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Most ambitious lost ark bot yet? Currently free

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Hey folks,

been working on this bot for ~ 2 weeks now, started for personal purposes, continued for fun, and now I just cant stop thinking about new things to add or improve. Currently it features:

- Fully Clearing Stage 1 and 2, including big guy if the user wants to
- A whole lot of customization in the UI
- Custom Rotation tab to set your own rotation if you dont want to use the premade one
- Autorepair
- Different pathing for every stage, alot of things based on image detection
- Supports Transform Classes, Mayhem mode..
- Fishing Script
- Lopang Script
- Unstucking
- Pause and resume the script as you go
- Statistics can be printed either mid run or upon terminating, average time for stages, bosses killed, potions used, boss killrate, total runtime

With a decent class you can expect around 200-300 guardian stones an hour and between 1200-1400 shards. Not all classes are fully premade supported yet, especially gunslinger because of his tedious switching gun ability needs work. But thats the reason its free, I wont ask money until its absolutely perfect. Feel free to check it out!

https://[Social group links not allowed]/R5n7QckFTW
I would very much like to try this out, but unfortunately I don't see how to actually get it :(
Could you assist please?
Shard Of Purification
Hey, goddamn I dont even remember making this post. The bot looks alot different now haha.
You can message me on discord and ill inv you; Shard Of Purification#0921
However I should probably mention this post is very old and the bot is NOT free to use anymore.
Forgot to add some pictures, here you go -


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