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srry for the lengthyness of the convo, but i just wana clear up to every1 that im not a scammer, in fact i have alrdy posted about being DE'd and all

i only found out about this sitaution tonight, and it was not my fault, and im srry it happened, but i wud like this settled and the irrational negative removed

i have nvr scammed any1, and nvr will, i beleive i was very logical and by the end was very reasonable about this, i have nothing to fear legally, but its up to every1 else to decide their opinion i guess.

heres the convo completely unedited or cut

TheSkunkist: meh, i found out ur the original owner of the epic warrior i had, u recalled it from me... and ur expecting to think ur right in accusing me in this matter? Suck a [censored] please. I bought the account for 220 usd, [censored], ur the [censored] scammer, wait till i report this, u somehow sold it to someone else who sold it to me, or u sold it to me using a different aim, [censored] [censored], now i lost my money
WhitestAfrOcan21: [censored] r u talking about
WhitestAfrOcan21: its my warrior
WhitestAfrOcan21: i traded for it
TheSkunkist: the warrior i had, was somehow urs

WhitestAfrOcan21: wat gear
TheSkunkist: well someone ended up selling it to me...
WhitestAfrOcan21: name the gear plz
TheSkunkist: its the ne warrior
WhitestAfrOcan21: wat was there aim
TheSkunkist: sec lemme check,
TheSkunkist: fenix something
TheSkunkist: anyways, some guy, not sure who, probably you? Used different aims to contact me and sell me this account,
WhitestAfrOcan21: ZOMFG
TheSkunkist: He said he was the original owner
WhitestAfrOcan21: WAT A [censored] PRICK
WhitestAfrOcan21: he said he was honorlvling me
WhitestAfrOcan21: DE'd all the gear
TheSkunkist: Who the [censored]?
WhitestAfrOcan21: some random guy
WhitestAfrOcan21: supposed to be HLing me
TheSkunkist: [censored]... whos acc was it, it got recalled on me
TheSkunkist: his or urs..
WhitestAfrOcan21: its mine
WhitestAfrOcan21: he said he was honorlvling it
WhitestAfrOcan21: for 5 hours
TheSkunkist: you sold it to him?
WhitestAfrOcan21: wen i got home it was DE'd
WhitestAfrOcan21: and i guess fake sold to u
TheSkunkist: omfg...
TheSkunkist: im gonna file a paypal complaint
TheSkunkist: this is [censored]...he said he was original owner
WhitestAfrOcan21: yes he is a huge scammer
WhitestAfrOcan21: and im srry that u had to go thru this
WhitestAfrOcan21: ill remove my negative
TheSkunkist: meh, np, i just want my money back, thats a lot of money on my side
WhitestAfrOcan21: and complaint against u
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya i lost 20 bucks too
WhitestAfrOcan21: wat a [censored] bag
TheSkunkist: meh... that sucks, gonna try to get my 220 back
TheSkunkist: thats lame,
TheSkunkist: thought the account was really mines
TheSkunkist: he also said he will give me sa sq, cd key, in 2 days etc after he transferred money to his bank acc
TheSkunkist: so a day later, it gets recalled...
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
WhitestAfrOcan21: he bascially said that cuz he was counting on me giving it to him in a cuple days
WhitestAfrOcan21: but i wasnt going to
TheSkunkist: good thing im verified now
TheSkunkist: probably paypal will take my side
TheSkunkist: but its a virtual good, and i might not get my refund
TheSkunkist: im [censored] pissed
TheSkunkist: can i have the warr acc lol, i paid for it...
TheSkunkist: got any spare accs?
WhitestAfrOcan21: yes
TheSkunkist: i dont think i can buy another acc, til next month, paycheck
WhitestAfrOcan21: i have a bunch
TheSkunkist: any ones u dont want i can play with?
WhitestAfrOcan21: im trading most of em
WhitestAfrOcan21: u can dispute
WhitestAfrOcan21: and ull win
WhitestAfrOcan21: just dont say its virtual
TheSkunkist: tried that , done it, failed. I bought a star wars galaxies jedi a year ago, pre - nge, got recalled in 2 days, 'virtual good'
TheSkunkist: if i get my money back
TheSkunkist: are u selling that warrior?
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
WhitestAfrOcan21: u just say it wasnt a virtual good
TheSkunkist: well he can argue that it was
TheSkunkist: if he writes an essay proving it was, im no way near getting it back
TheSkunkist: but, ill try
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya try
WhitestAfrOcan21: how did u have 500 kil jaedan gold?

