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Oh Em Gee, Wtf pwnt?


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EzekielSkater805: hey
pbfreak111112: Hey
EzekielSkater805: i like ur rogue
EzekielSkater805: the 60
EzekielSkater805: what u want for it
pbfreak111112: lock/pally
EzekielSkater805: i have a lock =/
EzekielSkater805: level 70
EzekielSkater805: 60
EzekielSkater805: but no sq/sa
pbfreak111112: gear?
EzekielSkater805: 6/8 shadowcraft
EzekielSkater805: oops i mean
EzekielSkater805: 6/8 nemesis
pbfreak111112: what pieces are missing, what 2h or 1h/offhand, what server and what race?
EzekielSkater805: ner'zul and the head and the bracers and brutality blade and corehound tooth orc
EzekielSkater805: what u think
pbfreak111112: damn missing the head ? ;/
EzekielSkater805: yeah =/
pbfreak111112: whats in the offhand?
EzekielSkater805: brutality
EzekielSkater805: im ambush and backstab
pbfreak111112: this is a warlock?
pbfreak111112: ?
EzekielSkater805: crap
EzekielSkater805: i keep saying sutff from my rogue
EzekielSkater805: im missing the leggings and the bracers
pbfreak111112: ah cool
pbfreak111112: what staff or 1h/offhand?
EzekielSkater805: and i have benediction as staff
pbfreak111112: Dang.. I'm really interested
pbfreak111112: Do you have any MarkeeDragon rep?
EzekielSkater805: no =/
pbfreak111112: Aww why not?
EzekielSkater805: never really knew how to give to get feedback
pbfreak111112: Ah i see.. is the account with the warlock active?
EzekielSkater805: til may 4th
EzekielSkater805: do u have sq/sa
pbfreak111112: No I don't
pbfreak111112: Could you show him to me ingame at all?
pbfreak111112: Then I'll let ya see my rogue
EzekielSkater805: i login but it tells me that i have an error o.o
pbfreak111112: Hmm.. you just want to trade now then? I can go first, I dont mind
pbfreak111112: He's paid until august
EzekielSkater805: hmm
EzekielSkater805: sure
EzekielSkater805: sounds good
pbfreak111112: Alright my info is
pbfreak111112: YouAreALameScammer is account name, and password is: WarlocksCantGetBenediction (Good try though dude, I'm not that stupid, gg)

I had a good laugh /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif (Right after he said his warlock had benediction you can tell I begin to [censored] with him)


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wow get this the guy that scammed me iwenttoff gives me a blank account for my 60 hunter account i recall and he doesnt... he unblocks me after he realize i wtf pwnt his face and ask me to give him info the the blank account back... claiming its his rl friends and he scammed him too... i refused to give it back and then the so called rl friend message me saying its his and he would like it back guess who that rl friend is??? the one and only EzekielSkater805 lol looks like thats 2 down between me and pb on the night


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Noobian forgot to add that this guy has now changed the weapon used!

Noobian14 (12:59:15 AM): cool, what wepons does he have?
Noobian14 (1:00:28 AM): ?
EzekielSkater805 (1:00:59 AM): staff of dominance


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<font color="black"> He also states one of his friends is Falcon Enzo (his aim name). If you look on the forums that person is offering honor and powerleveling, so whatchout for him too. </font>