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Ohsandymanmd is a scammer


Long-term member
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
His troll rogue he was trying to trade was recalled from me
[22:37] Ohsandyman MD: hey
[22:37] Ohsandyman MD: you got bigfish now?
[22:37] magicmasterwow: badfisg
[22:37] Ohsandyman MD: that troll rogue with 2 dd's? and nightmare blade?
[22:37] magicmasterwow: badfish*
[22:37] magicmasterwow: yes
[22:38] Ohsandyman MD: did he give you secret info?
[22:38] Ohsandyman MD: cus i got it
[22:40] magicmasterwow: yes I have it
[22:40] Ohsandyman MD: ah
[22:40] Ohsandyman MD: k
[22:41] Ohsandyman MD: well hes [censored] trading this rogue to everybody and giving them secret info
[22:41] Ohsandyman MD: so im talking to the guy i got it from then traded to justbeinme and im gunna have him get the account back
[22:41] Ohsandyman MD: whats the secret password to frown?
[22:41] magicmasterwow: the warlock isnt stolen why are you lying?
[22:42] Ohsandyman MD: was stolen from me
[22:42] magicmasterwow: NO
[22:42] magicmasterwow: [censored] you
[22:42] magicmasterwow: your account got [censored] up
[22:42] magicmasterwow: so it was recalled
[22:42] magicmasterwow: and your char is all good now
[22:42] magicmasterwow: you have your [censored]
[22:42] magicmasterwow: it wasnt stolen
[22:42] magicmasterwow: so dont even say that [censored]
[22:43] Ohsandyman MD: ight
[22:43] magicmasterwow: you know its true
[22:43] magicmasterwow: not like it was recalled and you were left with nothing you got yours
[22:45] Ohsandyman MD: hm
[22:45] Ohsandyman MD: whats frowns secret info?
[22:45] Ohsandyman MD: or did your lil buddie trade me a account with no secret info and its imposable to get?
[22:46] magicmasterwow: you talked to him about the trade
[22:46] Ohsandyman MD: mh kk
[22:47] Ohsandyman MD: hmmm well rkelly account might be recalled tomarow
[22:47] magicmasterwow: what ever man I have your ip I could careless
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: i have your ip also
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: and im not worried
[22:48] magicmasterwow: ok whats my ip?
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: cus im not recalling it so dont worry bout me
[22:48] magicmasterwow: you are having OO recall it
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: im having him recall?
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: naw
[22:48] Ohsandyman MD: hes the 1 saying he gunna recall
[22:49] magicmasterwow: so whats my ip if you have my ip?
[22:49] Ohsandyman MD: cus i dont give him sqa cus it dosnt benifit me cus i dont have the rogue anymor
[22:49] Ohsandyman MD: e
[22:49] Ohsandyman MD: so its not on me
[22:49] magicmasterwow: who is saying they are recalling?
[22:50] Ohsandyman MD: the guy that ownes the account
[22:50] magicmasterwow: whats his aim?
[22:50] Ohsandyman MD: dont worry lol
[22:50] magicmasterwow: exactly
[22:50] Ohsandyman MD: guess you can just wait and see ^.-
[22:50] magicmasterwow: ok
[22:50] Ohsandyman MD: haha
[22:51] magicmasterwow: and btw I am not bluffing about ip
[22:51] magicmasterwow: MMMM
[22:51] Ohsandyman MD: i hope you dont believe me just wait till it happenes...im not the 1 recalling so its not on me
[22:52] Ohsandyman MD: sec lemme look it up
[22:53] Ohsandyman MD: nope
[22:53] magicmasterwow: yeah it is
[22:53] Ohsandyman MD: nope
[22:53] magicmasterwow: yeah I am positive considering ventrilo has this thing called a log
[22:53] magicmasterwow: and it logs ips
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: mhm
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: thats nice
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: considering how my ip changes every 10mins
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: but its ok
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: cus im not the 1 recalling so dont get mad at me
[22:54] magicmasterwow: no it doesnt
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: hes recalling cus im not giving him hunter info
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: so gl
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: its not on me
[22:54] magicmasterwow: there is only one thing that ip changes
[22:54] magicmasterwow: and thats DSL
[22:54] Ohsandyman MD: actually no
[22:55] Ohsandyman MD: its called comcast gg
[22:55] magicmasterwow: rofl you cant
[22:55] magicmasterwow: lol
[22:55] Ohsandyman MD: oh yea
[22:55] Ohsandyman MD: k
[22:55] Ohsandyman MD: watch
[22:55] magicmasterwow: I have comcast
[22:55] magicmasterwow: lol
[22:55] Ohsandyman MD: [censored] my ip up cus i didnt do anything gl
[22:55] magicmasterwow: Comcast has a thing called a static ip i.e stays the same

he blocks me here then ims me on my other screen name

23:00] ohsandymanmd: how your gunna mess with my comp for something i didnt do rofl
[23:01] M4GICM4ST3R914: [22:41] Ohsandyman MD: so im talking to the guy i got it from then traded to justbeinme and im gunna have him get the account back
[23:01] ohsandymanmd: mhm
[23:01] ohsandymanmd: hes getting the account bakc

I do realize ohsandymanmd's aim changes when I copy and paste what he says to me in trillian it changes his aim to what it realy is but when it logs convos it just has all lowercase and no spaces

Also he tried saying he wasnt the one recalling but he has the char now and he told the OO to recall it he may not of actualy recalled but it was recalled because he told the guy to

also a convo with the guy I got the rogue from

[22:39] jistbeinme: lol im hearing this lock was scammed but we
[22:40] magicmasterwow: who said that?
[22:40] magicmasterwow: is it a 60 on that server?
[22:41] magicmasterwow: because if it si it was stolen from me when I was on vacation and sold on ebay
[22:41] jistbeinme: no
[22:41] jistbeinme: its ohsandyman md
[22:43] magicmasterwow: rofl his account he traded for it had its 60 deleted magicaly saying you suck newb in level 1s
[22:43] magicmasterwow: so it was recalled from him
[22:46] jistbeinme: fyi
[22:46] jistbeinme: u may wanna just take ur warlock back now
[22:46] jistbeinme: lol
[22:46] jistbeinme: hes saying hes gonna recall the rogue