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New Noobian imposter!!!


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Yeah.. offered for my druid

NOOBlAN 14 (7:58:48 PM): Hey.
NubKicker3 (7:58:53 PM): Hello
NOOBlAN 14 returned at 7:58:54 PM.
NOOBlAN 14 (7:59:03 PM): Do you still have your druid?
NubKicker3 (7:59:12 PM): Yup, just posted like 2 minutes ago.
NOOBlAN 14 (7:59:19 PM): Excellent..
NOOBlAN 14 (7:59:22 PM): Are you orig. owner?
NubKicker3 (7:59:28 PM): No, but I know the person who can recall
NOOBlAN 14 (7:59:43 PM): personally? or via internet
NubKicker3 (7:59:48 PM): Personally
NOOBlAN 14 (7:59:57 PM): why dont you have the sqa? :p
NubKicker3 (8:00:06 PM): lol
NubKicker3 (8:00:16 PM): I don't know.. said he wants 2 keep it so I can just go to him
NubKicker3 (8:00:35 PM): That sounds wierd... but yeah
NubKicker3 (8:00:36 PM): lol
NOOBlAN 14 (8:00:39 PM): Hmm
NOOBlAN 14 (8:00:54 PM): Mind if I log on him?
NubKicker3 (8:01:01 PM): Your not the real Noobian
NOOBlAN 14 (8:01:09 PM): Yes I am.
NubKicker3 (8:01:14 PM): Send me a PM
NubKicker3 (8:01:17 PM): on markee
NubKicker3 (8:01:20 PM): DeathToNoobs3
NOOBlAN 14 (8:01:41 PM): I can't send PMs regarding trades.. Best I can do is screen shot my home log-in screen.
NubKicker3 (8:02:29 PM): Your name is Nooblan
NubKicker3 (8:02:32 PM): not Noobian
NubKicker3 (8:02:33 PM): nice try
NOOBlAN 14 (8:02:56 PM): I know that. I can NOT trade on my Noobian name.
NOOBlAN 14 (8:03:06 PM): I have a screen shot - want it?
NubKicker3 (8:03:13 PM): No, I know your not the real noobian
NOOBlAN 14 (8:03:26 PM): ..Alright.
NubKicker3 (8:04:08 PM): Nice try though
NOOBlAN 14 (8:04:12 PM): Thanks.
NubKicker3 (8:04:23 PM): Off to markee we go!
NOOBlAN 14 (8:04:31 PM): haha, they already know.
NubKicker3 (8:04:41 PM): Meh, i'm bored this will entertain me
NOOBlAN 14 (8:04:52 PM): Sweet.

pawnt nublet


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<font color="black"> Yeah thats defintly a scam. Dont fall for the screen shot trick because its not hard to try to copy my name, or photoshop edit my name. Also i dont use AIM anymore so that might be a tip for future reference </font> /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif