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Selling NA Exploror/Since launch/24 outfits!! Emergency vet bill/Account is $150!

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Price lower due to vet bill ,price will go back to $350 if not sold before i can pay it.

Been playing since launch off and on but haven't played in months,I just don't have the time anymore to play the game.
I hope this account goes to someone that will truly enjoy it,I put so much work into it.

Great family name,char names and great looking char's.
I hope that is a big deal to you as it is to me. ^^
Account has 24 full outfits in total,the only char with out one is the Archer.
Price is based on full outfits ( outfits are worth way over my asking price ) not any of my char Levels,time,skills,etc.
* $150 Pay Pal via friends and family only. *

Energy - 185.
Fam Fame 1796.
Gear on Archer Def 286.
2 tier 3 pets 6 tier ones with good skills.
2 mark maids 1 storage.
Workers 24 Pro 7, Skill 12,art 1.
Mount outfit 1. 4 tier 7 - 1 tier 8 i have other mounts but they are 6's and 5's.
I have advise of valks in random chars inv,more than listed here.
advise of valk +23/+17/+10/+15/+20/+45+30+35+25+16+27+23+26+20,3 golden bell,mount skill change,
,tri ultimate seleth crescent,duo enneadread,tri ultimare crow.
Tri Liverto staff,Tri ultimate steel dagger,Duo ultimate pri Aad sphera
tri ultimate yuria cross bow,duo ultimate krea
tri ultimate rosar,duo ultimate thron tree,duo ultimate rosar knot
shiny golden seal worker,etc.

DK Lv 52 - 2 full outfits.

Maehwa Lv 56 - 3 full outfits/glass's,gathering pro 2,cooking art 1,fishing skill 7,proc skill 5.

Sorc Lv 52 - 2 full outfits 1 body piece / lip ring.

Valk Lv 56 - 2 full outfits.Cooking pro 5,gathering skill 3

Wiz Lv 51 - 2 full outfits - 1 body piece.

Striker Lv 55 - 2 full outfits,fish skill 1,cooking skill 1.

Tamer Lv 56 - 2 full outfits,cooking pro 8,fish skill 4,processing skill 6.

Witch Lv 56 - 3 full outfits,
,gathering skill 10,fish pro 10,cooking pro 10,
pricessing skill 4,

Kuno Lv 46 - 1 full outfit,cooking pro 6.

Ranger Lv 54 - 1 full outfit.

Mystic Lv 56 - 1 full outfit.

DK Lv 56 - 1 full outfit/glasses.

Ranger Lv 50 - 1 full outfit 1 body piece + head piece,

Lahn Lv 56 - 1 full outfit,

Archer Lv 54,cooking pro 4.
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