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MG1910 is not a scammer (HE MADE A MISTAKE SORRY)


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Oh dude f off I go through all this trouble

DesolationEra (7:22:17 PM): Hello sir and congradutions you have just won a free level 60 of your choice. While The character is completely naked you are free to do what you'd like with it you just have to answer a few of the following questions
DesolationEra (7:23:48 PM): are you interested in accepting your offer please respond within the next 7 minutes or the offer will be passed off to the next randomly chosen member.
DesolationEra (7:25:36 PM): 5 Minutes currently remaining on this offer
MG1910 went away at 7:27:09 PM.
DesolationEra (7:28:51 PM): 2 minutes sir
MG1910 returned at 7:32:15 PM.
MG1910 (7:33:17 PM): sry back
DesolationEra (7:33:27 PM): just in time
DesolationEra (7:33:30 PM): Luckly my time was ahead
DesolationEra (7:33:39 PM): you had not but 40 seconds left!
DesolationEra (7:33:48 PM): First I would like to ask on what server and what class you would like?
MG1910 (7:34:37 PM): um
MG1910 (7:34:40 PM): cenarius
MG1910 (7:34:45 PM): gnome mage
DesolationEra (7:34:51 PM): Alright
DesolationEra (7:35:08 PM): what would you like the account name and password and SQ and SQA to be
MG1910 (7:35:58 PM): um
DesolationEra (7:36:28 PM): note the password is able to be changed when you recieve the account
MG1910 (7:36:39 PM): mlg604 name pass- borat987 sq- favorite activity -answer basketball
DesolationEra (7:36:51 PM): 1 moment please
DesolationEra (7:37:47 PM): I regret to inform you that we currently only have MALE gnome mages
DesolationEra (7:37:50 PM): Is this ok?
MG1910 (7:37:58 PM): np i want a male =)
MG1910 (7:38:51 PM): when will it be done?
DesolationEra (7:39:08 PM): Just arranging it now
DesolationEra (7:39:16 PM): We have to transfer it off of one of are accounts
DesolationEra (7:39:38 PM): This contest was bought to you By www.ige.com the Most reliable gold and account service on the internet
MG1910 (7:40:01 PM): cool if this actually works i will tell people about it
DesolationEra (7:40:21 PM): Now I Will need the following
first and last name
Telephone number
Amount of time you've been A MD member
Quality Of service from 1-10
MG1910 (7:40:51 PM): um sry i cant provide you with that info.
MG1910 (7:41:01 PM): is it necessary
DesolationEra (7:41:41 PM): It is neccisary for our Documentation I can Assure your Information will not be broadcasted we just must put this down and have a call to confirm that it is in fact you recieving the prize.
DesolationEra (7:41:58 PM): The Quality of service is not neccisary but much appreciated
DesolationEra (7:44:08 PM): I need it to finalise you obtaining your prize
MG1910 (7:44:30 PM): i can give you my number and rate this service and give me age but thats it sry
DesolationEra (7:46:13 PM): First and last name age Could be discluded I could put in a false one just cause you've been so compliant
MG1910 (7:47:06 PM): ok
MG1910 (7:47:24 PM): ok i can give you the info
DesolationEra (7:47:28 PM): ok thank you
MG1910 (7:47:34 PM): what exactly do you want sry
DesolationEra (7:48:12 PM): First name last name phone number adress how long you've been a marquee member
MG1910 (7:48:33 PM): Mike Fionella
DesolationEra (7:48:40 PM): We understand that you may be skeptical about the release of this information but it is used to crossreference all the information
DesolationEra (7:48:50 PM): Like they said no such thing as a free lunch ?
DesolationEra (7:48:52 PM): .*
MG1910 (7:49:18 PM): 203-387-8940 14 bear hill rd
MG1910 (7:49:22 PM): CT
MG1910 (7:49:30 PM): member for 1 month
DesolationEra (7:49:44 PM): might i ask what the ct was
DesolationEra (7:49:51 PM): Cresent?
MG1910 (7:50:04 PM): connecticut
DesolationEra (7:50:13 PM): Ah thank you
DesolationEra (7:50:42 PM): just one moment
MG1910 (7:50:48 PM): ok
DesolationEra (7:51:08 PM): confirmation call
DesolationEra (7:51:34 PM): You do not take Unidentified calls

and then you say he's not a scammer... after i got all of his info .... sigh