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Need some advice


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Well, ok long story short I traded accounts with some guy online, and everything seemes to be going great, when one day i go to log in. and Notice that the info has been changed. The person i traded with never logged on aim so i did what any normal person would do, i recalled my original account. Well, about a month later, i get an email from the tradee, that went like this.

DestiDart: dude what the hell!
xFlackBaitx: ?
DestiDart: I traded you for a 60 Warlock on Stormscale, correct?
xFlackBaitx: um what character?
xFlackBaitx: did you trade me
DestiDart: 60 Tauren Warrior
xFlackBaitx: yeah dude, good job logging on aim
xFlackBaitx: i tried to log on one day and the info was changed
xFlackBaitx: so i figured you wanted to trade back and just recalled mine
DestiDart: I just got an e-mail from IGE and they say they're going to press charges for the account since I scammed them out of it by recalling it.
xFlackBaitx: yeah someone recalled
xFlackBaitx: i never had the info
DestiDart: and I never recalled the warrior since I didn't have the power to, I told you that when we first traded
DestiDart: so now I'm completely [censored]
xFlackBaitx: sorry man =\
DestiDart: I told you when we first traded I wasn't original owner of that account
DestiDart: now I'm more than [censored] because I can't pay them back for the account and I have no idea what to do!
xFlackBaitx: hmm
xFlackBaitx: ige cant really do anything
DestiDart: they can press charges for fraud
xFlackBaitx: because its aginst the terms of agreement for trading accounts
xFlackBaitx: so techincally they would press charges for something that wasnt theres
xFlackBaitx: it belongs to blizzard
xFlackBaitx: making there case have no backing, there just trying to freak the hell out of you, and it seems to be working
DestiDart: Dear IGE customer,
This is corporate security department of IGE. Recently, we noticed that you have stolen back the game account from us. We believed that our account division team has already contacted and tried to resolve the matter with you regarding to this case. However, you had no intention to cooperate with us. Hence, we decided to take further action against your dishonorable action. At this stage, we have already filed a dispute to Paypal, if we do not receive your further response then we may start taking legal action against you.
Thank you for your attention.
Internet Gaming Entertainment
Corporate Security Department

