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N0s855 Scammer


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Earlier today I was to buy him gold on the destromath server in exchange for his warrior account. I buy the gold and the warrior account info doesnt work so he freaks out and starts saying sorry. I tell him its fine...just get me an unused WoW key so he says alright. NOw that the gold was delivered he signs off aim and I have nothing.

Sgg049: Hey
MaryJaneBoarder: Get the gold?
Sgg049: Dude
Sgg049: They ran out of gold
Sgg049: on that server
Sgg049: all you gotta do is talk to them
Sgg049: and theyll refund right away
Sgg049: can you order from a trust worthy site?
MaryJaneBoarder: Yeah ill order somewhere else
MaryJaneBoarder: Did you ever find a key

MaryJaneBoarder: What did they say to you?
Sgg049: o look
Sgg049: ill copy and past it
Sgg049: paste*
Sgg049: Pre-order: PRE-ORDER INCENTIVE REWARD!!! Let's say you're lucky because we currently do not have enough stock inventory to cater this specific order that you have just placed. If you are still willing to pay for this order as a pre-order purchase, we will try our best to make the delivery within 24-72 hours with 5% additonal WoW gold sent to your ingame email account as bonus! Worst comes to worst, if we cannot make the delivery, we will send you a full refund on demand. On the other hand, if you don't want to wait at all, and would like to get a full refund immediately, please contact us by all means available (please first try click onto the Live Chat button on the right), we'd send you a full refund at once

Sgg049: on the payment page
Sgg049: And I ordered a cd key
Sgg049: should be here ASAP
MaryJaneBoarder: ok
Sgg049: you order the gold?
MaryJaneBoarder: Im talking to these dumbass chinese people
Sgg049: lol
MaryJaneBoarder: Allen: Welcome to our live chat service. How may I help you today?
Steven: Hello...I still have not received the gold I order, but on the payment page it has said that you have run out of gold on this server
Allen: One moment please. I will check for you.
Allen: we are sending gold to you now
Allen: maybe you can get in 4 hours
Steven: But on my order status it says that you have run out and its a preorder
MaryJaneBoarder: Now im waiting
Sgg049: ok
MaryJaneBoarder: so you ordered a key?
Sgg049: yeah

Sgg049: what'd he say
MaryJaneBoarder: nothing yet
MaryJaneBoarder: i hate these chinese gold farmers
MaryJaneBoarder: the site i normally buy from doesnt have any on your server
Sgg049: swag-vault?
MaryJaneBoarder: offgamers
Sgg049: oo
Sgg049: swag-vault doesnt have it on my server either
Sgg049: try mmosupplies or igxe
Sgg049: igxe is really nice
MaryJaneBoarder: I pasted what you said in there and the dumb guy hasnt said anything back
MaryJaneBoarder: lol
Sgg049: lol
Sgg049: be like answer me chink
Sgg049: hhaha
MaryJaneBoarder: Allen: i checked and we're sending gold to you
Sgg049: ogm
Sgg049: omg*
Sgg049: lol
Sgg049: let me go check
MaryJaneBoarder: He said it will be a few hours at the most and if we dont get it soon it will be 5% extra gold
Sgg049: few hours.... omg
Sgg049: can you cancle it
Sgg049: and get it from another site?
MaryJaneBoarder: Allen: i checked and we're sending gold to you
Steven: How long should I wait before contacting you again?
Allen: 4 hours later
Steven: Your guarantee says less than 5 minutes on average for delivery....This has been over 3 hours and you are saying it could take up to 4 more
MaryJaneBoarder: Im going to get you more gold than you wanted
Sgg049: are you serious?
Sgg049: You dont need to
MaryJaneBoarder: Yeah im going to ***** at them until they throw in free gold
MaryJaneBoarder: because on their site you see <10 minutes delivery
Sgg049: say, I will sue for false advertising
MaryJaneBoarder: You ever get the key yet?
MaryJaneBoarder: Steven: To me this is rediculous service and I most likely will never buy from your company again. To take this long for such a small order is outrageous
MaryJaneBoarder: Allen: but maybe you'll get it soon
MaryJaneBoarder: lol
MaryJaneBoarder: lmfao
Sgg049: haha
Sgg049: no I didnt
Sgg049: I ordered from them before
Sgg049: there quick
Sgg049: be here soon

