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Mezzcal made accidentally -1 feedback, then asked to change into +1 or delete:


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Dear epicNPC staff!

Mezzcal accidentally proceeded -1 feedback, then asked moderator and opened dispute to remove the feedback or change to possitive.

Here is a dispute: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/change-feedback-please.1930419/

He asked Keynin moderator also to fix this issue:

keynin Tuesday at 10:57 PM


    Mezzcal was talking with You to change the feedback to possitive but it's still visible as negative. Only sentense and content has been changed to "edit". How can we do this to change to possitive or just remove feed. made by mistake, so we will be able to exchange new ones ?
    He can only edit what the comment said within a given period, but not the rating. To change the rating a dispute would have to be opened as Mods can’t change feedback.
  • I asked him to open a feedback dispute so CM can correct it.
    Also should I show our discord chat where we agreed on this ?
    If you are opening the dispute, go ahead and use staff tags. Or ask the CM to review your chat between you and him to confirm.
No replies from CM tho.

Please, review this and change to possitive or delete the current feedback.

Dariusz G-A
Report ip hash: d7f0e8b0298e3e612df53f