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mcrismon - scammer, *sigh*


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Kakikitsine: dude...seriously. all your doing is wasting my time, so really, do anything you want on the acct, but its gonna be mine in a few hours, recalled with everything back in place, all that fun stuff. so basically all your doing is wasting time, and getting bad rep on the trading sites.
mcrismon: it didnt work?
mcrismon: here
mcrismon: try this
Kakikitsine: nope
mcrismon: horde
mcrismon: 60 warrior
Kakikitsine: nope
mcrismon: dragonkiller99/reising1
mcrismon: im serious
mcrismon: try it
mcrismon: it works
mcrismon: Khadgar
mcrismon: normal server
Kakikitsine: i dont want a 60 warrior
mcrismon: lol
Kakikitsine: i wanted the 58 warrior
Kakikitsine: so basically
Kakikitsine: your wasting my time
Kakikitsine: and getting
Kakikitsine: bad rep
Kakikitsine: on the sites
mcrismon: i dont want to trade
mcrismon: im just doing BG dude
mcrismon: lemmie do BG
Kakikitsine: i dont care man, its gonna be mine
Kakikitsine: and im copying all this fun stuff to the sites
mcrismon: im in battlegrounded
mcrismon: okay cool
mcrismon: cus i dont trade accts any way
mcrismon: lol
Kakikitsine: haha fun
mcrismon: but ya
mcrismon: ur shaman has good gear
mcrismon: the brain hacker is 1337
Kakikitsine: thats nice
mcrismon: r u mad?
mcrismon: i still love you...
Kakikitsine: seriously, you dont have the info, why do you scam?
mcrismon: what info?
Kakikitsine: everybody can get accounts back
Kakikitsine: so
mcrismon: i know that
Kakikitsine: basically all ur doing is wasting time
Kakikitsine: wasting life trying to get a fix on a 60 char
mcrismon: but its fun to play them in battle grounds then quit ur guild then delete all ur gear
Kakikitsine: lol what did i say
Kakikitsine: see theres this thing
Kakikitsine: where i can recall
mcrismon: acct re call doesnt get items back
Kakikitsine: everything
Kakikitsine: by calling
Kakikitsine: blizzard
Kakikitsine: lol
Kakikitsine: lolol
mcrismon: by giving out ur info
mcrismon: lawl
mcrismon: were selling ur gear and giving the gold to n00bs
mcrismon: lawl
Kakikitsine: lol
mcrismon: lol
mcrismon: im 11
mcrismon: i dont trade acts
mcrismon: deleted ur epic mount
mcrismon: lawl
mcrismon: uc ant recall when we sell it to a merchant


Not Phone Verified
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If you can prove that it was someone else who sold that gear to vendors and all then you can get it back but if u cant prove sum1 else did it then they'll only let you do your limited reimbursements