DestiDart: As of the moment, we have marked down your name in our chargeback
batch list. Should we not receive the following information within
24-48 hours we will need to file a charge pack with Pay Pal and forward
this matter to our Fraud Department who will take legal actions. Any
attempts of changing the password or any information once the payment
has been sent will be subjected to this matter. Also, any attempts to
file for Ownership dispute with Blizzard will also result to the same matter.
xFlackBaitx: yeah...as i said all there saying is we want OUR account back
xFlackBaitx: but it dosent belong to them it is blizzards
xFlackBaitx: according to the agreement you agree to every time they patch
DestiDart: yet tthen they still put a hold on my paypal account indefinantly which will get old fast!
xFlackBaitx: =\ you could always make a new one
DestiDart: not when you have your SS tied to it
xFlackBaitx: ah
DestiDart: SS = social security
xFlackBaitx: yeah i know
xFlackBaitx: then i dont know man
xFlackBaitx: i dont know what to tell you
DestiDart: well, now I"m completely screwed
DestiDart: and I don't have the money to cover this either
xFlackBaitx: =\
xFlackBaitx: you bought darkstone on ige?
xFlackBaitx: i dont understand how you owe ige money
DestiDart: I sold darkstone
xFlackBaitx: ...you mean you sold him when i had him?
DestiDart: I wanted to lvl my own Warlock on an EST server
DestiDart: no I sold him after we traded
DestiDart: then you recalled so now they are saying I screwed them over
xFlackBaitx: yeah...you sold him after we traded and i had him...
DestiDart: no I sold the Warlock
DestiDart: the one you traded me
xFlackBaitx: oh
DestiDart: Login name of <removed>
xFlackBaitx: yeah
DestiDart: so now I"m [censored]
xFlackBaitx: well, im not gonna give you the account back dude, unless i get another one back...
xFlackBaitx: if thats what your hinting at
DestiDart: did I ask for that? No I'm just stating you [censored] me over
DestiDart: I told you I wasn't original owner
xFlackBaitx: LOL
DestiDart: I told you I had no secutiry answers to it
xFlackBaitx: how did i [censored] you over?
xFlackBaitx: i didnt make someone recall darkstone
DestiDart: um...you recalled the account when I said I wasn't original owner
DestiDart: I told you I had been on it for months with no problems
xFlackBaitx: well, im sorry i dont know for a fact that that is true, and there is no real way that you can prove that to me
xFlackBaitx: yiou could be the original owner and just have recalled and made up this story to try and get my account as well..im not saying you did
xFlackBaitx: but im saying you could have
xFlackBaitx: dude, i never said you did
xFlackBaitx: i am saying that that is what could have happend
xFlackBaitx: now i really think you need to take it easy and stop seeing me as the root of all your problems
DestiDart: screw I will just call blizzard monday and tell them about the unfortunate trading that was involved and see what course of action they take
xFlackBaitx: are you threatening me?
DestiDart: no just stating what my next course of action is
xFlackBaitx: you know what, if thats how you feel, then fine, but is my registered name on the account, my credit card that is paying for the account, and my CD-Key that is sitting right next to me
xFlackBaitx: i dont trade accounts i dont own
DestiDart: that's fine and dandy but if blizzard gets wind of traded account they ban them, no if ands or bts even if you're original owner, hell, as long as I have the log in information that is still more than enough
xFlackBaitx: um actually, its not illegal to trade accounts its illegal to sell them for money
xFlackBaitx: i never recieved any money
DestiDart: actually it is illegal to treade accounts if you don't mail them the CD key
xFlackBaitx: i dont know what you expect me to do
DestiDart: and since I still have all the e-mails to and from IGE about seling the account I'm pretty surte that's more then enough information that is needed
xFlackBaitx: im not the one that sold the account for real life money, i didnt break the rules
xFlackBaitx: you did
DestiDart: can you prove that?
xFlackBaitx: yes
DestiDart: what, send them this conversation? I'm sure they're get a kick out of you admitting you traded the account.
xFlackBaitx: as you said above they have blocked the paypal account that you used to recieve money from the account sale and you said they have your social security number.
xFlackBaitx: not my social security number
DestiDart: I woudln't give them paypal information
DestiDart: I would just forward the e-mails about the account being sold
DestiDart: the amount given
xFlackBaitx: from an email not registered to me? go for it
DestiDart: will do
xFlackBaitx: i really dont like how you have turned this whole ordeal into my fault
xFlackBaitx: and i think that its really low of you to do this type of thing. but whatever
xFlackBaitx: we all make our own decisons
DestiDart: well you are the one that recalled, and since I"m screwed over by your actions it only seems reasonable that I follow the chain of events. You can always just get the warrior banned like I will probably do to you. doesn't matter to me, I now have a warlock on pernolde lvl 60
xFlackBaitx: if you think that you are going to pressure me into just giving you my account info, im sorry to inform you that is not going to happen
DestiDart: nope
xFlackBaitx: and i only recalled after that account that i traded yes, i admit i traded for, was recalled.
DestiDart: trading is against the rules
xFlackBaitx: show me
DestiDart: but not putting it into someone's possession PERMANANTLY
DestiDart: let me bring up Terms of Service
xFlackBaitx: well you didnt PERMANANTLY put your account into my posession either
DestiDart: doesn't matter you still traded which will result in an account being banned, namely yours
xFlackBaitx: if you really feel that this is neccesary then go for it
xFlackBaitx: i just do not understand how getting my account banned will solve your problem
DestiDart: I'm not getting help one way or another, it's a domino effect I get screwed over you get screwed over, and then you could screw the warrior over
DestiDart: liker I said, domino affect
xFlackBaitx: but i dont want nor never intended to screw anyone over
DestiDart: that's funny you already have
xFlackBaitx: i was just not going to be left without and account
DestiDart: funny, now you will be

I dont know if i was in the wrong or not. But i would just like some help / advice from you guys here, sorry if this is the wrong forum, im just kind of confused as to whats going on and who is in the right.


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i don't think you did anything wrong. like you said, he COULD be the original owner and just have recalled and made up that story to try and get his account back. if not it's his fault for not getting the SQ & A and cd-key from the original user when he got that account.

not sure if you mentioned it but did you give him the SQ & A of your account? if so, he can prob get your account locked when he calls blizzard but that shouldn't be too much problem since you can always restore it

i would've done the same thing if i was in your situation so don't worry about it.