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omgthisiswierd12 IS A SCAMMER!


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omgthisiswierd12 approached me on AIM, saying he had a priest he would like to sell. I logged into game and looked at the character, which was located on the Ysera server and called Adama. It is a 60 human priest with some naxx gear and mostly epics.

I agreed to pay the person 300$ for this priest. I sent the money via paypal to the paypal email address [email protected] The person informed me that his personal email was different and that i should contact him with any questions at [email protected]

I told him that i had sent the money and he asked me to hang on so he could verify it. I waited.... and waited... and waited. He didn't respond until i questioned about whether he'd recieved the payment, at which point he told me he was AFK. This was clearly untrue as he was in a battleground and his mana bar was moving the entire time he was supposedly AFK.

I then asked him again if he had recieved the payment and he confirmed that he had, but told me he didn't have the SQ/A like he said he had before i paid him. We agreed on the exchange of this 300$ in return for the username/pass, SQ/A and CD keys for this account, and he had clearly stated that he had them, but suddenly he didn't?

He continued to be unresponsive. He asked if i wanted a refund after i threatened to post here about his scammer-ness, and then told me he had sent it. I tabbed out to check paypal, whereupon i saw that he had NOT sent a refund. I tabbed back in and he had logged out.

I told him on AIM that i would be filing a paypal dispute and posting here. Before i had finished typing the dispute and was close to hitting enter, he messaged me back saying that he couldn't give me a refund because i'd already opened a dispute. I explained that he hadn't and that he still had time to make things right. I then waited 15-20 minutes and went ahead and filed the dispute after he failed to message me again or provide a refund.

Do NOT do business with this person. He is a scammer. He asked me during the "transaction" if i knew anyone who was trying to buy accounts - he will definately be contacting other people on these forums about these accounts. Do not do business with anyone with the above emails or AIM name at your own risk. This person is a liar, a scammer and not someone you want to lose hundreds of dollars to like i did.

I now do not have any money to buy my friend a present like i'd wanted to. I lost my last 300$ to a scammer, who seemed very legit. I did a search on this forum and a post did come up with his AIM name in it - however the AIM conversation the person had posted was almost completely unintelligible, and this seller explained that HE was the one who got ripped off.

Hopefully my paypal dispute will result in a refund, but if not at least everyone else will know about this horrible person trying to take advantage of other peoples trust and steal their money....


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he tried to do it to me but luckily the money was sent to a different paypal, one of which he was buying a warlock from, the person refunded my money and took the lock back.


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I recieved this AOL instant message a little while ago, from a screen name "Computergeek1337", claiming that the paypal account which i sent 300.00$ to belonged to him and was being used for this fraudulent transaction by someone named " John Bolick ". I immediately escalated the Paypal dispute for resolution since this persons account is obviously being used by another individual, fraudulently - he clearly underestimates the dangers of ID theft...

computergeek1337: Hi
computergeek1337: I am the person that you have a dispute with on paypal. Can you please explain to me what you were told from your friend John Bolick. Because I think I am missing some information.
Lethizor: you there?
Auto response from computergeek1337: I am away from my computer right now.

Lethizor: who is john bolick?
Lethizor: and why is someone else using your paypal
Lethizor: there isn't anything else to tell, he contacted me wanting to sell something - i agreed, he told me to pay 300$ to that paypal account, i did
Lethizor: and then i got nothing
Lethizor: he told me he didnt have the info after all
Lethizor: and that he would send me a refund
Lethizor: but a refund was never sent
Lethizor: and i mean, it's 300$ so of course i opened a dispute.


