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New scammer.


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Guy's IM addy is Sgg049, agreed to do some leveling in return for an empty account, then deleted all of my [censored]. The following AIM conversation followed.

NatesterCDur: Says I have no characters
Sgg049: wierd
NatesterCDur: I'd rather you said no, instead of deleting all of my toons
Sgg049: proably something with blizzard
NatesterCDur: But w/e
Sgg049: Wasn't me
Sgg049: What?!?!? another person accusing me of scamming again!!!?!??!?!
Sgg049: WTF
Sgg049: I just lvld your account
Sgg049: And you said I scammed you?
Sgg049: It's people like you that ruin markee
NatesterCDur: Well, the account was hacked, and all my [censored] will be restored, you cost me all of 3 days in getting the stuff back
NatesterCDur: No loss
Sgg049: Why are you ruining peple reps on purpose?
Sgg049: Seriously?
Sgg049: God, I just lvled your account
Sgg049: This is the 2nd time this has happend
NatesterCDur: It's not just ONE server [censored] was deleted on, it's ALL of the servers, if you're that [censored] with the warlock, you recalled your account on me
Sgg049: Huh?
Sgg049: I dont have an account
Sgg049: All I do is lvl
Sgg049: Peoples accoutn
Sgg049: Im desperate for an account
Sgg049: but its people like you who ruin rep
NatesterCDur: And why is all of my [censored] deleted?
NatesterCDur: Hmm?
Sgg049: It isnt!
Sgg049: Your [censored] lieing!
NatesterCDur: Yeah whatever
NatesterCDur: Everything on blizzard's webpage is lying?
NatesterCDur: Nice
NatesterCDur: And whoever you sent the gold to, and any of that, will get banned. Taking gold from hacked accounts is perma ban
NatesterCDur: So if you're a farmer, or sent it to one, i pity you
Sgg049: What?
Sgg049: It's people like you who ruin rep
NatesterCDur: Whatever, you scammed me, and did it in a shitty pathetic way, you're not getting the blank account, either
Sgg049: God, [censored] people like you
Sgg049: seriously
Sgg049: BTW
Sgg049: I didnt mail the gold to anyone
Sgg049: I didnt have the chance to
NatesterCDur: Good, easier for the GMs to get my stuff back to me
Sgg049: I mean

[/ QUOTE ]

I have a feeling this guy is the same person who is trading his 60 warlock named Tekkno, whom recalled the account earlier today thinking he'd keep my old account and tried to do it again. See thread: Here is where he came BACK..

I'd hope you ban his IP address from the site, given I'm NOT the only person he's done this to.