MaryJaneBoarder: Steven: Getting it soon....I look on your site and I see
Sgg049: god
Sgg049: there annoying on that site
MaryJaneBoarder: aim wont paste what all i wro te
MaryJaneBoarder: <5 Minutes Delivery Guaranteed. Whats the deal? I want either a full refund, delivery in less than 5 minutes from now or some sort of compensation
MaryJaneBoarder: [censored] asians
MaryJaneBoarder: check and see if you got it
MaryJaneBoarder: Allen: we're sending but you need to queue ,so it may take you some time
MaryJaneBoarder: wtf is that supposed to mean?
MaryJaneBoarder: check your mail
Sgg049: back
Sgg049: kk
Sgg049: I was looking at a videio
Sgg049: later man, thanks for the gold
Sgg049 signed off at 7:22:16 PM.


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Heres a [censored] up conversation with daddy....

MaryJaneBoarder: ?
Sgg049: yes?
Sgg049: Who am I speaking with??
MaryJaneBoarder: I bought your gold...wheres my account or key?
Sgg049: Sir, or mam, I think you have contacted the wrong person. Are you trying to contact my son?
MaryJaneBoarder: Yes
MaryJaneBoarder: Maybe you can help me though.
Sgg049: Why, may I ask. I don't want him to speak
Sgg049: I think it is unsafe on the internet
MaryJaneBoarder: Your son was on a trading site for an online game. He contacted me asking if I would purchase him gold for the game world of warcraft in exchange for an account. I bought him the gold and he said he couldnt remember his account name and password and that he would buy me a blank cd key for the game instead. So I have the gold delivered to his character and he signs off and leaves me with nothing. Basically stealing from me.
MaryJaneBoarder: Ive got screenshots of our conversation to prove this
Sgg049: I highly doubt my son did this, he has parental control activated on this game
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.filmtalk.org/scammer2.JPG
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.filmtalk.org/scammer1.JPG
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.filmtalk.org/scammer.JPG
Sgg049: And how would he get ahold of my credit card
MaryJaneBoarder: I dont know, all Im saying is I talked with someone on this account. They asked me to buy gold in exchange for a game account for World of Warcraft
Sgg049: I think you are making this up, the name looks like it was written in thier with photoshop
Sgg049: I can't even read it
MaryJaneBoarder: Why dont you talk to your son? Where would I get your screen name out of the blue.
Sgg049: I have no idea
Sgg049: But it could be possible
Sgg049: It also could be possible my son did this
Sgg049: I'm sorry
Sgg049: I cannot help you
Sgg049: How old are you, sir or mam?
MaryJaneBoarder: Im 18
MaryJaneBoarder: Theres a few other people on this website that your son has ripped off
Sgg049: Intresting, how would he be able to do this
MaryJaneBoarder: Heres a link to the thread I posted about him http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/79197/an/0/page/0#79197
MaryJaneBoarder: Let me link you to his account and posts containing this screen name
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post79013
Sgg049: Sure
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post78780
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post78248
Sgg049: Wow, it certainly is him
MaryJaneBoarder: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/5912
Sgg049: Sorry, but there is nothing I can do
Sgg049: Can you do something for me ?
MaryJaneBoarder: Your son just lost me money and your saying there is nothing you can do?
Sgg049: The most I can do is lock the computer down with a password from him, and also you apoligize for me
Sgg049: Yes, there is nothing I can do
Sgg049: There isn't substantial proof
MaryJaneBoarder: Thats more than enough proof
Sgg049: Possibly, your opinion is your own
Sgg049: I think video games ruin lives, and well take people's money
