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mirtra 75 Rdm blm for sale


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i`m saleing my account cause i need to do Rl things
race kitty 75 rdm blm 37 whm drk nin and 39 smn all af1 for rdm and blm af2 body and hands for rdm Crimson hand legs which makes u run faster and feet.Zenith Mitts only good thing missing i got head and legs.about 12-16m in gear/items.6.5m in gil
i done full merits for rdm and blk + hp and mp merits and lots more.7/8 enfeeling magic + Dex 1+ int +2
done all sky missions
8.4 on sea the hard parts are done
will send cd/codes
send price ur willing to pay by paypal
any qustions ask