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macOS only WoW bot: brd / manatombs pickpocket, mage solo LBRS bot 100% afk

  1. Bot
  2. Hack/Cheat


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We have made 100% afkable bots for macOS unlocker (you can rent dedicated macOS servers online and remote them)

fully afk brd pickpocket rogue 58 20 to 25 gph raw vendor

fully afk manatombs pickpocket rogue 70 35 to 50 gph raw vendor

fully afk mage lbrs solo dungeon 70 to 100 gph raw vendor

all those scripts includes:

auto repair and vendor run
auto hearthstone and portal
auto mailing to bank alt gold and items
auto flyback and run back to dungeon
death run if they die

add me on discord if you are interested: Aphro#5549
Add me for Free trial.
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