Sgg049: They are a waste of time, energy, and money
MaryJaneBoarder: Would it be enough proof if I take note of your IP and contact your internet service provider about your son scamming people over the internet?
Sgg049: I am taking this away from him
Sgg049: I think a 18 year old, an adult, shouldn't be playing video games
MaryJaneBoarder: I think thats your opinion
Sgg049: And also, for such a small amount of money, nothing can be done
Sgg049: I am a lawyer
MaryJaneBoarder: But it doesnt change the fact that your son is a thief
MaryJaneBoarder: Hes stolen from numerous people
Sgg049: IFCC and any other internt fraud company only deal with theft over the sum of $20,000
Sgg049: Well, the most I will do and can do, is take away the computer and game from him
Sgg049: And for you to apoligize for me to everyone
Sgg049: That's all I can do
MaryJaneBoarder: How about you tell your son to mail me the gold I bought for him in game
MaryJaneBoarder: That would seem fair to me
MaryJaneBoarder: since I indeed paid for it
MaryJaneBoarder: If you want proof of that, I have it as well
Sgg049: I do not know how to access this game
MaryJaneBoarder: Have him do it
Sgg049: I doubt my son will tell me
Sgg049: He is at his mother's house
MaryJaneBoarder: Your the parent, use some authority
Sgg049: I am divorced
Sgg049: I will be on this program tommrow, my son will be here
MaryJaneBoarder: So your not denying that your son has ripped off many people? But you wont do anything about it?
Sgg049: I am not denying anything
Sgg049: Speak with me tommorow, and speak with him tommorow
Sgg049: Apoligize to everyone, and that's it
Sgg049: I can't do anything
MaryJaneBoarder: But you can do something.
MaryJaneBoarder: How old is your son?
Sgg049: 14
MaryJaneBoarder: As a punishment, make him refund me with his allowance. Dont simply ignore the situation and let him think its ok to keep doing this without any consequences
Sgg049: He doesn't have an allowance
Sgg049: I'll punish him, stop playing video games
Sgg049: Sorry, but I have to go
MaryJaneBoarder: this isnt right
MaryJaneBoarder: I take a loss because your son likes to steal and you dont feel like you should right your sons wrong
Sgg049: Yes
Sgg049: I am righting his wrong though
MaryJaneBoarder: Im sorry but thats [censored] up.
MaryJaneBoarder: No you arent
Sgg049: Stop playing videio games
Sgg049: Do not curse at me young man
MaryJaneBoarder: You've got to be kidding me
MaryJaneBoarder: Stop acting like your dad
Sgg049: Do not verbaly abuse me
Sgg049: I will prosecute
MaryJaneBoarder: No you wont
MaryJaneBoarder: If anyone would prosecute it would be me and the numerous other users of the form
MaryJaneBoarder: forum*
Sgg049: Sorry, but I have to go and file some law suits and call my client
MaryJaneBoarder: Your full of [censored]
Sgg049: Sorry, bye
Sgg049: I will contact you tommorw, and my son will
Sgg049: Fix this with my son
MaryJaneBoarder: You fix it with your son. Hes your problem. Discipline him
MaryJaneBoarder: Make him make this right
Sgg049: I will, tommrorow
Sgg049: When he is here
Sgg049: Bye
MaryJaneBoarder: Well then I guess I look forward to talking with you
Sgg049: Ok, bye
Sgg049: Have a good night
Sgg049 signed off at 8:18:17 PM.


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"Sgg049: Sorry, but I have to go and file some law suits and call my client"

My uncle is a criminal attorney, and from what I know lawyers don't just "go file some law suits and call ur client" . He speaks with all his clients in person, and never over the phone unless it's about something not very important. Plus with the whole young man stuff and I'll prosecute you for cursing at me b/s he sounds much like a mildy retarded 9yr old. Lookie dad i r win special olympics


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Tried to scam my hunter...

