Major optimization update coming...finally!


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FINALLY! SOE announced that the "core" gameplay mechanics of Planetside 2 are complete so the next major focus for the game will be to make it run faster, smoother and increase players frame-rates.

I haven't played the game in months, but once this update hits Im definitely going back to it. Frame-rate was really the only reason I stopped playing, theres only so much you can take of 15-20 FPS before rage quitting. The only class I could really play was the sniper since I could be further away from the battle and get better frame rates.

I also think frame-rates is the #1 reason why the game isn't doing so well. My PC is mid-high end and 15 FPS sucks so that basically alienates 80-90% of players who don't have beefy high end PCs. No first-person shooter should ever have less than 30 FPS imo otherwise aiming is too frustrating.

Still even at 15-20 frames, PS2 did better with massive combat than any other online game I've ever played. GW2 has really good framerate too.


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GW2 had always had a good framerate. Playing from the UK to the US, was perfect for me, and planetside 2 id love to go back to also.