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Need Help!!


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Ok, to make a long story short, I basically bought a wow account. All was good for like 2 months, then the account info got changed, like the e-mail address, phone number, and password. I am pretty sure it is the guy that sold me the account. This happened about 3 times, him trying to steal it from me, and me calling Blizzard and changing the info back to my info. Basically account got locked, and they said I had to fill this form out and fax in a photocopy of the account holders id, I didn't have it so I just faked a school id to have the account name on it, I sent it in, got the account unlocked, for a month all was good, but then the account got locked again. Only this time they asked for the same stuff basically but additionally the cd-key and to have the stuff notarized. Still the account is locked because the guy that sold it to me wasn't the original owner either, is their anything I can do to get my account back?