Sgg049 (10:58:20 PM): Hello
PhatM1290 (10:58:22 PM): hey
Sgg049 (10:58:27 PM): Did I speak with you alread?
Sgg049 (10:58:28 PM): About a trade?
Sgg049 (10:58:32 PM): Your name seems familiar
PhatM1290 (10:58:34 PM): dont think so
Sgg049 (10:58:39 PM): Ok, just curious
Sgg049 (10:58:52 PM): I am certainly interested in your account
Sgg049 (10:59:06 PM): druid
Sgg049 (10:59:07 PM): tauren
Sgg049 (10:59:12 PM): on Black hand, rank 7
Sgg049 (10:59:17 PM): 2/8 cenarion
Sgg049 (10:59:20 PM): mostly wild heart
Sgg049 (10:59:27 PM): glowing brightwood staff
PhatM1290 (10:59:31 PM): nice
PhatM1290 (10:59:39 PM): how much gold
Sgg049 (11:00:17 PM): 173
Sgg049 (11:00:22 PM): Adn has epic mount
Sgg049 (11:00:26 PM): I am desperate for a hunter
PhatM1290 (11:00:35 PM): cool
Sgg049 (11:01:16 PM): May we use a middle-man?
PhatM1290 (11:01:25 PM): sure
Sgg049 (11:01:56 PM): One second
Sgg049 (11:03:44 PM): ok
Sgg049 (11:03:47 PM): Want to proceed with this
PhatM1290 (11:04:03 PM): yup
Sgg049 (11:04:17 PM): ok, one second
Sgg049 (11:05:26 PM): My Middle-Man is speaking with you
Sgg049 (11:05:30 PM): or is going to right now
PhatM1290 (11:05:32 PM): hold on
Sgg049 (11:05:34 PM): Sure
Sgg049 (11:09:03 PM): The neg feedback on me is rediculius
Sgg049 (11:09:05 PM): just read it
Sgg049 (11:09:17 PM): And I did not ***** at him as said
Sgg049 (11:12:14 PM): Is everything allright?
PhatM1290 (11:14:29 PM): yea
PhatM1290 (11:14:30 PM): im back
Sgg049 (11:14:35 PM): Ok
Sgg049 (11:23:28 PM): Is everything going ok?
PhatM1290 (11:29:40 PM): im not giving out SQ&A sorry
Sgg049 (11:29:43 PM): Why not?
PhatM1290 (11:29:54 PM): because im not comfortable with hit
Sgg049 (11:30:07 PM): why not?
Sgg049 (11:30:10 PM): I will give mine
PhatM1290 (11:30:26 PM): still
Sgg049 (11:30:39 PM): Man, I am desperate for this hunter
PhatM1290 (11:30:53 PM): i will still trade without giving out SQ&A
Sgg049 (11:32:15 PM): ok
Sgg049 (11:32:29 PM): How do I know you will not recall...?
PhatM1290 (11:33:12 PM): i wouldnt
PhatM1290 (11:33:38 PM): but if theres a problem we can settle in on AIM
Sgg049 (11:33:41 PM): I would truly appreciate it
PhatM1290 (11:37:11 PM): would you still trade?
Sgg049 (11:37:37 PM): i dont thing so
PhatM1290 (11:37:41 PM): ok
Sgg049 (11:37:56 PM): I really want to
Sgg049 (11:37:58 PM): bujt man
Sgg049 (11:37:59 PM): seriously
Sgg049 (11:38:19 PM): I'd give you my account for 200g
Sgg049 (11:38:31 PM): acutalyl 100g
PhatM1290 (11:38:49 PM): ?
Sgg049 (11:49:26 PM): bi
PhatM1290 (11:49:32 PM): ???
Sgg049 (11:49:35 PM): none likes you anymore
Sgg049 (11:49:37 PM): on ur server
Sgg049 (11:49:42 PM): i dont nio why
Sgg049 (11:49:46 PM): I said stuff about niggers
Sgg049 (11:49:50 PM): and quit the guild
Sgg049 (11:49:52 PM): and beaners
PhatM1290 (11:49:53 PM): cool
Sgg049 (11:49:55 PM): and how god hates tehm
Sgg049 (11:49:58 PM): and stuff
Sgg049 (11:50:06 PM): and tehy siad report me
Sgg049 (11:50:13 PM): I was like whY? Cuz its true?
PhatM1290 (11:50:20 PM): thats cool
PhatM1290 (11:50:26 PM): you have fun?

this was the so called "Middleman" who told him my info without telling me his...