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computergeek1337: hey u there?
Lethizor: hi
Lethizor: im here
computergeek1337: Gimme a sec to type out what I think has happened here
Lethizor: ok
computergeek1337: I got a message from omgthisiswierd12 saying he wanted to buy my WOW account (60 priest). He then told me he wanted to give me $300 to try the account and then $300 after. I agreed, he tryed the account and then was satcified. He then siad he was going to get the other $300 from a friend. At this point I think he contacted you and told you he wanted to sell you the account for $300. He then told you my paypal account. When I received the $300 from you are omgthisiswierd12's "friend" I thought that you knew him personally...
Lethizor: no, not at all
computergeek1337: And that the transaction was over, now I am getting this dispute/claim from you
Lethizor: i'm someone who bought the account from him...
Lethizor: he didn't ever give me any information though
Lethizor: he told me he had the info, before i bought it
Lethizor: and then after i paid he said he didn't have it
Lethizor: and became unresponsive..
Lethizor: so you're the original adama then?
computergeek1337: Yes (I am not the original owner) but yes I was the one selling it to omgthisiswierd12
Lethizor: i'll close the dispute if you can refund my 300$ and just deal with him
Lethizor: thats how it stands
Lethizor: i just want my money back, i didn't get anything out of this transaction
Lethizor: as it stands, he scammed me using YOUR paypal account, which is kind of [censored] up
Lethizor: i didn't get any info or anything :<
computergeek1337: Ya...he told me he was going to send me $300... so will you wait untill I get the money from him.. i hope I can get it in a couple of days
Lethizor: well
Lethizor: your paypal is [email protected], right
Lethizor: i sent 300$ to that
computergeek1337: Yes
computergeek1337: yes
Lethizor: why can't you just send that back?
Lethizor: he owes you the money, not me -_-
computergeek1337: Because then I am out of $300
Lethizor: well, im sorry but
Lethizor: right now im out of 300$ and its even more unfair to me
Lethizor: since i got nothing out of it, you already got 300$
Lethizor: i have nothing to do with this guy
Lethizor: he did this to pay you
Lethizor: he isn't going to give you another 300$, realistically
Lethizor: what you need to do is pay me back so i can close this fraud dispute and then open your own fraud dispute with him and take your account back
Lethizor: then you wont be out of 300$ and i get mine back, and everyones happy except the [censored] scammer
computergeek1337: Ok, sounds fair enough...but I do think we should keep in contact.
Lethizor: we will, for sure
Lethizor: can we exchange emails in addition to AIM?
Lethizor: i want to get this guy, what he is doing is very wrong.
Lethizor: i think we might be able to work together via paypal and get him shut down =/
computergeek1337: Ya
Lethizor: ill close the dispute as soon as i see the money back in my acct, NP. i have nothing against you, i understand your position =)
Lethizor: this guy is an [censored] >.<
Lethizor: apparently he's a known scammer, too.. i made a post on MD about him and people responded saying theyd had bad dealings...
Lethizor: similar to ours in fact.
computergeek1337: Ya...im not going to tell him I sent you the money back though. Ill just try and get it out of him first
Lethizor: ok
Lethizor: thats fine, theres 20 days to open a dispute between transactions, so just keep in touch with me and let me know what happens with him
computergeek1337: ok
computergeek1337: I sent it
Lethizor: closing the dispute
computergeek1337: k
computergeek1337: ne way i gtg
computergeek1337: soo i ttyl
computergeek1337: ill*
Lethizor: ok, it's done
Lethizor: ttyl, thanks so much


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Was just asked about my priest by omgthis and denied him. Could tell he was a scammer right off the bat..


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I am supposed to do honor-leveling for his hunter. I think he tried to get one of my accounts too, but I didn't think much of it until i read this post. here's today's AIM convo:
Page skates: hey yeah the account last night was suspended lol
omgthisiswierd12: yea i know
omgthisiswierd12: it's not anymore
Page skates: o rly
omgthisiswierd12: yea
omgthisiswierd12: yo?
Page skates: sup?
omgthisiswierd12: U gonnna start?
Page skates: only if ya want me to
omgthisiswierd12: if u wana
Page skates: lol i will
omgthisiswierd12: alright
Page skates: ******
Page skates: ******
Page skates: right
omgthisiswierd12: tea
omgthisiswierd12: yea*
Page skates: kk
Page skates: disconnecting you now
omgthisiswierd12: alrighty
Page skates: what char and server is it on
omgthisiswierd12: daggerspine
omgthisiswierd12: the hunter
omgthisiswierd12: 60
Page skates: o i see it now
Page skates: just need to make my mods right so i gotta configure em...then i will start
omgthisiswierd12: alrighty
omgthisiswierd12: What rank u think you'll get by Tuesday?
Page skates: depends how much honor you already got
omgthisiswierd12: also, would you happen to have any alt accounts i could go on?
omgthisiswierd12: my alt account is inactive atm and i wanted to talk with some peeps cause im bored to death here xd
Page skates: well yeah but im trading them
omgthisiswierd12: So no way u would be able to pass me one for just tonight?
Page skates: well im not the OO to them....my friend is =/
omgthisiswierd12: So u got no alt accounts?
Page skates: not really sorry =/
Page skates: just tell me if you need to go on yours man
omgthisiswierd12: yea i just dont wna distract u so go on with my hunter
Page skates: lol k
Page skates: ur rank 5 =/

Page skates: may i catch your name so i can call you something lol, mine is Page...weird i know
omgthisiswierd12: Ur a guy right?
Page skates: yeah
omgthisiswierd12: mine's Josh
Page skates: kk cool
Page skates: whats ur md name? just so i know
Page skates: almost done finishing the mods
Page skates: i use a loT! lol
Page skates: u there
omgthisiswierd12: mind me going on her for 1 sec?
Page skates: sorry didnt see that im
Page skates: whats ur md name?
omgthisiswierd12: Drone
omgthisiswierd12: friends & mines
omgthisiswierd12: didnt make one cause i have no clue how
omgthisiswierd12: Stev is also a r/l friend and he is 1 of the admins for MD
omgthisiswierd12: so +++ is going to be on ur record foz sure
omgthisiswierd12: ok u can go back on
Page skates: k sec
omgthisiswierd12 signed off at 5:41:13 PM.