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Nuka MM - Scammer.


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This loser tried to scam me for hours, and I wouldn't give in. I asked for him to message me on the real Nuka MD screen name, he said it was trojaned. I asked him to send me a PM on Nuka MD on Markee, he said it was trojaned as well and he can't send anymore PMs. Finally, I asked him to call me, he said he uses Metro PCS and he can't for some [censored] like that. Beware of him.

Gilli1234: alright
Gilli1234: you there?
Gilli1234: ready to do the trade?
Nuka MM: i said brb
Nuka MM: well im back
Nuka MM: giv me ur paypal name so i can set up payment
Nuka MM: what are u typing thats so long?
Gilli1234: Nuka MM has a reputation of a scammer on Markee, plus I talked to the real Nuka, Nuka MD, and he sent me a PM on markee, etc. I'm posting all this on the Markee site, GL with your scamming
Nuka MM: ok
Nuka MM: u actually believe this
Nuka MM: rofl
Gilli1234: yep
Nuka MM: ok
Nuka MM: your problem
Gilli1234: along with a bunch of people from Markee
Nuka MM: none
Gilli1234: im not alone
Nuka MM: jeddykid is a known scamer
Nuka MM: check his feedback
Nuka MM: i was trying to scam an account back from him for my friend
Nuka MM: he scammed a rogue from my friend
Gilli1234: you can't aim me on Nuka MD, you can't send me a PM, you can't call me, your avoiding every obstacle
Nuka MM: well GL selling the mage
Gilli1234: every*
Gilli1234: thanks, take care
Nuka MM: it just fits in to that
Nuka MM: cuz ur using the same thing over and over
Nuka MM: and my phoneline just happens to not work with where u live
Gilli1234: dude I'm not gonna give you my acc info when you don't even have proof you are Nuka
Nuka MM: well sorry
Nuka MM: my account are scammed
Nuka MM: nothing i could do
Nuka MM: sorry its not to your convenience
Nuka MM: ance*
Nuka MM: the only account i have is my alt one i was use for regular ppl so they dont kno im nuka
Nuka MM: and the name is Malakdar
Gilli1234: lol ok
Nuka MM: it has 4 pos feedback
Nuka MM: if thats helps =/
Gilli1234: In all of Nuka MD's forums he's posted, he's never used bad grammar, and even in his AIM, if you're gonna try to scam as Nuka, learn to act and talk like him or something, you just fail at being Nuka, good day man, take care
Nuka MM signed off at 12:17:12 AM.


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Quite a few impersonations going on. Just be sure to do like said and ask for PM on forum or post in a thread.