b e f a l I e n (11:05:01 PM): So, I'll be MMing for you and Sgg?
PhatM1290 (11:05:29 PM): i guess
b e f a l I e n (11:05:38 PM): Okay - are you comfortable with it first off all?
b e f a l I e n (11:05:40 PM): That's important
PhatM1290 (11:06:33 PM): duno, not really
PhatM1290 (11:06:36 PM): whats your username
b e f a l I e n (11:07:58 PM): My markee UN?
PhatM1290 (11:08:03 PM): yea
b e f a l I e n (11:08:41 PM): Ravenmage
b e f a l I e n (11:11:55 PM): So?
PhatM1290 (11:14:14 PM): ok
PhatM1290 (11:14:14 PM): hi
b e f a l I e n (11:14:25 PM): You ready to do this?
PhatM1290 (11:14:33 PM): sure
b e f a l I e n (11:14:39 PM): Alright
b e f a l I e n (11:15:24 PM): k one sec
b e f a l I e n (11:15:31 PM): You have SQA?
PhatM1290 (11:15:38 PM): yes
b e f a l I e n (11:16:51 PM): k
b e f a l I e n (11:18:16 PM): k, his is a Druid on Blackhand.. this what he told you?
PhatM1290 (11:18:28 PM): yup
b e f a l I e n (11:18:30 PM): kk.
b e f a l I e n (11:18:40 PM): So, SQA? With phone number and all
PhatM1290 (11:18:45 PM): yea
PhatM1290 (11:22:31 PM): ......
b e f a l I e n (11:23:22 PM): Uh
b e f a l I e n (11:23:25 PM): waiting on you
b e f a l I e n (11:23:30 PM): to give full SQA info
PhatM1290 (11:23:40 PM): im not giving that info out...
b e f a l I e n (11:23:48 PM): Then you could just simply recall on him
b e f a l I e n (11:23:54 PM): That kinda puts my MMing in jeopardy
PhatM1290 (11:24:09 PM): in case i get scammed, no way
b e f a l I e n (11:24:27 PM): Then you could recall on him
PhatM1290 (11:24:33 PM): he could recall on my as well
PhatM1290 (11:24:39 PM): *me
b e f a l I e n (11:24:42 PM): I have his SQA info
b e f a l I e n (11:24:47 PM): It all checks out, bro
PhatM1290 (11:25:14 PM): well i guess no trade then because im not giving out my SQ&A
b e f a l I e n (11:25:29 PM): Before you back out.
b e f a l I e n (11:25:49 PM): Theres not many reliable people you can do business with that wont trade without SQA
PhatM1290 (11:26:08 PM): ive traded with many people that never gave out their SQ&A
b e f a l I e n (11:26:17 PM): Most likely because they are orig. owners.
b e f a l I e n (11:26:22 PM): arent
PhatM1290 (11:27:33 PM): well its not my fault
PhatM1290 (11:27:37 PM): i just dont want to get scammed
b e f a l I e n (11:27:52 PM): There's no hunter on this account anyhow, dude.
PhatM1290 (11:28:01 PM): yea there is
b e f a l I e n (11:28:05 PM): What server.. ?
PhatM1290 (11:28:10 PM): server: Llane
b e f a l I e n (11:28:18 PM): Checking.
b e f a l I e n (11:28:27 PM): Thats the point of a MM
b e f a l I e n (11:28:29 PM): so you dont get scammed
b e f a l I e n (11:28:47 PM): Atleast you know you'll always have this account and it cant recalled because youll have his sqa
PhatM1290 (11:28:53 PM): yea
b e f a l I e n (11:30:02 PM): So..Wanna reconsider?
PhatM1290 (11:30:13 PM): nope, not giving it out
b e f a l I e n (11:30:21 PM): That's unfortunate :-\
b e f a l I e n (11:30:43 PM): Nothing I can do to change your mind?
b e f a l I e n (11:30:46 PM): or make you feel safer?
PhatM1290 (11:31:00 PM): dont think so
b e f a l I e n (11:31:12 PM): Alright man
b e f a l I e n (11:31:14 PM): Peace then
b e f a l I e n signed off at 11:38:24 PM.


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WTF since when do people start using my markee name! im not even well known..wtf..i dont have an AIM name beffalen, the only aim i have is the only aim i ever post