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Ok this guy is a scammer WoWtrader7842, he didnt scam me but he tried (lol)


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WoWTrader7842: hey u there?
AMW2O21: ya
WoWTrader7842: hey u trsding?
WoWTrader7842: trading ur account?
AMW2O21: warlock
AMW2O21: yeah
AMW2O21: what do you have?
WoWTrader7842: i have warrior and rouge
WoWTrader7842: and preist on diff account
AMW2O21: what race is the priest and rogue/warrior?
WoWTrader7842: ok preist undead rouge human warrior tauren
AMW2O21: hmm
AMW2O21: what does the priest have?
WoWTrader7842: can i send u ct instead of me typing it?
WoWTrader7842: ct prfile
WoWTrader7842: profile
AMW2O21: ya
WoWTrader7842: k 1 sec
WoWTrader7842: http://ctprofiles.net/3539265
AMW2O21: xferable?
WoWTrader7842: yep
AMW2O21: nice
WoWTrader7842: ty
AMW2O21: you were looking at my lock right?
WoWTrader7842: ya what else u got?
AMW2O21: wow glider
WoWTrader7842: ook ya i was lookin at lock
AMW2O21: you read my post right?
AMW2O21: his gear isnt that great
WoWTrader7842: yep
WoWTrader7842: ya np
WoWTrader7842: u OO?
AMW2O21: yep
WoWTrader7842: k same
AMW2O21: :)
WoWTrader7842: so u have sq/a?
WoWTrader7842: secret question?
AMW2O21: yeah
WoWTrader7842: k kool
AMW2O21: do you have a markee name?
WoWTrader7842: no not atm im gona get 1 though
AMW2O21: ah ok
AMW2O21: are you a scammer?
WoWTrader7842: no lol
AMW2O21: you sure?
AMW2O21: dont lie!!
WoWTrader7842: im not scammer bro ru?
AMW2O21: no
WoWTrader7842: ok good
AMW2O21: but how come when I searched your name I got about 4-5 posts saying you were a scammer?
WoWTrader7842: ?
WoWTrader7842: o ya thats my bro he is so stupid he trys to scam people on my screen name cause he is to stupid to make his own
AMW2O21: oh ok
WoWTrader7842: u wan trade?
AMW2O21: yeah
AMW2O21: are you going to give info first?
WoWTrader7842: can we give at same time to make fair?
AMW2O21: how about a middle man?
WoWTrader7842: ok well my answer to question is spark
AMW2O21: we could use Stev I think he is on
AMW2O21: Nuka is
AMW2O21: Nuka is on
WoWTrader7842: do we have to use mm\
AMW2O21: Something wrong with MM?
WoWTrader7842: i got scammed by 1 hated mm since
AMW2O21: Nuka MD doesnt scam
WoWTrader7842: i kno but still
WoWTrader7842: lets do it this way plz bro
AMW2O21: you go first
WoWTrader7842: ok my answer to question is spot urs?
AMW2O21: I said you give info first
WoWTrader7842: jst same time make fair i dont wana get scammed
WoWTrader7842: plz what ur answer?
AMW2O21: Spot?
AMW2O21: answer to Pets name or something?
WoWTrader7842: ya
AMW2O21: who names their pet Spot?
AMW2O21: lol
AMW2O21: a dog or something?
WoWTrader7842: ya he is dalmation
WoWTrader7842: ok urs?
WoWTrader7842: answer?
AMW2O21: ok mine is secret question: f-u scammer secret answer: OW3D!
AMW2O21: Ownd!!!
AMW2O21: pwnd
AMW2O21: yound
AMW2O21: pwnzord
AMW2O21: pwnd
AMW2O21: pwnage
WoWTrader7842: what i mnot scammer
AMW2O21: yah you are
AMW2O21: oh right your brother is im sorry
AMW2O21: i forgot
AMW2O21: lol
AMW2O21: dude im not that stupid
WoWTrader7842 signed off at 4:48:30 PM.

Lol...I just wanted him to admit he was a scammer. I hate that guy hes scammed like 5 people. Yes, I knew pretty much from when I asked why he was on the scammer list like 5 times. Oh and Secret Answer=Spark. Then about 5 minutes later Secret Answer=Spot. Lol.