh...Can you see if I can get the Negitive taken off?
JapakiRebel (10:47:28 AM): Yea, I'll talk to noobian
MitchAtLaw (10:47:33 AM): Cool
MitchAtLaw (10:55:24 AM): you know anywhere online to buy game cards not using Paypal?
JapakiRebel (10:55:50 AM): Not really
JapakiRebel (10:55:52 AM): go to walmart ;p
MitchAtLaw (10:55:56 AM): lmao...no
MitchAtLaw (11:13:03 AM): You dont have long to think about it lol...Im going to trade it to a guy for 1 gamecard and 500g
MitchAtLaw went away at 11:25:29 AM.
JapakiRebel (12:13:08 PM): Mitch
JapakiRebel (12:13:19 PM): MItch answer me

Auto Response from MitchAtLaw (12:13:28 PM): I am not available because I am playing a computer game that takes up the whole screen.

MitchAtLaw returned at 12:14:38 PM.
MitchAtLaw (12:14:40 PM): HEy
JapakiRebel (12:14:46 PM): Dude
JapakiRebel (12:14:48 PM): Whats going on
JapakiRebel (12:14:50 PM): Why did you recall
MitchAtLaw (12:14:53 PM): sup?
MitchAtLaw (12:15:03 PM): recall wat?
JapakiRebel (12:15:10 PM): The [censored] warlock
MitchAtLaw (12:15:20 PM): I didnt....Let me see with Owner
MitchAtLaw (12:16:19 PM): Can you Search for the origanal Post about the lock...The first one?
JapakiRebel (12:16:26 PM): ..
JapakiRebel (12:17:19 PM): dude I want my account back
MitchAtLaw (12:17:29 PM): Im working on it...Man i didnt recall
JapakiRebel (12:19:55 PM): well?
MitchAtLaw (12:20:09 PM): Im looking for his post...Gimme a min
MitchAtLaw (12:23:10 PM): What server was it and ill get on and whisper him
JapakiRebel (12:23:22 PM): wtf?
JapakiRebel (12:23:34 PM): You told me it was your account
MitchAtLaw (12:23:34 PM): He isnt on AIM
MitchAtLaw (12:24:14 PM): It was!...but i didnt have the SQ/Sa...I Can get it but i dont have it!...Dude if you want it back tell me what server she was on
MitchAtLaw (12:25:00 PM): Im not tring to scamm you!
MitchAtLaw (12:25:04 PM): Im tring to help
MitchAtLaw (12:28:42 PM): Shattered hand right?
JapakiRebel (12:29:13 PM): I think so
JapakiRebel (12:32:52 PM): Well>?
MitchAtLaw (12:33:29 PM): im talking to him

MitchAtLaw (12:33:36 PM): He is being [censored]
JapakiRebel (12:33:38 PM): Whats he saying?
MitchAtLaw (12:33:42 PM): I'll get it back
MitchAtLaw (12:33:55 PM): He said he didnt recall, and that im just drunk
JapakiRebel (12:35:03 PM): Okay..
MitchAtLaw (12:35:20 PM): i'll get it back...im on your side
JapakiRebel (12:35:37 PM): Okay, well, Im not impressed my friend, Im really frustrated
MitchAtLaw (12:36:25 PM): Im sorry....im Frustrated too...But you cant say anything...The druid was recalled on me
MitchAtLaw (12:36:27 PM): Too
JapakiRebel (12:36:43 PM): But it was returned, and YOU Caused it to be recalled
MitchAtLaw (12:36:54 PM): I did?
JapakiRebel (12:36:56 PM): But right now this is the issue
MitchAtLaw (12:37:53 PM): Im working on it
MitchAtLaw (12:39:49 PM): Do you know the 60 ud rogue named Mate?...Whats his aim...he is on Markee alot
JapakiRebel (12:40:17 PM): Mate
JapakiRebel (12:40:18 PM): no I dont
MitchAtLaw (12:41:03 PM): Ok...He is the reason...The guy who traded me that rogue(MAte) is the owner of the warlock account...one of my friends...
JapakiRebel (12:52:34 PM): Dude..
JapakiRebel (12:52:38 PM): Whats going on?
MitchAtLaw (12:52:57 PM): Im getting it...He is saying I recalled or something...Give me 5mins...
JapakiRebel (12:54:44 PM): 5 minutes man..
MitchAtLaw (12:54:48 PM): ok
MitchAtLaw (12:59:07 PM): Ok...i talked him into giving it back....
MitchAtLaw (1:01:29 PM): waiting for him to get on aim
MitchAtLaw (1:02:18 PM): did you recall Druid?
JapakiRebel (1:02:25 PM): No
MitchAtLaw (1:02:35 PM): Oh i typed it wrong
JapakiRebel (1:02:35 PM): I havnt touched it
JapakiRebel (1:02:41 PM): Yet..
MitchAtLaw (1:02:50 PM): Im gettin the PW back
MitchAtLaw (1:04:42 PM): Ok...He is [censored] STUPID....Just recall your druid...no way im gettin it back
MitchAtLaw (1:05:13 PM): Sorry for the mix up, And pls dont hold this against me...I didnt do this
JapakiRebel (1:07:23 PM): Okay, give me the druid account
JapakiRebel (1:07:34 PM): And just recal your main
MitchAtLaw (1:08:07 PM): Recall it...I have to go help my Grandmom to bed, I'll be on around 9:30
JapakiRebel (1:08:20 PM): lol, you dont think I can recall huh?
MitchAtLaw (1:08:37 PM): I do think you can,,,you did before.
JapakiRebel (1:08:51 PM): You said I could have it back, please.
JapakiRebel (1:09:04 PM): It would save me the time, and I'll remove the negs from your account
MitchAtLaw (1:09:23 PM): Dude...I have to help my Grandmom...Just recall...Sorry
MitchAtLaw signed off at 1:09:29 PM.

And there you have it, dont ever deal with this kid, he'll make some bullshit up.


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Yeah, Mitchatlaw seemed sketchy at first with his "friend trying to steal my aim password" trick, with a site that AOL shutdown already.

At least its another scammer taken down, avoid.