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Accepting PayPal, BTC, PaySafeCards, Steam wallet cards/items.

MHW,R6S, GTA V,SCUM,PUBG,RUST and other games available for cheap.

Discount for BTC Payments

Skype live:maxsmurfs1

Discord : MaxSmurfs#9217

Check out our PUBG thread HERE.

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Everthing worked good

after some talk with maxsmurf my problems got solved and i got my account +rep (y)
there was some trouble with my order but after he resent the delivery mail everthing worked fine(y)
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Please check email for delivery, if its still not delivered drop your order id in dm here or on discord MaxSmurfs#9217.
Brought an account r6 account. haven't received.. and i have been blocked from making a ticket on the site..

Edit) Got The account
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is the site still active??????? i have purchased an account and still havent recieved anything...its been 3 hrs+

Edit :- All sorted... Nice guy
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Yes its active, please dm me your order id if the item wasn't delivered instant
i bought the csgo account and haven't recived it in 1 hour
i recived it now i am so happy it took a little time but it is worth it best site ever i will use again very trusted
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has this guy vanished? multiple people reporting not receiving accounts and my friend has the same issue

edit: my friend received his account
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Ordered an account from them via Paypal. Account was not received instantly.

Still haven't had contact from anyone or received the account...
Please respond.
Did you ever get the account? I just bought an account from their website but have yet to get the account information. I messaged their skype and have been left on read...
I bought a silver 2 prime account, instant delivery is advertised and even though I had paid and received order confirmation, I have not been delivered any account details. Not sure what to do at this point because MaxSmurfs will not reply to Skype, Discord or their own website.
I have bought from these guys before I was never delivered the account instantly like it says but I just contact the live support and everything is fine and I usually have my account within 10 minutes or so. But today I bought an account and I didn't get it instantly like expected so I contacted support to get my account, I was answered almost instantly but after a while the guy just stopped responding and I never got my account. I joined the discord but there is only 4 people in it so I couldn't do anything there. I have opened another live chat but so far have got no response from anyone at all...
Hello there, sorry for the inconvenience. I checked and the account was delivered to you
7 hours ago)
Bought an account and I got it in less than 5 mins. The account owner contacted me by chat and helped me to change the email adress on the account so very helpful too. Its the first time I buy an account but i recommend buying it in this website! Good account and good support
Very helpful, fast, excellent communication and price. I wont hesitate to buy from again. :D
by far the best feedback and trustworthy site ive been on and trust me i went though 20+ sites and all had high prices this is probrably the lowest and most trusted way of getting a smurf by far hands down. this will be my site for getting smurfs i can tell u that ;).
Quick delivery, incredibly helpful chatsupport, will buy again if I ever need! Recommended every day of the week.
+Rep Great service. Very accommodating customer service, complete with live chat, and instant delivery. Would definitely buy again.
Banned - fake feedback IAmTheOne64
Just bought a account was fast and easy. Very helpful service as well!
I got scammed by a little ***** yesterday. But these guys are much better. I mean 100 times better. I loved how they take their time to explain stuff. Its really great
Bought instant delivery and fast transfer to my email. Very nice customer support and service will buy again