TheSkunkist: meh, gonna buy off ebay from now on
TheSkunkist: 500 Gold?
TheSkunkist: what u talkin about?
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
TheSkunkist: never had 500 kil jadedan or whateveer gold, and even if i said it, it was something someone else told me that they would give to me,
WhitestAfrOcan21: o
WhitestAfrOcan21: well will u send that money that i spent on the gold back?
TheSkunkist: no and never
TheSkunkist: not until i get my 220 back
WhitestAfrOcan21: well it wasnt my fault u took goods before knowing the sitaution
TheSkunkist: well it isint my fault the account got recalled by you...
WhitestAfrOcan21: I DIDNT RECALL IT
TheSkunkist: meh its ur acc
WhitestAfrOcan21: i was being scammed by that guy
TheSkunkist: and he scammed me...
WhitestAfrOcan21: my friend recalled it
TheSkunkist: so how are u blaming me for the 100g?
TheSkunkist: he is linked to u before i ever met u
WhitestAfrOcan21: cuz u said u were providing me 500g
WhitestAfrOcan21: but u nvr did
TheSkunkist: lies,
WhitestAfrOcan21: i provided u ur share
TheSkunkist: i mentioned
TheSkunkist: didnt say i woudl
WhitestAfrOcan21: [censored] r u talking about
WhitestAfrOcan21: i said id give u 100g
WhitestAfrOcan21: for 500g
WhitestAfrOcan21: u agreed
TheSkunkist: nope
TheSkunkist: i dont recall it
TheSkunkist: u wanted the warrior
WhitestAfrOcan21: no i wanted the gold
TheSkunkist: i dont remember that
WhitestAfrOcan21: then i was gonna give u another 100 for the warr
WhitestAfrOcan21: well screw u then, ur lying, u can keep ur negative on markee and the 5 others ur gonna get
TheSkunkist: yea im not gonna refund u until i get "my" warrior account back, since i paid for it, or my money
TheSkunkist: yep, i dont give a [censored], ill make my self clear there that ur the scammer
TheSkunkist: ur probably the same lunatic
TheSkunkist: the one who sold it to me
TheSkunkist: stupid son of a [censored]
TheSkunkist: im gonna give u a neg too, gl
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok w.e, i have this convo saved
WhitestAfrOcan21: i didnt sell it to u
WhitestAfrOcan21: i know the OO
TheSkunkist: Who knows?
WhitestAfrOcan21: he is a personal friend
WhitestAfrOcan21: he gave the acct to me
TheSkunkist: I dont know?
WhitestAfrOcan21: y wud i want to trade u 100g and give it to u for my own warrior that i alrdy planned to recall
TheSkunkist: All that matters is that the warrior was mine since i paid for it
WhitestAfrOcan21: that doesnt make sense [censored]
WhitestAfrOcan21: no it wasnt, u didnt buy it from me, u bought it from a scammer
WhitestAfrOcan21: i wud lose 20 dollars no matter wat
TheSkunkist: Its ur account regardless you admit it or not, i have people from whom i found out
TheSkunkist: so suck a [censored] [censored]
TheSkunkist: i lost way more then what u lost
TheSkunkist: [censored] [censored]
TheSkunkist: and im having a feeling ur responsible
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok well im not
TheSkunkist: u want to fix this on phone?
TheSkunkist: want to call me?
WhitestAfrOcan21: y wud i want to call u
WhitestAfrOcan21: wat wud that do
TheSkunkist: aight want my nubmer?
WhitestAfrOcan21: so i can say it wasnt me?
WhitestAfrOcan21: u wanna log on the warrior right now?

