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Selling [NA] Season 18 - Power Leveling / Greater Rift Packages / Item Farming

North America
Boosting, Farming, Leveling


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Discord contact: Rekt100x#2740


100% positive reputation on EpicNPC ensuring the safety for the buyers.
Contact via Discord for immediate response or send a direct message to arrange a service.


Power Leveling:
All these power leveling is done by you coming into our games, we do not log into your profile.
Level 1-70 fresh toon power level - $5 [20 minutes]
Paragon Level 1-300 - $20 [
20 minutes]
Paragon Level 300-500 - $20 [1 hour]
Paragon Level 500-600 - $15 [1 hour]
GR Level 90 single level clear - $2
[per run, $1 each after the 5th run, runs take 5min each]

Greater Rift Packages:
Like above we will not log in your profile but will ensure you have the items and the alterations to the stats to clear the levels below.
You follow us into Greater Rift runs and we farm gear for you to collect. Any extra gear you find along the

Greater Rift 75 Package - $40 [up to 2 hours]
Greater Rift 95 Package - $70 [up to 4 hours]
For an extra $5 we will log into your profile and complete the Greater Rift for you, this is the only time we will ever log into your profile.

Item Farming:
You follow us into a private game and we farm the caches/key bosses.
If you are purchases portals, we open the portal once you're in game and then leave so you may invite 3 others to clear..

5x Bounty Caches T16 - $5 [1 hour]
3x Uber Keys for each 4 portals -
$5 [20 minutes]
1x Treasure Vault Portal T16 -
$2 [1 minute] (will leave game after opening portal)
1x Cow Level Portal T16 -
$2 [1 minute] (will leave game after opening portal)
5x Speed running Greater Rift 75 for gear - $10 [30 minutes]


If you want something completed that is not listed above then send direct message with details on what you want done and we can work something out.


All the leveling is done while you play on your account, following our boosters within the game. We'll work out a time that works for you and get the job done. Each service will have a timeframe needed to complete that we can discuss prior to purchase so you have an idea of how long it would take, leveling jobs are already noted.

Payments are made via paypal prior to services rendered and comes with a guarantee within the timeframe agreed in private messages on whatever service is purchased as well as being protected via EpicNPC's and Paypal's ToS. The use the Trade Guardian is accepted if the buyer does not want to send direct through Paypal but the buyer will have to cover the forum middleman services fee. Refunds or partial refunds will be made if jobs have not started or have partial completion and the buyer requests cancellation during the service.

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