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ohsandyman MD (threateningly) scammed me October 7,2006


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Ohsandyman MD: have fun beo =)
Ohsandyman MD: bro*
faddeousdookie: hey stay on a sec
Ohsandyman MD: no thanks later man
faddeousdookie: if you did get it banned, i'm sorry [censored] didn't work out
faddeousdookie: if not, thanks for not being a thief
Ohsandyman MD: its gunna be funny when its banned
faddeousdookie: dude, whatever
Ohsandyman MD: thief?
Ohsandyman MD: naw sorry
faddeousdookie: its just a game
Ohsandyman MD: that your a lieing scammer
faddeousdookie: i'm not a scammer
Ohsandyman MD: bs
faddeousdookie: i'm n 18 year old kid
faddeousdookie: who played wow
Ohsandyman MD: saying i can play him
faddeousdookie: how is that scamming
Ohsandyman MD: wow congrats
faddeousdookie: i was just nervous dude
Ohsandyman MD: get a life
faddeousdookie: i have a life, i'm in college now
faddeousdookie: and i'm visiting my parents for the first time
Ohsandyman MD: not my fault when i was legit with you the whole [censored] time
faddeousdookie: i hardly had time to play anyway
faddeousdookie: and i will make a post about this, just outlining what happened
faddeousdookie: and no, i wont [censored] with you
Ohsandyman MD: you already did
Ohsandyman MD: lieing thief
Ohsandyman MD: thanks later scammer
Ohsandyman MD: .
faddeousdookie: what did i steal from you
faddeousdookie: nothing
Ohsandyman MD: yes
faddeousdookie: we traded, and i would have let you play
Ohsandyman MD: lieing
faddeousdookie: i stole nothing
Ohsandyman MD: thieft
faddeousdookie: i didn't lie
Ohsandyman MD: goodbye
faddeousdookie: grow up man
Ohsandyman MD: u kid
faddeousdookie: you're getting my account banned for nothing
faddeousdookie: which really sucks for me
Ohsandyman MD: have fun wile he lasts...thanks for being a lieing scammer.
faddeousdookie: i dont understand
Ohsandyman MD: bye
faddeousdookie: stop saying bye
faddeousdookie: i dind't steal from you, you traded a rogue to me
faddeousdookie: for my paladin
faddeousdookie: and you traded my paladin
faddeousdookie: for a dream warrior
faddeousdookie: now you're happy, so you're geting back on all those old trades
faddeousdookie: you cant get a better character
faddeousdookie: so you're just showing people you're the man with the bigger internet penis
Ohsandyman MD: ahah ok
faddeousdookie: but atleast i'll have a college education
Ohsandyman MD: well have fun wile he lasts gunna get him banned have a great time
Ohsandyman MD signed off at 2:37:40 PM.

Here is the story, that conversation is hardly any of it.

I traded a well geared paladin for a rogue with this person. The rogue was traded around a few times, so the SQA was lost in time, thus, the account was fairly vulnerable. He refused to let me log on (with legit reasons that I agreed with) because with a changed password, the account would be lost. I moved my paladin to a new account for him, since he didn't care for my alts or anything.

He then traded my paladin for a RANK 14 WARRIOR, which in his opinion, assumably, is a dream character, and now he's backstabbing me for being nervous about my accounts stability. We agreed that he could play the account at times, but often times when he'd ask, I'd be playing and I'd say no.

SO he messages me on the 7th of October 2006 saying he's going to get my account banned because I am a "scammer". Neither of us did anything illegit in the trade, however he always had the protection of knowing that he had overall power of my paladin, and also that he could get my account banned.

He gave me his phone number, but he has since cancelled his phone service.

USE CAUTION when trading with him, don't be blinded by positive ratings. It's a shame a man (assumably aged 18-24) couldn't have acted more mature about it.

And so I'm saying goodbye to WoW.
Thanks Markee for hosting a pretty good trading forum, sucks bliz is so against it though.

Best of luck to everyone in their trades.


Not Phone Verified
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also, its interesting you cant search for his username with his AIM, since his aim handle is in his signiture picture. so when you search his name here, you get 4 results. 3 from 1 post and 1 from this post, all about him scamming.