WhitestAfrOcan21: and see that he is disenchanted
WhitestAfrOcan21: y wud i disenchant my own warrior
WhitestAfrOcan21: that doesnt make sense
WhitestAfrOcan21: his gear was deleted by the same wierdo who scammed u
TheSkunkist: im done with you, go [censored] urself scammer. First you sell me the warrior, then you recall it, now your admitting it wasint you...
WhitestAfrOcan21: this is the whole story in its entirity
WhitestAfrOcan21: i was gonna trade my rogue to fenix for honorlvling
WhitestAfrOcan21: i left for 6 hours
WhitestAfrOcan21: wen i got home he had obviously sold it to u
WhitestAfrOcan21: so i recalled
WhitestAfrOcan21: at that point i discovered his gear was ggone
WhitestAfrOcan21: the account is now being reviewed by blizzard
WhitestAfrOcan21: who r going to restore my gear hopefully at some point
WhitestAfrOcan21: maybe not
WhitestAfrOcan21: i have no idea
WhitestAfrOcan21: i have nvr recieved a pay pal payment
WhitestAfrOcan21: ever
WhitestAfrOcan21: idk how but u can check my records
WhitestAfrOcan21: the guy who was supposed to have honorlvled me disapeared
WhitestAfrOcan21: and i didnt know anything ahd happened other than he had deleted my gear
WhitestAfrOcan21: until 5 mins ago
WhitestAfrOcan21: its not my fault at all
WhitestAfrOcan21: i lost a warrior too
WhitestAfrOcan21: its that fenix guys fault
WhitestAfrOcan21: u can check our IPs
WhitestAfrOcan21: they dont match
WhitestAfrOcan21: if i havnt convinced u then there is nothing i can say that will
WhitestAfrOcan21: becuz that is the whole story as far as i know it
WhitestAfrOcan21: if i were u i wud recall ur payment
WhitestAfrOcan21: just like i have to try to get my gear back
WhitestAfrOcan21: i have numerour scammer posts about being DE'd and about fenix
TheSkunkist: check markee
TheSkunkist: sucker
TheSkunkist: i posted my point of view on this case
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok grats, i didnt scam u, i have made about 13 honest deals thru markee, i have lots and lots of people to vouge for me
WhitestAfrOcan21: we can work this out and decide that neither of us r at fualt
WhitestAfrOcan21: or u can try to blame me based on made of opinionns in ur mind
WhitestAfrOcan21: im not gonna have a lame forum fight with u
WhitestAfrOcan21: wats done is done, i didnt scam u, it wudnt make sense, and im not blaming u either
WhitestAfrOcan21: im srry u lost 220 dollars
WhitestAfrOcan21: i lost a warrior
TheSkunkist: im done with u , u accuse me ? i accuse you, from what i know or case ur probably the same person who sold me the account
TheSkunkist: matter a fact im sure that your the one responsible for this situation
TheSkunkist: gl [censored]
TheSkunkist: hope u burn in hell
TheSkunkist: a) i dont know what u are talking about b) u getting ur account deleted is not my fault c) im glad it happend to u since it is what u deserve for successfully stealing away my hard worked money.
TheSkunkist: gonna make this a legal matter via paypal
WhitestAfrOcan21: u know wat
WhitestAfrOcan21: do it
WhitestAfrOcan21: becuz it wont affect me
WhitestAfrOcan21: cuz its not my pay pal
WhitestAfrOcan21: i cud care less
TheSkunkist: haha we will see
WhitestAfrOcan21: its probably a random kid in cali for all i know
WhitestAfrOcan21: honestly i hope u get ur money back
WhitestAfrOcan21: but it wont be from me
TheSkunkist: negative for a negative, thats what u wanted eh? done
WhitestAfrOcan21: becuz its not my pay pal
WhitestAfrOcan21: i dont care
WhitestAfrOcan21: my markee rep is fine
WhitestAfrOcan21: ive nvr scammed any1
WhitestAfrOcan21: or will
TheSkunkist: ive never scammed anyone too
WhitestAfrOcan21: so i dont care if some little kid with a narrow mind gives me a neg
TheSkunkist: yet u accuse and harass me
TheSkunkist: so really it wont make me believe u
WhitestAfrOcan21: no i didnt
TheSkunkist: any better
TheSkunkist: if u accuse me of scamming u, i accuse u of scamming me
TheSkunkist: vice versa
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok
WhitestAfrOcan21: well i revoked it
WhitestAfrOcan21: i gave u 100g
WhitestAfrOcan21: then i thought u bounced
TheSkunkist: meh, 100g 20 bucks is nothing compared to the amount i lost
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok
TheSkunkist: matter a fact, u can do a lot with my 220 dollars
WhitestAfrOcan21: well i lost a warrior
WhitestAfrOcan21: worth 220
WhitestAfrOcan21: so its the same thing
WhitestAfrOcan21: u wanna log on him and see he has no gear?
TheSkunkist: meh, like i said, who knows who has the money sitting around in their paypal?
TheSkunkist: no i dont, i dont want to get involved in this matter, i will solve it through paypal
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok good
WhitestAfrOcan21: cuz it wont affect me
TheSkunkist: or local police department
WhitestAfrOcan21: seriously do it
TheSkunkist: yep i will
WhitestAfrOcan21: im not worried
WhitestAfrOcan21: at all
TheSkunkist: there isint nothing stopping me
WhitestAfrOcan21: ok
WhitestAfrOcan21: they will track the person via their CC in paypal
WhitestAfrOcan21: and it will not end up on my doorstep
WhitestAfrOcan21: becuz it wasnt me
WhitestAfrOcan21: ive alrdy said i hope u get ur money back
TheSkunkist: we will see
TheSkunkist: relax
WhitestAfrOcan21: wud a scammer say that?
TheSkunkist: possible
WhitestAfrOcan21: if i was the person who did it
TheSkunkist: for all u care is that u have my money
WhitestAfrOcan21: i wud be freaking out
WhitestAfrOcan21: i dont have ur money
WhitestAfrOcan21: thats a fact
WhitestAfrOcan21: ive aldy offered to settle this and get it over
WhitestAfrOcan21: and u can make ur legal dispute
WhitestAfrOcan21: and have ur justic
WhitestAfrOcan21: just not on me
WhitestAfrOcan21: cuz it wasnt me
TheSkunkist: we will see
TheSkunkist: who it was
TheSkunkist: give me ur phone number then
TheSkunkist: i want to talk to u
TheSkunkist: what do u have to hide?
TheSkunkist: good luck with the dispute
TheSkunkist: also , enjoy the neg feedback
WhitestAfrOcan21: u tracking me thru my phone number and killing me in my sleep
TheSkunkist: you deserved it
WhitestAfrOcan21: cuz u sound a bit crazed

idk wat u guys think, but ive made alot of fair trades on this site and have many people to speak for my honesty.

my aim is whitestafrocan21 if u have any ?s

i just wanna clear this up, becuz skunkist doesnt seem to want to


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o just to clear up, wen i say "my friend recalled it" wat i mean is that i am not the OO of the acct, my friend in RL is, so wen i found out the HLer had DE'd my gear i told him to recall the account. I am not saying there that my friend sold him the acct and recalled, i just noticed that that cud have been taken the wrong way.