Selling Lvl 37-MCOC Premium Account ($45/Gift Cards)


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Selling my Marvel Contest of Champions account. Price below info.

Highlights are:
-premium champion with non-unlockable signature abilty. (Deadpool with healing factor)
-4* Colossus
-Alpha catalyst
-All semi-premium champs(punisher,unst. colossus)
-Lvl 40 3* punisher
-61 champions
-22K Team Rating
-10 revives and over 200 Health potions
- Over 15 characther boosts
-Many catalysts
-400,000 Gold

Screenshots of Profile:

Screenshots of Champs:

Screenshots of Catalysts/Items:

So the price is a set $45. This is because I cannot accept cash or credit, and must be made of gift cards. Cards: ONE $25 Google Play Card and ONE $20 Steam Card. Please email me if interested.

Email: jkoi.9c(at)gmail(dot)com