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MCwarcraft is his aim name and he just scammed my freind for a hunter. Beware of this guy because he has postive feedback. Just giving you some headsup


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Well, I don't know who your "friend" is, but I have not now, nor have I ever, scammed anyone out of a Hunter. The only Hunter I've ever traded was last night, to a member of MD, whom I left +feedback for, and I'm sure he could have made this post for himself if it was true.

This hunter was supposedly recalled, so I'm looking into it. Meanwhile, he has his character back in his posession, and I'm speaking to him on AIM as I type this.

Yeah, I'm a scammer.

I'd like this thread/post deleted or edited, if possible. When people see this type of thing, fake or not, it gives them a horrible first impression of a person. I will leave negative feedback with the thread starter if this stays up in it's current state.

Thank you.

Edit* I also just noticed that positive feedback was left for me tonite, about the account in question, from this person.